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Author: Dennis Partridge

Biography of Colonel Hiram B. Keene

Of all the pioneers and worthy citizens of Jefferson County none deserves a better mention upon the pages of our county history than Colonel Hiram B. Keene. He was born in Pompey, Onondaga county, New York, June 17, 1810. His parents, Job and Nancy Keene, reared thirteen children to industry and frugality, and all of them except two became heads of families. The colonel is one of that large family, and was reared to know the value of time and money. His early advantages for an education were of the most limited character, as he had attended but fifteen...

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Biography of Caleb G. Hall

The subject of this sketch is the son of Havers and Amy Hall, and was born at Exeter, Rhode Island, September 10, 1813. In 1820 he removed, in company with his parents, to Antwerp, Jefferson County, New York. He remained with his parents till he twenty-five years of age. On the 29th of November, 1838, he married Miss Catherine Jane Lewis, of Antwerp. She was born February 11, 1819, at Petersburg, Rensselaer county, New York, and settled in Antwerp with her parents when but nine months of age. As a result of said marriage, six children have been born,...

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Biography of E. A. Carpenter

E. A. Carpenter, son of Thomas and Ann C., was born in Antwerp, Jefferson County, New York, June 25, 1828. His father was a native of Florida, Montgomery County, New York, and was born September 30, 1796, and followed farming for a living. He married Miss Ann Wright, of De Wainesburg, Montgomery county, November 13, 1919. Twelve children were born to them, six of whom still live. In march, 1820, he emigrated to Antwerp, and settled on the farm now owned by his son, E. A. Mr. Carpenter and wife were members of the Protestant Methodist church. He died...

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Orange County, New York Genealogy and History

Orange County, New York, the picturesque, the magnificent, was chosen for an abiding place by the early pioneers because nature had here created a beautiful garden where man might live and reap rich rewards for his toil. Its lofty mountain chains, stand-in guard over rich, undulating plains, watered by many crystal streams, wending their way to the mighty Hudson, its charming valleys and vales, wooded hills and green meadow lands all appealed strongly to their sense of beauty and the desire for a life of independence, peace, contentment and happiness. And they chose wisely and well. The County of Orange dates its existence by legal enactment from October 1st, 1691, in the third year of the reign of William and Mary and in the administration of Henry Slaughter, Esq., Governor of the Colony. Orange County derives its name from the fact that King William was a Prince of the House of Orange. The first Assembly, which convened in the year 1691, passed an act entitled “An Act to Divide the Provinces and Dependencies into Shires and Counties,” and Section of that act provided: “The County of Orange to begin from the limits or bounds, of East and West Jersey, on the Westside of Hudson’s River, along the said river to the Murderer’s Creek, or bounds of the County of Ulster; and westward into the woods as far as the...

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