Business of Afton, Chenango County, New York

The grist and flouring-mill is located one-fourth mile north-west of the village, and is owned by Asa Pixley. The saw-mill is located about one-fourth mile up the river, on Kelsey Brook, about seventy rods above its mouth, and is owned by George Landers. It was originally built about 1809, and the mud-sills in the present building are the same as were used in the construction of the first. The water from the creek is conducted to the mill by a race about forty rods long. Wright & Hinman’s sash and blind factory was built in the fall of 1869 by Addison Brewer and Wm. A. Wright, who did business a little over four years, about half the time in company with J. B. Pierce, when Brewer sold his interest to the remaining partners, who, in 1875, admitted Harvey Hinman to partnership. In September, 1878, Pierce sold his interest to Wright and Hinman, who have since conducted the business. They employ from six to eight men in the manufacture of sash, doors, blinds, moldings, brackets and scroll work. The machinery is propelled by a sixteen-horse-power engine; which also furnishes power for the establishment of John B. Pierce, who gives employment to six men in the manufacture of butter tubs, pails and firkins in the same building.

Banks of Afton

The first bank in Afton was established in the winter of 1875, by Carver & Crassaus, who did business only one winter, in the building now occupied as a saloon by Brower & Hunt. They were from Bainbridge and continued their residence there.

E. M. Johnston & Co.’s Bank (private,) located in Willey’s Block, was established Jan. 1, 1876, by Enos M. Johnston and Devillo C. Church.

Hotels of Afton

Cook’s Hotel was opened in December, 1878, by Nathaniel M. Cook, the present proprietor, who in that year converted it to its present use from a saloon which he had kept there since 1872.

The Central House is owned by Richard Munson and kept by Miles Parsons, who became the proprietor in April, 1879.

The Sullivan House was built about fifty-six years ago by Josiah and Alfred Wright, brothers, and is now owned by Erastus Sullivan, who has kept it since March 10, 1869. He came here from Oneonta, his native place, in 1845. A hotel which stood on the site of James Nickerson’s residence was previously kept by Madison Slater.

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