Fire Department Sherburne, Chenango County, New York

The first recorded meeting was held at the house of Linus R. Hopson Oct. 12, 1850, by the “Sherburne Fire Engine Company.” Ira P. Barnes was called to the chair and B. W. Fay appointed secretary. A constitution and bylaws were then adopted and the following named officers elected: Isaac Plumb, Foreman; Deloss Burch, First Assistant Foreman; George Y. Knapp, Second Assistant Foreman; Byron Marks, Secretary; Sidney L. Starr, Treasurer.

This company was disbanded June 7, 1858, and another organized under the same name June 9, 1858, of which T. H. Matteson was elected Foreman; L. N. Beers, First Assistant Foreman; L. D. Burch, Second Assistant Foreman; F. R. Lyman, Secretary; and D. C. Bresee, Treasurer. The constitution and by-laws of the former company were adopted. This company was disbanded August 2, 1858; and a third company was organized under the same name and by-laws April 20, 1859. The new engine house seems to have been built in 1868. In 1874 a new engine was purchased in Boston.

Torrent Hose Co. was organized Jan. 14, 1875. Feb. 1, 1875, the engine company adopted the name “Torrent No. 1,” and on that day new rules and regulations were adopted by Torrent Engine Co. No. 1, Torrent Engine Co. No. 2 and Active Hose Co. No. 1.

Officers elected Jan. 6, 1879: Torrent Fire Engine Co. No. 1–Charles Hart, Chief Engineer; Charles H. Sanford, Assistant Engineer; M. H. Fish, Foreman; Alfred Wilcox, First Assistant Foreman; William Crowell, Second Assistant Foreman; William C. Elsbre, Secretary; Adelbert E. Calkins, Treasurer; Palmer Avery, Janitor. Torrent

Engine Co. No. 2–Isaac Plumb, Foreman; B. F. Matteson, First Assistant Foreman; D. Reynolds, Second Assistant Foreman; Charles White, Secretary; W. F. Blanchard, Treasurer.

Active Hose Co. No. 1–Charles Sanford, President; Stephen Holden, Vice-President; R. P. Kutschbach, Secretary; Nahum Hart, Foreman; H. I. Matteson, First Assistant Foreman; Charles Waters, Second Assistant Foreman; Charles A. Hart, Treasurer.

The equipment of the Department consists of two engines, two hose carts and 1,000 feet of hose.

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