Rexford Falls, Chenango County, New York

At his death March 27, 1875, Nelson C. Rexford, a son of the pioneer, Benjamin Rexford, devised to the town the falls property on Mad brook, about a mile east of Sherburne village, on the road from Sherburne to Columbus, including some three or four acres extending along the banks of the stream. February 15, 1876, the town accepted the devise and resolved to designate the falls as Rexford Falls. The falls are about seventy-five feet in height. Below them the steep, rocky banks of the stream rise to a height of nearly a hundred feet and form a narrow romantic gorge. At the foot of the falls is a strong sulphur spring, the waters of which have been used beneficially for cutaneous diseases. A hotel known as the Sherburne Spring House, and kept by Charles Reynolds, was built in 1876 by the present proprietor, adjacent to the falls, for the accommodation of those who wish to spend a season in the locality and enjoy the benefit of the springs. When further improved it will be a delightful resort for picnic and excursion parties.

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