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Adams Rural Cemetery – XYZ Surnames

Adams Rural Cemetery – XYZ Surnames

Adams Rural Cemetery is located on the west side of of South Main Street 1)NYS Route 3 at the southern edged of the Village of Adams. The cemetery is very well maintained. Stones, for the most part, are in excellent condition and readable. 2)Description of Rural Cemetery.

Due to the large size of this cemetery I have had to spread it out over multiple pages. You can find the main page here:

This section contains the interments whose surnames begin with the letters X, Y, or Z.


YerdenArthur J1921Oct 13, 1973
YorkEdwardSep 5, 1879
YorkGlenn HarrisonJan 12, 1884Jan 13, 1948
YorkMila GDec 28, 1937
YorkMyrtle "Mertie"Sep 21, 1879
YorkNuella CJun 20, 1983
YorkPhilander EFeb 11, 1901
YorkWilberOct 21, 1917
YoungbloodLesterJun 1, 1966
YoungbloodRoseJul 7, 1947
YoungbloodWilliamMar 16, 1935
YoungbloodWilliam HowardApr 29, 1986
YoungsWilliam M "Chili", IIJun 1, 1970Sep 17, 2007
ZieglerBernadette1897May 5, 1964
ZieglerCharles G1887May 23, 1939
ZufeltAreliaDec 3, 1946
ZufeltCharlesJul 25, 1890Jul 30, 1965
ZufeltMary G CronkAug 20, 1901Jul 10, 1969

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1.NYS Route 3
2.Description of Rural Cemetery.

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