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Biography of Hiram T. Nutting

Biography of Hiram T. Nutting

The subject of our sketch, Hiram T. Nutting, was born at Hartford, Connecticut, in 1816. His father was a native of the same place, and was born in 1782, and emigrated to the town of Antwerp in 1820, in company with his wife and two children, Hiram T, and Mary. He died in 1827, and his wife in 1837.

Hiram T. Nutting, was reared a farmer, which occupation he still follows. He commenced life very poor, but, by industry and frugality he has acquired a competency. He married Mary Ann Gates, daughter of E. Gates, in 1843. She died in 1862, leaving a family of six children. Mr. Nutting married for his second wife, Sarah Gates, the sister of his first, in 1864. She died in May, 1872. In 1848 Mr. Nutting bought the farm he now lives upon, a view of which, together with portraits of himself and wives, may be seen elsewhere in this work. Mr. Nutting is one of the substantial and worthy members of the Methodist Episcopal church at Antwerp. 1)Durant, Samuel W; Peirce, H. B. (Henry B.) History of Jefferson County, New York. Philadelphia: L.H. Everts & co. 1878.


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1.Durant, Samuel W; Peirce, H. B. (Henry B.) History of Jefferson County, New York. Philadelphia: L.H. Everts & co. 1878.

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