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Biography of Lawrence Weston

Biography of Lawrence Weston

The subject of this sketch, Lawrence Weston, was born in Mason, Hillsborough county, New Hampshire, November 19, 1795. Early in life he was an apprentice in the tannery business, and continued to follow the same till he was twenty-eight. He married Miss Jane Humphrey, of Herkimer county, New York, July 21, 1822. She was born in Herkimer county, December 4, 1798. Seven children were born to them, — six sons and a daughter. One son — was drowned in New Orleans January 3, 1867, and one son — John — was a soldier in the Rebellion, and lost his life. In 1817, Mr. Weston emigrated to Le Ray township, Jefferson county, New York, then to Rutland, and in March, 1824, he settled in Antwerp on the farm now owned by his son, Clark, who is the generous donor of this sketch and view of place and portraits of parents. Mr. Weston was a Democrat in politics, and held the office of assessor for a period of fifteen years, and then was succeeded by his son, Clark, who held it for sixteen years. He was a good husband and father and an esteemed citizen. Mrs. Weston is still hale and hearty, and lives on the farm where Clark was born July 26, 1834. 1)Durant, Samuel W; Peirce, H. B. (Henry B.) History of Jefferson County, New York. Philadelphia: L.H. Everts & co. 1878.

Residence and Farm of Lawrence Weston

Residence and Farm of Lawrence Weston

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1.Durant, Samuel W; Peirce, H. B. (Henry B.) History of Jefferson County, New York. Philadelphia: L.H. Everts & co. 1878.

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