1864 Map of Adams Village New York

The First Congregational Society of Adams Village, NY

The First Congregational Society of Adams was formed Aug. 28, 1805, with Jacob Kellogg, Eliphalet Adams, Elijah Fox, and Simeon Meacham, trustees. About 1818 they erected a church, 30 by 40 feet, which was used seven or eight years, when it was sold to the Methodists. In 1825 the present church was commenced, and completed for dedication July 26, 1826. Its original cost was 17000, and it was enlarged and remodeled in 1858, and subsequently at a cost of about 14000. The building is a well-preserved frame, with an audience-room having 400 sittings.

The present trustees of the society are R. J. Traver, D. A. Dwight, and H. M. Wardwell.

The first Session of the Eldership was organized January 27, 1821, consisting of the following six members: Abel Clary, Jacob Kellogg, Josiah Hinman, Westwood Wright, William Grenell, Samuel Bond. Benjamin Wright, Perley D. Stone, and John Hinman were elected March 26, 1827. Russel Stow, Hiram Arms, Heman Grenell, Albert G. Redway, and Samuel Graves were elected November 23, 1840.

The rotary system of eldership was adopted May 26, 1858. The church decided that the session should consist of nine members, the three oldest to hold their offices one year, the three next in age two years, and the three youngest three years; and thereafter one class to be elected annually, and hold their offices respectively three years. The following have been elected since 1858: Samuel Bond, Samuel Graves, Perley D. Stone, Albert G. Redway Sylvester Bliss, Samuel N. Bond, Graham G. Grenell, Gilbert S. Dodge, Julius K. Bartlett, Synus A. Merriam Willet R. Willis, Azariah Dove; and the present board: Justus Eddy, Dalton A. Dwight, Joseph Withington Austin H. Coughlan, A. Kent Hale, and John S. Redway.

A Sunday-school was organized in 1825, with Rev. John Sessions superintendent. Dr. A. Kent Hale at present fills that office. The membership of the school is 170 and there is a library of 300 volumes.

The foregoing history was compiled, to a large extent from data furnished by the pastor, Rev. G. B. Barnes.

Records Available for the First Congregational Society of Adams Village, NY

The following items are available at the Flowers Memorial Library in Watertown New York.

  • First Congregational Society of the Town of Adams
    • List of people’s names mentioned in the annual meetings 1805 — 1820.

Source:  Durant, Samuel W. and Henry B. Peirce. History of Jefferson County, New York, With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of its Prominent Men and Pioneers. Philadelphia: L.H. Everts & Co., 1878. p 251-253.

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  1. Would birth/baptism records be available from First Congregational Society of Adams Village, NY? My Kellogg ancestors lived in Adams, Jefferson County, and I believe this was their church. I’m trying to get a birth record showing George Colton Kellogg, born 10/24/1819, was the son of George Steele Kellogg and wife, Cloe. George Steele’s dad was Jacob. I believe the same Jacob Kellogg who was one of this church’s founders.

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