1864 Map of Adams New York

The Military History of Adams New York

The Military History of the town includes the names of a number who served in the war for American independence: Peter Doxtater, who was taken prisoner by the Mohawk Indians and kept three years, served as a scout in the Revolution and received a pension from Congress in 1834. He died at Adams, Dec. 1, 1842. Others on the pension-roll were John Merriam, Abel Bassett, Danforth Doty, Lucy Thompson, and Cynthia White. Paul Stickney was a sailor under Paul Jones, and Preserved Redway was one of Washington’s bodyguard. He was also present, as corporal of the guard, at, Gen. Burgoyne’s surrender.

Many of the citizens served in the War of 1812, and a company of “Silver Grays,” composed of men not liable to military duty, among them several Revolutionary patriots, was formed in town, and once or twice repaired to Sacket’s Harbor, but was never mustered into the regular service of the government.

The late civil war called many of the loyal sons of Adams to the defense of the Union. A ready response was given to the first calls for volunteers, and when 300,000 more were asked to enroll themselves, the town showed a willingness to share the burden by voting a bounty. A special meeting was called Dec. 16, 1863, and of the 258 votes cast but 7 were against paying a $300 bounty. Aid to volunteers was also voted Feb. 11, 1864, March 21, 1864; and on Aug. 12, 1864, a meeting was held authorizing the town-board to issue bonds and pay volunteers $1000; 129 persons pledged themselves in favor of this measure, and 4 against it. Liberal and praiseworthy provision was also made for the care of the families of those who enlisted. A record of the names of those in the Union army appears in another part of this website.

Source:  Durant, Samuel W. and Henry B. Peirce. History of Jefferson County, New York, With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of its Prominent Men and Pioneers. Philadelphia: L.H. Everts & Co., 1878. p 244.

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