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The Knapp Family Bible was given by J. H. Knapp to his grandson, John Henry Knapp of New York. The author of the writing within it is not clear, but it likely is Mehitable (Heatty) Covell Ackerman Knapp, John’s second wife. It takes a little to unscramble this family, but both William Ackerman and John Knapp married Mehitable (Heatty) Covel. William first in 1784. After his death in 1798, Heatty married as her 2nd husband, John Knapp. While the Bible was handed down to John, the inclusion of William Ackerman and her children would presume that she was the writer.

Handwritten on Card 1:

John H. KNAPP presented by his grandfather J. H. KNAPP
New York
Read and believe

Handwritten on Card 2:

John Henry KNAPP


William ACKERMAN & Heatty COVEL was married Mar. 28th 1784.
John KNAPP & Heatty ACKERMAN was married Dec 28th 1799.


William ACKERMAN in New York Sept. 16th 1760.
Heatty COVEL Born in Township of Barnstable in Harwich in the State of Massachusetts at Cape Cod on Dec. 24th 1763.
Sarah ACKERMAN Born in New York April 6th 1785.
Catharine ACKERMAN Born in New Windsor, State New York Aug. 12th 1786.
James C. ACKERMAN Born in New Windsor, State New York Sept. 12th 1792.
Abm ACKERMAN Born in New York January 19th 1797.
John KNAPP Born in Township of Greenwich, Horse Neck Sate of Connecticut Aug. 15th AD 1760.
Henry KNAPP Born in New York Nov. 3rd 1800.
Heatty KNAPP Born in New York Nov. 25th 1803.
Elizabeth KNAPP Daughter of William KNAPP was Born in New York 14th Jany 1812.


William ACKERMAN Died Sept. 7th 1798.
Catharine ACKERMAN, wife of Gilbert HATHAWAY Died Nov. 28th, Aged 30 Years.
Heatty KNAPP, wife of Samuel PRAY Died March 23rd 1820, Aged 16 years and 4 months.
Hetty KNAPP wife of John KNAPP Died February 5th 1830, Aged 66 years, 1 month, & 13 days.
Mary Adeline Daughter of Mary and H. R. KNAPP Died March 20th 1830, aged ? months.
Born May 13th 1827 at East Conn, a pair of twins and died, the one in the morning, the other the evening (females). Children of H R & Mary KNAPP.
Samuel J. KNAPP, born in N York January 30th 1829, son of H R & Mary KNAPP . [3 written above the 2]
Samuel J. KNAPP and Sabrina PACKER were married.
John H. KNAPP & Hannah P. REED was married March 31st 1850 at Mystic
John H. KNAPP died May 25th of 1877 Son of H R & Mary C. KNAPP.


John H. ACKERMAN, Son of James C. ACKERMAN born in New York 12th June 1818.
Henry R. KNAPP & Mary CENTER was married June 16th 1821.
John H. KNAPP, Son of Henry R. KNAPP was Born in New York 30th July 1822.
Halsey W. KNAPP, Son of Henry R. KNAPP was Born in New York 30th Oct. 1824.
Hester C. KNAPP, Daughter of H. R. KNAPP was Born May 8th 1827.
Mary Adeline, Daughter of Mary & H. R. KNAPP was born in New York August 20th 1829.
William Ireland KNAPP, Son of H R and Mary KNAPP was Born in Greenport Suffolk County L I, N York, Tuesday morning March 10th 1835.

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3 thoughts on “Knapp Family Bible”

  1. This family may have ties to the Ackerman families of Ontario. I do have very distant Ackerman relatives in my famiy in the areas of Kingston to Prince Edward County and beyond.

  2. I have my eleventh GGrandparents of William Knapp 1495-1599 and his wife Lady Julian Jane Child’ 1472-1552. I have all the descendants down to my 5th Great Grandmother Esther Knapp Francis 1740-1821. She was married to William Francis 1737-1808. This is very interesting to me as it looks like I have all the prior generations.

    1. Hello Robert, I am looking for any information on my second great grandmother, Emma Knapp, born in Connecticut around 1858 or 59. She married George Place and moved to Huntington.

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