Officials of Orange County, New York

Among a people inspired with those high ideals there was naturally brought forth many men and women of great intellectual force, whose public careers and achievements are matters of national historic interest. The statesmen, poets, historians and writers of the past who were natives of Orange County, or who have spent their lives here and achieved a world-wide reputation, are no inconsiderable number.

In passing it might be timely to state that under Colonial rule one of her native sons was Governor another Colonial President one term and Lieut. Governor five terms; four have filled the office of Governor of the State; one of her four Governors represented his state in the United States Senate and later was Secretary of State in the cabinet of President Lincoln, and another was elected Vice-President of the United States.

The names, offices and terms of service of those distinguished men are:

  • George Clinton, Colonial Governor, 1743-1753;
  • Cadwallader Colden, Colonial President, and Lieut. Gov., 1760-1761; Lieut. Gov., 1761-1762; 1763-1765; 1769-1770 and 1774-1775;
  • George Clinton, first Governor of the State, 1777-1795; 1801-1804;
  • DeWitt Clinton, Governor, 1817-1822; 1824-1826;
  • William H. Seward, Governor, 1839-1842;
  • Benjamin B. Odell, Governor, 1901-1904.

The list of men and women who have made history in legal, literary, military, business and scientific channels is a long and illustrious one.

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