Talcott Hale Camp

Camp Genealogy of Jefferson County New York

The Camp family is of English origin, and bore its coat of arms as early as 1597, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The founder of the American branch of the family was Nicholas Camp, who immigrated in 1630. Its representatives in Jefferson county have been among the most intelligent, upright and useful citizens. Their American ancestors have distinguished themselves in civic affairs and in the war for independence. Among these, the names of Camp, Hale, Hitchcock, Hull and Talcott are the most prominent.

1864 Map of Adams New York

Adams New York Biographies – Part 1

The following 10 biographical sketches were extracted from the Geographical gazetteer of Jefferson county, N.Y., 1685-1890: William Thomas; Sanford S. Thomas; Peter Doxtater, Sr.; George Doxtater; Westwood, Carmi, Moses, and Jonathan Wright; Lemuel Arms; Luman Arms; Miles Cooper; Saunders B. Chapman; and Titus Bassett.

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