Surname: Parshall

St Helena, ghost town of the Genesee, 1797-1954

St Helena, ghost town of the Genesee, 1797-1954

St. Helena is now a name only. The pioneers of the valley have moved to the shade of the maples in Castile. Not many miles from the scene of their struggles with the early wilderness and the sometimes raging Genesee, the pioneers sleep on. Will the Genesee which they loved, and sometimes feared, close at last over the tiny town site or will it be allowed to grow again to a resemblance of its former state of wilderness? Never more will the hum of mill wheels fill the valley, for St. Helena is now the “Ghost Town of the Genesee.”

St Helena, ghost town of the Genesee, 1797-1954

Homes and Places of Business in St. Helena

West of the store building in St. Helena was the home of Henry Dixon, head miller for Mr. Parshall for many years. Next, west of Mr. Dixon’s one-half acre lot, was a cross street running south from Main Street past the farm home of Mr. Parshall. This was the street called “Maiden Lane.” On this street at one time were six or seven houses, At the west corner of Maiden Lane and Main Street, J. D. Tallman owned and conducted a hotel business for accommodation of both man and beast. This property was later owned by Mr. Foote. South of …

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St Helena, ghost town of the Genesee, 1797-1954

St. Helena NY Bridges and Mills

The first bridge across the river was a covered structure with wooden latticework sides, built in 183 5, and was said to be very picturesque. There were 226 feet of latticework spanning the river with fifty feet of different construction at the approaches. This linked Wyoming and Livingston counties and made it possible for the families on the east side of the river to reach the mills and stores without traveling by boat or fording the river. This bridge was in use until 1868, when it became unsafe and was replaced with a four-span bridge of truss style. This bridge, …

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Sample Last Will and Testament

Early Long Island Wills of Suffolk County, 1691-1703

This is a list of early wills (1691-1703) occurring in a lost will book for Suffolk County New York – called the “Lester Will Book” after the family who had kept the manuscript in their personal possessions. Our list provides the testators name, date of will, date will was probated, along with the page number which you can use to reference the specific will in a freely available manuscript which contains a full extraction of the Lester Will Book.

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