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Knapp Family Bible

The Knapp Family Bible was given by J. H. Knapp to his grandson, John Henry Knapp of New York. The author of the writing within it is not clear, but it likely is Mehitable (Heatty) Covell Ackerman Knapp, John’s second wife. It takes a little to unscramble this family, but both William Ackerman and John Knapp married Mehitable (Heatty) Covel. William first in 1784. After his death in 1798, Heatty married as her 2nd husband, John Knapp. While the Bible was handed down to John, the inclusion of William Ackerman and her children would presume that she was the writer.

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Genealogical and Family History of Northern New York

Genealogy of the Breed Family of Malone

This surname originated in BREED Holland and its ancient form of spelling was Brede. The town of Brede, in the county of Sussex, was founded by Hollanders who settled in England at the beginning of the twelfth century. In England the name is variously spelled : Breed, Bread, Breeds and Brede. The first of the name in America wrote his name Bread, but the family shortly afterward adopted the present spelling,—Breed. The principal thoroughfare in Leyden, Holland, is called Brede Street, and London has a Bread Street. The Breeds in America have been positive, determined, persevering and thrifty. It is

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