Outline Map of Argyle Patent

The Argyle Patent and accompanying documents

The Argyle Patent and accompanying documents manuscript was reprinted from the appendix of the author’s “History of the Somonauk United Presbyterian church near Sandwich, De Kalb County, Illinois: with ancestral lines of the early members” published in Chicago in 1928. While we don’t have online access to this manuscript we do have online access to the original. The appendix covering the Argyle Patent can be found on pages 297-346. The Washington County New York Families can be found on pages 347-358: Clark, Gillespie, Livingston, McNaughton, and Savage. Here is the direct links to each section of the manuscript:

Washington County New York Families:

  1. The McNaughton Family
  2. The Livingston Family
  3. The Savage Family
  4. The Gillaspie Family
  5. The Clark Family

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