Churches of Sherburne, Chenango County, New York

Religious services started shortly after the arrival of the settlers.

The First Society of the M. E. Church in Sherburne Village was organized at the village school-house March 4, 1839. Elders James P. Backus, and Ebenezer Coleson were then the ministers in charge of the society and were chosen to preside at this meeting. Alfred Skinner, Silas Ames, Solomon Cushman, Gray P. Beers and Nathan T. Geere were elected trustees. How early the Methodists in Sherburne became an organized force we are unable to state. An organization was effected March 6, 1834, under the ministry of B. G. Paddock, named The First Society of the M. E. Church in Sherburne, and Hermon VanVleck, Benjamin Eaton, Cyrus M. Dow, Joseph Sexton, and Alfred Skinner were elected trustees; but it seems to have had but an ephemeral existence.

March 18, 1839, Alfred Skinner, Silas Ames and Garry P. Beers were chosen a building committee. Their house of worship seems to have been built that year, for Dec. 18, 1839, it was resolved to rent for one year “one-half the slips in the chapel.” Feb. 13, 1877, it was decided to repair the church and add a session room, and $4,461.17 was raised for that purpose.

May 6, 1873, it was resolved to purchase of Daniel and Palmer Newton, Silas and John Ames and A. Cook what was known as the “parsonage property,” and May 14, 1873, the whole amount was pledged.

The records of the society are meager, and do not show the succession of pastors.

St. Malachi Church, (Catholic,) at Sherburne, was organized about 1858, by Father Brady, who died in Norwich about 1861. Their house of worship was purchased in that year of the Congregational Society for the sum of $800. It was refitted and afterwards repaired during Father McNulty’s pastorate.

The mission at Sherburne was established about 1847, by Father James Hourigan, now of Binghamton, who officiated as pastor about two years. He was succeeded by Father Roach, who served them a like period; and Father McCallan, who continued his labors with them till 1854, since which time they have been ministered to by the priests who have officiated at Hamilton. They have never had a resident pastor. They have about 350 members. Their church edifice was dedicated in 1858, by Cardinal John McClosky, then Bishop of Albany.

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