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The First Stanford (Baptist) Church at Bangall, Dutchess Co., New York

The earliest records of this Church are dated from Great Nine Partners, Charlotte Precinct, N. Y. Its first members appear to have emigrated from Massachusetts, and were organized into a Church, Oct. 1, 1759, in Dutchess County, by covenanting together and appointing Ephraim Bullock and Corner Bullock to preach the gospel and administer the ordinances among them. At this meeting the members had the assistance of Elder Jabez Wood and Elder Robert Wheaton, who were elders of the First Baptist Church in the town of Swansea, Mass.

For nearly twenty years harmony prevailed in the church, but in 1778 dissension arose concerning the singing of Watt’s Psalms, which the parent church of Swansea, Mass., had lately introduced into its order of worship, and on May 9, 1778, twenty-four of the members separated from the others and formed another church under the leadership of Elder Corner Bullock. It is to this new organization that the following history and records properly belong. Elder Corner Bullock continued to be the pastor of the church until 1804. It is not recorded that he ever received a penny as a salary. He did, indeed, on one occasion receive a contribution, and for so doing was called “an hireling,” whereupon the church promptly voted that he had a perfect right to receive any contribution the people were disposed to make him. During his ministry several branches were established, some of which afterward developed into independent Baptist churches, viz.: Kinderhook, Oswago, Noble, Dover, West Branch, South-West Branch and Rhinebeck. In 1806 Elder Luman Burch was ordained pastor of the church, and at the same time, Corner, the son of Elder Corner Bullock, was ordained Deacon. During his ministry a parsonage was built and a new house of worship erected. Besides caring for the Bangall church, Elder Burch ministered to the needs of other places, as Amenia, Fishkill, Pleasant Valley and Pine Plains. At the latter place a church was organized in 1839. Elder Burch closed his labors as pastor in 1855 having been stricken with palsy. He lingered a sufferer until Nov. 17,1858, when he died, aged eighty-one years. Thus for nearly a century this church was served by two pastors only.

In 1855 Elder Elijah Lucas accepted a call to the church and in September, entered upon his pastorate. He was succeeded by Elder John Vassar, who was soon followed by Elder J. Holmans.

In 1865 the latter tendered his resignation and the following year Elder B. C. Ambler became pastor of the church. In 1867 a survey was made for the Dutchess and Columbia Railroad. This passed through the church building which had to be removed to give passage to the railroad. Damages were awarded and the present house of worship was then erected about a quarter of a mile south of the other at a cost of $12,000.

Early Marriage Records


Zechariah Mosher to Sarah Merihew, May 19.
Alden Bennit to Elizabeth Veatl (?), June 3rd.
Gidden Wilbour to Ruth Bartholick (?), August 25th.
wilbour Earll to phebe Badgly, Dec. 26.
Stephen adsit to mary purdy, Dec. 26.
John allen to Silve howard, Dec. 12th.
Marthew Backwith to abigel Barmore, Dec. 29.


Caleb fish to Dabrory fish, febouary 13.
Ezekiel Davis to Sarah palmer, feb. 23.
Comfort finch to Mary Cash, feb. 27.
John hoage to marget Mosher, March 2.
Leamwell williams to Abbi Lamb, March 4th.
Ames wicks to marsey Shaw, April 17.
Vine asttan? or allan? to Dabrouah Sherwood, June 12.
Robart Simes to Ebee Buls? or Beels, July 1.
francis olivitt to Rhody Knap, Sept. 21.
stephen Holmas to mary williams, October 13.
Robart Jackson to kethrean Blasadall, Oct. 15th.
Giddon tousle to anne moon, Nov. 6th.
Nathaniel palmer, to Elizabeth Husted, Nov. 1.
Samuel adsit, junior, to phebe purdy, Nov. 27th.
Joseph Strain to Liddy Reynolds, Dec. 7.


Stephen wickham to Marget Reynolds, Jan. 11.
James forster to hannah wikham, feb. 24th.
Elijah Camfeild to Abigel phearis, feb. 24.
william Jones to mary taber, Apriel 2.
Nehemiah Crofoot to anne Lamb, Apriel 2.
Bliss wickbam to hannah Jonson, Apriel. 5
pardon Burlingham to Cataren Belding, Apr. 20.
george Douty to Cornele Degnee, May 11.
Joseph Sotherland to mary Brown, May 19.
John Mill to Lidy palmer, May 28.
Samuel wilbour to Cornele Bice, June 11.
Jacob Van camp to Mary hearrenton (Harrington?), June 21.

[There appears to be no records from 21 Jun 1778 – March 28, 1782, or the records were lost prior to Evelyn Briggs Baldwin’s transcription.]


Elisha Coningham to Esther Cock, March 28.
Nathan Davies to anne Lamb, April 28.
timothy How to Zeprea Cash, Apr. 14?
Henry Niles to hannah hicks, June 20.
Timothy Avarey to hannah Crandel, June 23.
Henery Adsit to hannah palmer, July 10.
John hail to Lida Thornton, Aug. 8.
Banjamin Story to Elizabeth park, Aug.
Nathaniel philip to martha Acker, Aug. 1.
Caleb Simmans to Mary hoff, Aug. 18.
gorge franklin to mary propor or proser, Aug. 19.
george waight to mary winas, Aug. 29.
Reuben finch to Abigail Moshur, Sept. 10.
Amos Reynolds to Elizabeth moshure, Sept. 11.
Stephen Mosher to Susanna Wilbour, Sept. 20?
Davied haight to phebe moshuer, Sept. 26.
Samuel Carpenter to Susannah Doty, Oct. 9.
Joseph finch to Elizabeth Cudbuth (?), Nov. 7.
francis warren to Rebeca Douty, Nov. 25.
Silas Scoffeld to Charity finch, Nov. 28.
Davied Carpenter ,Juny (?) Love, Dec. 5.
John gifford to mary tripp, Dec. 12th.
george Crandle to Debourah green, Dec.1.
Asa Avarey to mary mott, Dec. 26.
Joseph palmer to Janna magomory, (month and day blank.)


Silvenus Seaman to Anne gidney, Jan. 16.
Josiah Truewiligar to Rachel Mills, Jan. 1.
James titus to hannah Deuel, feb. 6.
William Dunlap(?) to Blender (Ellen Durr ?), feb. 9.
jonathan cash to mary Raynolds, Feb. 20.
Jonathan Norton to Melesent Crandel, feb. 27.
Benjamin Stoutenbourgh to mry Simson, March 6.
0 ?liver Earll to mary fish, March 6.
John Murfey to Ruth palmer, Apr. 13.
Caril? Mosher to Ruth Husted, Apr. 24.
Eharim Jackson to Rebackah traves, May 1.
Richard Moshur to phebe Husted, July 10.
John (?) Renik (?) to Elizabeth Snyder, Sept. 7.
Stephen Runyadd to Rosannah finch, Sept. 11.
peter Stephens to Hannah Spencer, Sept. 15.
Jonathan wood to Rachel white, Sept. 28.
Banjamin Stanton to Elizebeth Niles, Oct. 9.
Nathan Green to phebe Huntly, Oct. 26.
Jonathan trepp to Elizabeth Hougaboum, Oct. 23.
Daniel Barley to Unes Rider, Nov. 2.
Joseph Oliver to Abigell Reed, Nov. 5.
Nathaniel thorn to Aner Douzanbury, Nov. 6.
thomas Carpenter to Martha Avery, Nov. 25.


Stephen manchester to Elizabeth gold, Jan. 22.
John Carpenter to Rhoda Soul, Jan. 22.
peter Denne to phebe marveon, jan. 29.
William Case to Elizabeth Tripp, Feb. 5.
Henery Soper, to Hannah Thon (Thorn?), feb. 26.
John white to Sarah gifford, feb. 26.
Caleb Hogg to Thomas Tripp, feb. 26.
Nathaniel potter to Ruth palmer, Feb. 26.
Joseph Harrice to Mary Northup, feb. 29.
Gilbart Earily to Dabrouah Adget, March 1.
Nathaniel Chyman (?) to Charlotte Layten (?) or Lasten (?),March 10.
Jacob waltermiah to marget proyen (?)or progen (?), March 16
John Garsey to Ruth Northrup. March 21.
Daniel Hoag to phebe mosher, Apr. 1.
Josiah or Joseph Harrick to marget Hix; Apr. 28.
william conerow, to Rachel merihew, May. 2.
Stephen wood to Elizabeth Cornell, June 21.
Joseph Trepp to Debourah Brigg, July 29.
John MeDoll (?) or McDoll (?) to Salome Hudleston, Aug. 10
Thomas Henery to mary fox, Aug. 16.
Stephen Smith to Elizabeth martain, Aug. 26.
Ephram Stoughtbourgh to Rebeka –eatson, Oct. 7.
Elijah Shaw to Elizebeth Story, Oct. 17.
Peter finch to phebe Hogges, Oct. 31.
Oliver Devine to mary Avary, Oct. 31.
Henery Stwart to Joennah Lewes, Nov. 4th.
John Van sicklen to Elizebeth Seanions, Nov. 7.
-ewes winess to Martha Culver, Nov. 7.
Gilbard Hunt to Unus Husted, Dec. 3.
william (?) Humfery to Silve willcox, Dec. 9.
James Stoug[hten]bourg, to Marget Simson, Dec. 21.
Roger Denney to Elizebeth Degarsey, Dec. 23.
Silas winas to Elizabeth How, Dec. 23.


george Reed to mary white, Jan. 9.
Comfort marks to mary finch, Jan. 13.
william Slater to mary Love, Jan. 20.
Hormer grovesteen to Hannah Adget, feb. 3.
phillip Titus to Hannah Bedel, Feb. 13.
Elisha Burduik to Hannah green, feb. 17.
Henery paddock to Rhoda Huddelston, feb. 24.
David park to Catteran North, March 6.
John Badgley to Mary Dodge, Apr. 1.
Joseph Shadboult to mary Post, Apr. 1.
gideon Allen to Elizebeth parry, May 19.
James gardenear to Unes Soule, May 29.
Daniel Haight to Martha Chesmen, May 30.
Daniel Flinn (?) to Elizebeth Babcock, June S.
James Crankhight to Rachel wooley, June 20.
Caleb forster to Rachel Husted, July 7th.
Zadock miller to tripsey hogge, Sept. 22.
Benjamin Avery to mary Asten (Austin?), Oct.11.
John Sutherland to Betsey Casel, Nov. 8.
Amos Story to Ede wolbridge, Nov. 13.
William Rider to Hannah Mosher, Nov. 17.
Thomas grant to mary Hudelstone, Nov. 1.
William White to Johannah palmer, Nov. 3
gideon Wilbour to Sarah Burlinham, Dec.5.
John masten to Charity traver, Dec. 5.
Chester pool to Bridget Kiney, Dec. 6.
David Hatfeild to Amey Lester, Dec. 14..
Evens Robens to Rebekah Bowin, Dec.15.
Jacob wilbour to Sarah harras, Dec. 29.


gabriel Dowzainbery to Elizabeth Smith, Jan.?
Cornelius Burhs (Burns?) to Sampthey? merehew, Jan,27.
Nathaniel wilbour to Cathrren Brigg, feb. 9.
David Lapham to Sarah Dunkan, feb. 9.
Thomas Spencer to phebe Ketcham, feb.18.
James Award to Lydia Soule, feb.19.
Moses gaige to Hannah Macomber, feb. 24.
Noah Allen to Anne Moot, March 2.
Benajah thompson to Bathshaba Smith, March 2.
william burright to Unes Manchester, March 7.
Nicleuous thorn to Drusella Banker, March 8.
Thomas Hall to Anne Doute, Mch. 9.
Joseph Hix to Matha weeks, Mch. 26.
Richard Jarsey to Isable palmer, Apr. 3.
John Jacocks to Sther gee, Apr. 1.
Azra Rogers to Elezebeth Janks, May 3.
John Demott to phebe Sharpe, May 1.
Nathan Burtrim to Mary Smith, June 1.
Willet Casey to Jane Nulls, June 4th(?) or (9th?)
Asa thayer to mary proser, June 15.
Charles flenn(?) to Rebeckab Lake, July 9.
John Bartlett to Elizabeth Crandel, July 25.
Peter Cronkhit to Rachal palmer, July 30.
Josceph Hunt to Sarah traves, July 30.
Michael Shearman to Lois Atwater, Aug. 6.
Benjamin Steves to phebe Lamb, Aug. 10.
peter proper to Elisebeth wheler Sept. 13.
Jacob Chilson to phebe Hiliker,Sept. 28.
James Mosher to Mary Tripp, Oct. 26.
Joseph Bump to Mary Badley. Nov. 2.
Henery Humphry to Mary Carpenter, Nov. 12.
John Humphery to Abegill (North?, West?, worth?, etc.),Nov. 23.
Enous Northrupt to Elizebeth griffen, Nov. 29.
James Wilder to Elizebeth Simmons, Nov. 30.
Samuel parks to Mary Doughzenbery, Dec. 13.
Sims(?) Gage to Mary Macomber, feb.


Asa foster to marget pitcher, Jan. 28.
Stephen Harrick to sarah Crandel, feb. 10(?).
Abraham __oms to Mary Austen, feb. 12.
John McDaniel to mary Barnett, feb. 1.
William Cash to Sarah parks, march 1.
Aaron white to mary palmer, Apr. 15.
Nathaniel Niles to martha Bucksten, April 8.
Thomas Lake to Susannah gaige, may 13.
Charles masten to phebe green, June 14.
Briant pheloncs to franceas thompson, July 23.
James Titus to Lovice Huntley, aug. 16.
John Scott to anna Bush, Sept. 18.
James farchild to anna Burras, Dec. 6.
Elijah Stephens to mary marcy, Dec. 6.
Obediah Garrnon or ganuon to anna Lewes, Dec. 20.


Adorn Acer to Jann(?) weaks, Jan. 1.
william couse to ___(?) parks, Jan. 3.
Robart white to janice Loper (or perhaps Soper), Jan. 1.
Samuel Haight to Susannah Giffork, Jan. 30.
John wilbour to Sarah Eldridge, February 26.
William Briggs to Elizabeth Mitchel, march 6.
Stephen Barber to Hannah Briggs, march 13.
Hezekiab Tappen to mary Culver, march 23.
Amos Smith to phebe Soule, march 28.
Obediah Laranee to Anna Shadbolt, April 10.
Jacob Gore to Sarah meade, May 1.
Reuben Sutherland to mary Lewis, May 11.
pery green gardner to mary Chilson, May 12.
Lewis finch to Lewce(?) Simmons, July 8.
Joseph mosher to Rosanna Reynolds, July 17.
James Leason(?) to Hannah Umbrook, July 17.
Abraham Lake to Catteren winans(?), Aug. 27.
Jonathan Brownell to Dezier Lake, Aug. 28.
John Proper to perlener (Paulina?) Rozel?, Aug. 31
peter Stickel to Lydia Rows (or Row?), Sept. 2.
John Crandell to Beththany Sissel, Sept.2.
Daniel tobias to Ruth Newcon, Sept. 7.
John Avary to Catteren phillips, Sept. 28.
Mott persell to Elizebeth Simons, Oct. 7.
Daniel Stanton to Ruth Clark, Oct. 9.
Henery Husted to Hannah purdy, Oct. 26.
Reuben Husted to freelove Howland, Oct. 30.
Isaac gage to Lidy Soule, Nov. 13.
Henry pearsall to Anna Simmons, Nov. 13.
Henry Strate to Rebekah earll (or Caril ?), Nov. 16.
Caleb mosher to Lydia pinckom, Nov. 27.
Mathew Orr to mary Robson, Dec. 22.


Robart Earll to mary Conger, Jan. 1.
thomas wallus (Wallace?) to mary Newcom, Jan. 4.
Sues germond to phebe Hildreth, Jan. 7.
Allen Burdick to Elizebeth marcy, Jan. 8.
William Ray to Nance Robans, jan. 27.
John Mackcombouray to Mary Briggs, Jan. 29.
Oliver Ring (perhaps King) to Abegill Bizeboth, feb. 8.
Jonathan Hare to Sarah Hunt, feb. 8.
Robart Simson to mary Spencer, march 2(?).
Abraham mosher to Lydia macomber, march 4.
Jonathan Ellis to Sarah perey, march 12.
peter Houghtalen to Nancy Crandel, march 26.
Benjamin teed to Lydia Eveans, march 29.
Epharim Case to Sarah Sissel, apriel 12.
Johannes peter Hermanus to Leaz(?) Solsy(?), may 16.
Bomjely(?) Hunt to Unes Staford, June 2.
Daniel Lawrance to Abigle Veall,June7.
peter Simon to Lena Rerik (or Kerik), June 17.
Jacob ward to Deberra tominks(?), July 9.
Stephen Badgly to Sarah wilde (wd.?), June 18.
Isaac Connerow to Eve proper, July 14.
Elles Bullock to Ame palmer, July 26.
John Albright to Deberah franklen, Aug. 9.
Jonathan Duenal to Sarah Rider, Oct. 22.
Jonathan Davies to matha gee, Oct. 29.
William Burright to Abigell avery, Nov. 39.
Davied Reynolds to phebe wilde, Dec. 3.
Jired. Bennett to Luzennah Boose, Dec. 6.
Selveanus Scofield to Usley Rogers, Dec. 13.
william mcEalney to Lydia merehew, Dec. 24.

Source: Baldwin, Evelyn Briggs. The First Stanford (Baptist) Church at Bangall, Dutchess Co., New York. In The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record (Vol. 37, pp. 174-178, pp. 314-316) Retrieved from Originals are deposited with the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society.

11 thoughts on “The First Stanford (Baptist) Church at Bangall, Dutchess Co., New York”

  1. These records have a serial number. Does that mean that there is a document somewhere? The serial number is 00231-4 for Lewis Finch and Lewce Simmons.

    Thank you!
    Diane Thompson

  2. On Nov 5, 1783 there is a marriage record at Bangall Church for a Joseph Oliver and an Abigail Reed?? Could Joseph Oliver actually be Joseph Colver?? I have a divorce record pointing in that direction. Is there anyplace I could find the original record before being transcribed to verify???

  3. Jacob EVERY was born in Bangall, NY in 1773 and is buried in Bloomville, NY with 80 or so other EVERYs all who migrated from Dutchess Co., NY around 1791. So I am wondering if the Avery individuals in the above list may be miss-transcribed and are actually EVERYs (alternate spellings Eavery, Evre)

  4. Merllene Bendixen

    Do you know if the baptism records are available? Looking for children of James Agard and Lydia Soule, whose marriage record appears.

  5. Is there a chance of early burial records from the cemetery outside the church (or what was the church…it is no longer there)?

    I have found these records of headstones:
    List 1 copied October 29, 1912, by J. W. Poucher, M. D., Miss Helen Reynolds, and Miss Olive Dye.

    In 1999: obviously much loss in the almost 90 years between this and the previous…

    It would seem the preacher who did the marriages would have officiated at burials and kept those records as in other churches.

    My ancestor Samuel Parks is named marrying Mary Doughzenbery on Dec 13, 1787. Jonathan Parks (and his siblings) are buried in the cemetery. It would be nice to know who else in the family and the dates.

    Thanks, Jeffrey Adkisson

  6. John Wightman married Ruth Anna Merrihew at first Stanford Baptist, Stamford, probably in 1800. The officiant was likely John’s cousin, Rev. John Record. Anyone know about this?

  7. Hello I am looking for records for an Ezekiel Dewitt and his wife Elizabeth Lawrence. They are in the 1800 census for Stanford, Dutchess NY with a daughter under age 10.(they are listed over age 26 under age 35) I would love to find a marriage record or any record of them and their children.I believe they were Baptist.
    Many Thanks Donna Paul BC Canada

  8. Hello Im interested in any records from the past with the names Taber and the name Jones. Not only but any other connection of records is always greatly appreciated as always Thank You all God Blessings to you!

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