Amagansett Cemetery, Amagansett, New York

Cemeteries in Washington County New York

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The following are known cemetery transcriptions and gravestone photos of Washington County New York. Because of the proximity of Washington County to some towns in Vermont, the transcriptions for those are included below as well.

Albert Pierce Farm Cemetery, Easton

Allen Family Cemetery

Allen Memorial Stone

Alpheus Barber Farm Cemetery

Andrew K. Richards Farm Cemetery

Argyle Cemeteries

Argyle Cemetery, Argyle

See: Old Scots Cemetery, Argyle

Armory Cemetery, Whitehall

See: Williams Street Cemetery, Whitehall

Ash Grove Cemetery, White Creek

Ashley Family Cemetery, Fort Ann

Austin Family Cemetery, North Argyle

Backus Cemetery

See: Putnam Cemetery

Baker Cemetery, Fort Ann

Baker Cemetery, Hudson Falls

Baker-Comstock Cemetery

See: Baker Cemetery, Fort Ann

Baldridge Family, Hebron

Barber Family Cemetery

Barker Cemetery, White Creek

Barrett Family Cemetery, Dresden

Bartholomew Cemetery, Whitehall

Bassett Farm Cemetery, South Easton

Battenville Cemetery, Battenville

Beadle-Slocum Cemetery, Easton

Beartown Cemetery, Vermont

Beckwith Cemetery, Whitehall

Belcher Methodist Cemetery

Benjamin-Sleight Cemetery, Dresden

Bert McKiernan Farm Cemetery, Greenwich

Bethany Cemetery, Truthville

Bigelow Farm Cemetery, Greenwich

Binninger Road Cemetery, Eagleville

Blanchard Cemetery, Putnam

Blossom Farm Cemetery, Fort Ann

Boardman Cemetery, Whitehall

Bottskill Baptist Church Cemetery, Greenwich

Braymer Cemetery, Hebron

Brick Church Cemetery, Whitehall

Briggs Cemetery, Hartford

Brown Family Cemetery, Whitehall

Brownell Cemetery

Browns Cemetery, West Fort Ann

Bull Hill Cemetery, Hartford

Burch Cemetery

Burdick Cemetery

See: Hampton Flats Cemetery, Hampton

Burdick Cemetery, Easton

Burt Hill Cemetery, Whitehall

Button Cemetery, Hebron

Camden Valley Cemetery

Captain Pratt Stone, Hartford

Castleton Vermont Cemetery Inscriptions

Center White Creek Cemetery

Cornell Cemetery, State Line Road, White Creek, NY

Evergreen Cemetery

Fairhaven Village Cemetery, Vermont

Fish Hill Cemetery

Greenwich Cemetery Soldiers’ Lot, Greenwich, New York

Hebron New York Cemeteries

  • Hebron cemeteries
    Including: Belcher Methodist, Burch, Button, Carey Farm, Darrow, Grimes Hill, Hicks Hill, Hopkins, Hurd (Belcher), Morehouse, New Hebron, North Hebron, Old Hebron, Parrish, Porter, Sawmill, Scott (Slaterville Rd), Smith Pond, Steve Sheldon’s Farm, Tiplady Rd @ VT. border, Woodard Farm/Old Belcher Yard

Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Salem

Hutchins Farm Cemetery

McNitt Family Cemetery

Old Log Church Cemetery

Quaker Cemetery

Rosewood Cemetery

Sandgate Cemetery

Union Cemetery

Waites Corners Cemetery

Woodlands Cemetery

9 thoughts on “Cemeteries in Washington County New York”

  1. Thank you Dennis for such a comprehensive list. Hard to believe that the people I am looking for are not there. I think they may be buried in the Baker Cemetery in Hudson Falls, as one of their children, Delia Auro Sherwood, is buried there. Is there anyone who lives in that area who could have a look for their headstones for me please? I am looking for Col. Thomas A. Sherwood died 1867 and his wife Sarah Ann aka Sally (Whiting) Sherwood who died in 1856. They lived in the Fort Edward/Kingsbury area all of their married lives.

  2. Is there a map showing where cemeteries are located. Zachariah and Hannah THOMAS removed with Philip Skene from Tyringham, Mass. to Washington County, New York ca. 1771. Zachariah THOMAS signed a petition to help build a court house in 1773, he died ca. 1778, Hannah died later. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sharon Durham.

  3. Looking for the cemetery where Joseph Jenkinson Olds b. 10/09/1793 d. 9/17/1877 and his first wife Olive Clark b 11/27/1797 d 1826? are buried in Granville. Also looking for any information on Joseph and his family in general. He was said to have had a house that was situated on the state line. Thank-you Jane Antonetti

  4. Are there any written records of the Davis Cemetery in North Argyle? My understanding is that this is a small cemetery on private land. The only decipherable headstone is Gardner Davis (1782-1824). I am looking for his mother Barbara (Soule) Davis who died about 1804 in Washington County NY. She is a Mayflower descendant. Her husband is Ichabod Davis who moved to Oswego County NY. Daughter Barbara “Betsy” Davis Beebe was buried 1827 at the South Hartford Cemetery.

  5. I have a 2nd ggrandmother buried in the Woodlands cemetery. I found the transcription and am questioning one part. If I open the pdf can I see the original?
    This is what it says: Hyde, Mary, b. 1796, d. 1865, sp. Fran Hyde, par: Wm. Robertson, Elizabeth Fleming, Sec. B 169
    BUT everything I find say “Iram” Hyde. So….change the I to and F and the M to an N..???
    I did change the name on my ancestrydotcom tree to see if I got anymore hits but nothing changed. Suggestions? Thanks this is an illusive line for sure!

  6. Thank you for a comprehensive Cemetery Listing. I have a suggestion:
    Under Argyle Cemetery, Argyle, it lists: See: Old Scots Cemetery, Argyle
    But ~ Old Scots Cemetery, Argyle is not listed on the page. Perhaps it could be added? Or, if it is listed elsewhere, a link could be provided.
    Thanks very much ♥

  7. I recently learned that my 2nd Great Grandfather, Zenas Smith (1794-1867) was born in Washington County, NY, near the border with Vermont. I also know that, before traveling west, he earned several college degrees, but don’t know which colleges to look at. Can you please point me in the right direction, I have been researching him for over 50 years and have yet to find definitive proof of his parentage. His family Bible simply states that he was born on September 10, 1794 in NY. He was active in government and was a successful merchant throughout his life. Also, he was a member of the Masonic Lodge and established several lodges in Missouri during his adulthood.

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