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Adams Rural Cemetery – A Surnames

Adams Rural Cemetery – A Surnames

Adams Rural Cemetery is located on the west side of of South Main Street 1)NYS Route 3 at the southern edged of the Village of Adams. The cemetery is very well maintained. Stones, for the most part, are in excellent condition and readable. 2)Description of Rural Cemetery.

Due to the large size of this cemetery I have had to spread it out over multiple pages. You can find the main page here:


Mary LouiseJul 22, 1995
Romegen1870Jul 13, 1949
AbbyWilliam D1836Jun 22, 1889
AckermanJames M1942Jun 21, 1986
AckleyKatherine L "Kate" VanBrocklin1881May 10, 1965
AckleyMervin DelanoJan 24, 1873Apr 24, 1957
AinsworthEmma Helena CoolidgeAug 13, 1900Dec 12, 1966
AinsworthLoretta HMar 24, 1840
AinsworthWalton D1889Oct 13, 1974
AlbertsonGrace Loraine Ruttan1899May 10, 1986
AlbertsonMichael1889May 27, 1958
AldrichArthur Burnet18691945
AldrichGladys A19051909
AldrichHelen L19071907
AldrichMyrtle B18741915
AllardJeffrey AllenJun 17, 1963Aug 6, 1972
AllardViolet M Williams19161966
AllardVirgil E19351984
AllenAmelia M ShaverAug 22, 1855Oct 22, 1909
AllenAndrew J1901
AllenCatherine M18861933
AllenCharles B18561861
AllenCharles William18591863
AllenGen Clark17671851
AllenE Ward18871960
AllenEdna H18861977
AllenElisha S18651865
AllenElisha W18871960
AllenEmma W18571942
AllenEugene E18541915
AllenFrancis J Steele18761919
AllenFrank C18531937
AllenHarvey J18521934
AllenHomer J18751924
AllenIna Bell1906
AllenJane Dixon18251911
AllenJohn C18791967
AllenKenneth Mh19011961
AllenLinnie E18571911
AllenMartha Thompson17711825
AllenNellie H. Munson18621933
AllenRebecca Gates17761853
AllenSallyMay 1, 1831
AllenWilliam B.1856Jan 19, 1927
AllportCharles C18191891
AllportCharles W18531887
AllportCharlotte R18231907
AndersonMartha HarwoodFeb 7, 1978
AndrusAngeline A Betts17901845
AngleyNina Irene RogersJan, 18731939
AnnsburyAlonzo B18831929
ArdorOct 24, 1917
ArmsburyIda Victoria18591883
ArmstrongIda M18551940
ArmstrongNellie L18761895
AtkinsAndrew H19561986
AultCharles S18871971
AultDavid E18471925
AultDonald R19111982
AultJulia May Maxon18881932
AultMary C18501929

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1.NYS Route 3
2.Description of Rural Cemetery.

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