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Biographical Sketch of Samuel Fox

Biographical Sketch of Samuel Fox
Samuel Fox

Samuel Fox

The subject of this brief sketch, Samuel Fox, was a brother of Daniel Fox, the celebrated centenarian farmer. He was born at Groton, Conn., August 15, 1781, and spent the early years of his life at that place. His youth was attended by the usual privations of those times, and he was deprived of even the meager educational facilities then existing. Upon attaining his manhood he removed to Oneida county. New York, where he was noted for his skill as a woodman and his great power of endurance, often spending six months at a time in the dense forests, plying his avocation. In 1800 he joined a party of immigrants going to Jefferson County, and located later that year in the town of Adams. Near the spot which became his future home he cleared the first acre of land, in the summer of 1800. In 1802 he married Lucy Williams, of Rome, by whom he had 11 children, 9 of whom attained mature age. Samuel Fox participated in the battle of Sacket’s Harbor and other engagements of the War of 1812. He was a man of quiet ways, frugal, temperate habits, and passed the limited four-score years, closing this earthly life at Adams Center in March, 1865.

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