Abraham Cooper

Biography of Abraham Cooper

Abraham Cooper was the son of John Cooper, and was born at Southampton, Long Island, on the 18th day of June, 1781, where some of the family settled as early as 1640. About 1795, Abraham accompanied his father’s family to Utica. He received but a limited common school education, having been obliged to leave study, and assist his father in the business of hauling goods from the boats to the stores, etc. This was severe labor for the young man, but being naturally of an industrious temperament, he succeeded finely in his new vocation. While thus engaged he went with his team a trip up to the Genesee Country, as it was called in 1796. There was but one house (a log one) in what is now the city of Auburn. On his return he stopped at Salina for a load of salt. There was an old man there with three kettles, boiling salt, which comprised the nucleus of the now celebrated “Salt Point” salt-works.

It was not long before Abraham Cooper had made for himself a reputation for industry, faithfulness, and capability, which induced the offer of a place in the store of Mr. Byron Johnson, father of A. B. Johnson, for many years president of the Ontario Branch Bank of Utica. Here he won for himself a name for business ability and personal rectitude which endured throughout his business career. At the age of twenty-one, by the advice of his patron and old employer, he commenced business for himself at Trenton, New York. It was on the 14th of June, 1810, that, with the stock of goods furnished mostly by Mr. Johnson on credit, he opened his store in that little hamlet. While thus engaged in a large and successful mercantile business in Trenton, he purchased a large farm, which he cultivated with success. In 1818 he removed to the present site of Ox Bow, in the town of Antwerp, where he opened a store, and land-office, having previously purchased a large tract of land in that vicinity.

Mr. Cooper was characterized by a kindly and generous disposition, sterling integrity, and great enterprise. After a long and eminently useful life, he died February 7, 1861. He had seven children, whom he lived to see settled in life and useful members of society. Their names are Abraham, Emeline C., Howell, George, Nicole J., John J., Elias F.; of these, all survive but Howell, who died July 24, 1870. 1)Durant, Samuel W; Peirce, H. B. (Henry B.) History of Jefferson County, New York. Philadelphia: L.H. Everts & co. 1878.


1Durant, Samuel W; Peirce, H. B. (Henry B.) History of Jefferson County, New York. Philadelphia: L.H. Everts & co. 1878.

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