Leonard A. Bacon

Biography of Leonard A. Bacon

Among the esteemed citizens whose names grace the pages of this history may be mentioned the subject of this sketch, Leonard A. Bacon. His father was a native of Massachusetts, and was born in April, 1783. Was a carpenter and joiner, and assisted in building the first farm building ever built in Watertown. He married Miss Lucy Morton, about 1805, by whom he had ten children. She was born in Massachusetts, in 1787. While a young man, Mr. Bacon emigrated to Lowville, Lewis county. About 1821 he settled in Antwerp, on the farm now owned by Smith Fuller. After coming to Antwerp Mr. B. did not follow his trade, but farmed it. In 1827 he settled on the farm now owned by his son, Leonard A. He died in 1859, and his wife in August, 1860. They were members of the Baptist church. In politics he was a Democrat until the organization of the Republican Party.

Leonard A. Bacon was born in Antwerp, Jefferson County, New York, April 13, 1826. His advantages for an education were limited, but by reading and reflection he has a good business education. He is particularly fond of mathematics.

At the age of twenty-one he commenced business for himself by making charcoal. Soon his brother died, and his parents wished him to come home, which he did. When he commenced farming he had but twenty-five acres and one cow; to-day he owns six hundred acres, and is milking sixty-six cows, and has milked even more. He is the owner of two farm-houses and six barns. He married Miss Alvira Fuller, of Antwerp, November 28, 1854. She was born October 4, 1830. Mr. Bacon was a Democrat until the re-election of Mr. Lincoln, since which time he has been a Republican. Mr. Bacon enjoys the confidence of his fellow-townsmen, and has been elected to the office of assessor for five consecutive years, and is holding the same to-day. Whatever Mr. Bacon has is due to industry and economy.


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  1. This label of Lucy Morton Baker is incorrect. That person is Elvira Fuller Bacon. The first paragraph on this page is not about Leonard Bacon, but rather his father, Timothy Bacon who is not named in the paragraph. Timothy was married to Lucy Morton. Lucy Morton was Leonard’s mother. The rest of the sketch is about Leonard and it does state he married Elvira Fuller. If you go back to your original source you will find the wood carving images are Leonard and his wife, Elvira, not Leonard and his mother.

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