1864 Map of Brownville New York

Brownville New York Biographies – Part 3

The following 10 biographical sketches were extracted from the Geographical gazetteer of Jefferson county, N.Y., 1685-1890.

Newton B. Lord

Newton B. Lord, son of William, was born in Brownville, and by trade is a foundry-man and machinist. He married Cornelia Stone of Milwaukee and they had four children. He was colonel of the 35th N. Y. Vols., and is now in Chili, South America where he is vice-president and manager of the railroads being built in that country. The company is known as the North and South American Construction Company.

Richard Buckminster

Richard Buckminster was born in Plattsburgh, N. Y., in 1800. In 1816 he located in Watertown, and in 1819 removed to this town, where he remained until his death in 1884, aged 84 years. He married Mary, daughter of Frederick Avery, and they had six children, viz.: Charles, Nancy, Myron, Frederick, Bruce and Woodruff. The latter married Adelaide, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Vaughn) Buckminster, of this town, and they had one son, now deceased. Frederick Buckminster maried Florence, daughter of John N. and Mary A. (Knox) Cole, of Brownville, and they had one son, Evan. Mr. Buckminster served in Co. I, 10th N. Y. H.A., in the late war, and died July 13, 1870, aged 29 years. His widow survives him and resides on a farm on road 16.

Ezekiel Conklin

Ezekiel Conklin, a native of Herkimer County, came to Brownville in 1820, and here remained until his death. He married Hannah Ackler, and their son, Daniel, born in Warren, N. Y., in 1804, came here with his parents, where he remained many years, finally removing to Hounsfield, where he died in 1869. Daniel married Lucy, daughter of Jesse and Elizabeth (Livermore) Benjamin, of Hounsfield, and they had born to them six sons. One son, John T., born in Hounsfield, married Sarah, daughter of Othaniel and Mary S. (Wilson) Edwards, of Depauville, and they have had two children, viz.: Eddie, who died in 1875, aged one year and seven months, and Fred J., who died in 1885, aged 19 years. John T. Conklin resides at Brownville village. Theodore C. Conklin, brother of John T., married Lorendine Wallace, of Lyme, and they have three children, Mary, Herbert, and Willie, and reside on a farm in Hounsfield. Jesse Benjamin, mentioned above, served in the battle of Sackets Harbor in War of 1812. He was the first settler on what is now known as the Conklin farm, on road 31, in Hounsfield.

Silas F. Spicer

Silas F. Spicer was born in Stonington, Conn., in 1792. He removed with his parents to Oneida County and finally located in Sackets Harbor, previous to 1812, where he learned the tanners’ and shoemakers’ trades. He married Charlotte Wescott, of Hounsfield, in 1815, and they had 14 children, viz.: Charlotte, Silas, Mercy, Henry, Fanny, Maria, Caroline and Clarissa (twins), Edward 1st, Mary, Jane, Edward 2nd, Sarah and George. Mr. Spicer died at Perch River, where he settled in 1821, aged 73 years. Edward Spicer, a native of Perch River, was twice married. He wedded, first, with Hannah, daughter of Ebenezer and Phebe (Phelps) Allison, in 1866, who bore him one daughter, Jessie (deceased). By his second wife, Frances, daughter of Levi and Nancy (Snell) Loucks, of La Fargeville, he has had two children, Howard (deceased) and Irene. Mr. Spicer served in Co. G, 10th N.Y.H.A., two years and was honorably discharged. He is now serving his third term as supervisor of this town, and has served as justice of the peace. Henry Spicer was born in Brownville in 1820 where he married Delia E., daughter of Beriah and Diana (Prior) Allen, who died in July, 1879, aged 52 years. They had four children, viz.: Fremont W., Carrie E., Henrietta, and George E. Mr. Spicer engaged in the mercantile business in 1845, and continued with marked success until 1863, since which time he has given his attention to dealing in stock, hay, etc. He resides in the village of Perch River. His youngest son, George E., served in Co. A 35th N. Y. Vols., and was killed on the eve of the battle of Antietam, September 16, 1862. Fremont W. Spicer married Minnie A., daughter of Oscar M. and Mary L. (Easterly) Wood, in 1881, and they have two children, Mollie and Murill D. He resides in Dexter, and is a dealer in coal, hay, and grain.

Isaac Day

Isaac Day, a native of Massachusetts, settled on a farm in this town in 1822, where he remained until his death in 1850, aged 77 years. He married Annie Hinman, of Plainfield, Stsego County, and they had eight children, viz.: Orville, Reuben, George, Betsey, Otis, Russell, Mary and Rufus. The latter was born in Otsego County, and in 1822, came to this town with his parents. He married Eliza A., daughter of Robert and Elvira (Rockwood) Belton, and they have had two children, William H. and Alvira A., the latter deceased. William H., married Catharine, daughter of Parmalee and Fanny (Allen) Judd, of this town, and they have one daughter, Fanny E.

Horace Gilmore

Horace Gilmore, son of Robert, of Scotch descent, was born in New Hampshire, whence he removed to Watertown, and later to Brownville, where he died at the age of 42 years. He had born to him eight children. His son, James E. Gilmore, married, first Susan Livermore, of Hounsfield, daughter of Levi Livermore, and by her had four children, viz.: Charles G., Frances A., Anna S., and James A. His first wife died in 1858. He married, second, Mary E. Livermore, a sister of his first wife, and their children wre Henry L., Erskine H., and George E. He died in 1883, aged 57 years. His son, James A., married Addie E., daughter of Edgar and Mary A. (Huntington) Leonard, and they have had three children, Edith M., Mary E., and Leonard J., all deceased. James A. Gilmore resides in the village of Dexter, where he has been engaged in the manufacture of sash, doors, and blinds for the past 10 years. His grandfather, Levi Livermore, served in the War of 1812.

George Bell

George Bell was a native of County Down, Ireland, where he died. He had five children. His son, George, born in 1776, married Margaret Buchanan, of the same place, in 1802, and she died January 8, 1866, aged 82 years. He came to America in 1812, and was taken prisoner by the British and held three years. In 1815 he located in Washington County, this state, and in 1826 removed to this town, where he died in 1841, aged 65 years. His children were Mary, John, James A., George P., Robert R., and William. The latter was born in Hebron, Washington County, in 1819. He came to Brownville with his parents. He married Betsey, daughter of Henry W., and Susan (Overocker) Seeber, in 1842, and their children are Eliza S., Susan E., Lysander W., Mary J., James H., Emma A., and Alice C. He is a retired farmer, and resides in the village of Dexter.

Ephraim Hoyt

Ephraim Hoyt, a native of Vermont, did faithful service in the Revolutionary war. He came to Brownville in 1830, and finally removed to the town of Alexandria, where he died at the age of 78 years. His wife as a Miss Stephens, also of Vermont, and their children were Timothy, Wait S., Daniel, Mettie, Sally, Sarah, and Samuel. The latter, born in Vermont, served in the War of 1812, and in 1820 removed to this town and settled on what is now known as the Gale farm. He finally removed to Alexandria, where he died at the age of 77 years. He married Nancy Parker, of Alstead, N. H., and their children were Horace, Harriet, Nancy and Samuel. The latter was born in Brownville. He married Eunitia, daughter of Horatio and Minerva (Dillon) Norton, of Pamelia, and their children are Mabel and Eunitia.

William Seeber

William Seeber, a native of Montgomery County, who with six brothers served in the Revolutionary war, died in 1845, aged 74 years. His wife, Hannah, died in 1860, aged 93 years. Henry W., Seeber, Henry W.the eldest son of William and Hannah Seeber, was born in Johnstown, Montgomery County, in 1796. He removed with his parents to German Flats, Herkimer County, when seven years of age, and there lived until 1825. In 1830 he removed to this town, where he died in 1877. He married Susan Overocker in 1816, who died in 1874. They had fourteen children. Their son, Frank D., a native of this town, married Emogene, daughter of Philester and Lydia (Wait) Jones, of Dexter, and is now a resident of this town, where he has lived since the day of his birth, 47 years ago. From his grandfather to the present generation there have been born and married into the family, including great-great- grandchildren, 145 souls, 120 of whom are now living. Mr. Seeber served three years in the late war in Co. I, 10th N. Y. H. A. Chester A. Seeber, another son of Henry W., was born in German Flats in 1821, and came with his parents to this town, where he now resides. He married Mary A., daughter of George and Mary A. (Sulief) Fredenberg, and their children are Adelaide, Edgar, and George H. William Seeber, son of Henry W., was 12 years old when he came to this town. He married Eliza, daughter of Henry and Rachel (Mandigole) Great, and their children are Nelson W., Alonzo H., Sylvester F. The latter married Addie M. Gardner of Clayton, in 1879, and their children are Pearl F., and Berdie and Bertha N., twins. Nelson W. Seeber, mentioned above, served in Co. I, 10th N.Y.H.A., was honorably discharged, and now resides in Texas. Edward Seeber, son of Henry W., married Mary E., daughter of William V. and Laura A. (Powers) Morgan, and their children are William H., Albert E., Georgia A., Carrie E., Susan V., Annie L., and Mary E. He has lived on the homestead farm of his father since his birth in 1841.

William T. Skinner

William T. Skinner was born in Westmoreland, N. H., in 1826, and died in 1878. When four years of age he came with his father, Alanson, to this town, and here remained until his death. His occupation was that of a foundry-man, and he continued in that business, in the buildings erected by his father, until his decease. He married Lucy, daughter of Oliver and Mary (Ormsby) Horr of Watertown, who survives him, and resides in this town with her son, Frederick. They had born to them two children, Frederick W., and Albert A.

Source: Child, Hamilton. Geographical gazetteer of Jefferson county, N.Y., 1685-1890, part second, p. 282-293.  Syracuse, N.Y.: The Syracuse journal company, printers and binders. 1890.

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