1864 Map of Brownville New York

Brownville New York Biographies – Part 7

The following 10 biographical sketches were extracted from the Geographical gazetteer of Jefferson county, N.Y., 1685-1890.

Herbert Whittemore

Herbert Whittemore, a native of Massachusetts, came to Sackets Harbor among the early settlers, where he remained until his death, in 1858, aged 65 years. He served at the battle of Sackets Harbor in the War of 1812. He married Abbie Allen, a relative of Ethan Allen, the Revolutionary hero, and their children were John, Paul, George, Matthew and Abbie. Paul Whittemore was born at Sackets Harbor and now resides at Cape Vincent. He married Minerva, daughter of Henry and Miranda (Collamer) Breck, and his children are Frank A., Henry B., Ira A., Miranda, Florence M., Clara F., Paul T., and George C. The latter, of this town, married Minnie A. Whittier, a cousin of John G. Whittier, the poet.

Augustus Devendorf

Augustus Devendorf was born in Minden, N. Y. and died at Harper’s Ferry, Va., aged 35 years. His father, John, who served in the Revolutionary war, was a German. Augustus married Betsey Clock, who bore him four children, of whom Daniel was born in Fairfield and died in St. Johnsville, N. Y. at the age of 33 years. He married Margaret Markell, of Stone Arabia, Montgomery County, and their children were A. Maria, Henry, Edward, Abraham, Jeremiah and Josiah (twins), Adam, and John D. The latter married Mary A., daughter of George G. Loucks, of Manheim, N. Y., and resides in this town. He has one adopted son, Irving R., the son of his brother.

Mark Sanford

Mark Sanford, a native of this state, married Roxey A. Patrick, of Point Peninsula, and is now a resident of Sackets Harbor. His children are Phebe J., LaFayette, and Oren S. The latter married Sarah A., daughter of William and Sarah (White) Barney, of Cape Vincent, by whom he has had seven children, viz.: D. A. Dalton, Mary A., Alvah, Norah L., Mark, William W., and Charles E. He served in the late war in Co. M, 10th N. Y. H. A., three years and was honorably discharged. He was confined in Libby prison for 15 days previous to Lee’s surrender.

Vann N. Russell

Vann N. Russell, son of Daniel and Mary (Van Ness) Russell, was born in Northville, N. Y. He removed to California, and after six years returned to Northville, where he died at the age of 49 years. He married Julia A. Webb, of Newport, N. Y., and their children were Marion and Helen S. The latter married C. W. Smith, of Lyons, N. Y., son of Howard and Ella (Ericson) Smith, and their children are Frank H., Arvilla I., Van R., Schofield A., and Julia A., and they are residents of Brownville.

James T. Outterson

James T. Outterson, son of Andrew, was a native of Connecticut, and is now a resident of Watertown. He served as captain of a company in the 84th N. Y. Vols. until the close of the late war. He married Frances E., daughter of C. R. Jones, of Pulaski, and his children are Ranie, Charles E., Mabelle, Carrie, and James A. The latter married Eva S., daughter of Horace S. and Mary (Coburn) Peck, of Ticonderoga, N. Y., and is president while his brother, Charles E., is first vice- president of the Outterson Paper Company of Brownville.

Abel Greigg

Abel Greigg, son of Col. Greigg of Revolutionary fame, was a native of New Hampshire. He was one of the first settlers in Watertown, locating in that city when there were but three log houses on what is now known as “The Square,” where was also erected a mortar with a stone pestle hung upon a spring-pole with which the pioneers ground their corn. Mr. Greigg reared four children. He son, David, was born in Rutland, where he resided many years, finally locating in the town of Watertown, where he died in 1883, aged 72 years. He married Abigail, daughter of Samuel Ralph, of Rodman, and their children were Amby, Albert, Ruth, Victoria, and Charles. The latter was born in the town of Rutland, and in 1884 removed to this town, where he now resides. He married Rebecca, daughter of Simon and Rebecca (Davis) Shaver, of Wolf Island, Canada, and their children are David and Demott.

Andrew Mallett

Andrew Mallett, a German, settled in the town of LeRay when 10 years of age, whence he removed to Theresa, where he was killed by a falling tree, at the age of 55 years. He married Ann Misner, of LeRay, and their children were David, Charles, Henry, John, Watson, Delia A., Emma J. (deceased), Laura and George. George Mallett, of this town, was twice married. By his first wife, Mary J., daughter of Alfred and Filena (Young) Sargent, of Orleans, he had three daughters, viz.: Emma A., Fanny A., and Kate L. He married, second, Annie, daughter of Alfred and Esther (Adams) Taylor, and they have one daughter, Esther.

George Kissel

George Kissel, son of George and grandson of George, was born in Germany, and immigrated to this country with his father, first locating in Clayton in 1837. In 1878 he came to this town, where he now resides. He married Diana, daughter of Alfred and Lucinda (Wait) Greenleaf, of Clayton, and they have children as follows: Mary, Ellen D., Peter I., George, Henry A. and Charles F.

Ashahel Calkins

Ashahel Calkins, a native of this state, died in Oswego County. His wife, Lena Savins, bore him 12 children, one of whom was named Seth. Seth Calkins married Nancy Holmes, by whom he had 12 children, of whom Ervin married, first, Abigail Wright, who bore him two children. Ann Eliza and Jane, and second, Mary, daughter of John and Magdalena (Frank) McCombs, of Perch River, who bore him children as follows: Harriet, George, who served as chaplain in the late war, Henry, Hannah, Mary, Walter, John, Edmond, and Taylor. Henry served as corporal in the late war, and died at Antioch Church, Va. Walter, who also served in the late war, in Co. G., N. Y. H. A., married Christina E., daughter of Jacob and Betsey (Hancock) Lowe, of Brownville, and their children are George E., Eva M., and Arthur G. He is a farmer in this town.

John Vogt

John Vogt was a native of Baden, Germany, where he died in 1852, aged 42 years. By his wife, Margaret Quenzer, he had two children, Martin and Jacob. The latter immigrated to America in 1873, and located in this town where he now resides. Martin came to Brownville in 1874, and settled on the farm with Jacob. He married Annie Hartman, of Canada, and they have five children, viz.: Caroline, John, Eva, Rosina and Edna.

Source: Child, Hamilton. Geographical gazetteer of Jefferson county, N.Y., 1685-1890, part second, p. 282-293.  Syracuse, N.Y.: The Syracuse journal company, printers and binders. 1890.

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