1864 Map of Brownville New York

Brownville New York Biographies – Part 8

The following 10 biographical sketches were extracted from the Geographical gazetteer of Jefferson county, N.Y., 1685-1890.

William Crouch

William Crouch married Christina Bolles, of Connecticut, and they had eight children, of whom David married Zerviah, daughter of Timothy and Amy (Babcock) Pool, and they had nine children, viz.: David, Cornelia, John, Hannah, William, Zerviah, James, Betsey and George. Betsey Crouch married Levi Davis, of Lincoln, Iowa, March 6, 1865, and he died September 24, 1870, aged 49 years. Mrs. Davis resides in this town on the homestead farm of her father on road 32. Hannah Crouch married George H. Steele, April 25, 1844, a son of Eliakim and Betsey Steele, of Brownville, and he died June 30, 1853, aged 37 years. They had children as follows: Edson A., Maitland J., Herbert G., and William. Mrs. Steele resides in this town with her son, Herbert G.

Zephaniah Hubbs

Zephaniah Hubbs, a native of Saratoga County, removed to Carthage, where he died. His wife, Elizabeth, bore him seven children, viz.: Herman, Janette, William S., Daniel, Amy, Bradley S. and Amelia. William S., born in Saratoga County, in 1880 removed to Brownville where he died in 1884, aged 58 years. He married, first, Dorcas Carpenter, of South Rutland, by whom he had two children, Ella and Zephaniah. He married, second, Priscilla, daughter of Marcus and Lucy (Phillips) Johnson, of Copengagen, by whom he had two children, George W. and Cora B. Mrs. Hubbs survives her husband at the age of 49 years, and resides on road 34 in this town. Bradley S. Hubbs served in the late war in Co. I., N. Y. H. A., and was honorably discharged.

John N. Cook

John N. Cook, of Germany, came to America in 1847 and now resides in this town. He married Elizabeth Geisnaer, of Germany, who bore him children as follows: John, Margaret, Henry, William 1st, Jacob, Valentine, William 2nd, Elizabeth, Anna and Mary. William 1st served in Co. B, 2nd N. Y. H. A. and was killed in the late war. Henry Cook married Cornelia, daughter of Lawrence and Margaret (Fox) Fetterly of Clayton in 1880 and their children are Ross E., Frank H. and George E.

William Jackson

William Jackson, son of William, a native of Yorkshire, Eng., immigrated to America when 30 years of age. He married, first, Mary Merrifield, also of Yorkshire, and second, Hannah, daughter of James Winne, of Watertown. By his first wife he had seven children. The fruit of his second marriage was three children, viz.: Charles A., Adelia, and Adelaide. Charles A. Jackson married Mary J., daughter of George and Isabelle (Hagen) Myres, and they have one daughter, Edith I., and reside in this town.

Abenezer Fish

Abenezer Fish, a native of Massachusetts, married Anna Arnold, and removed to Oneida County about 1795, and after seven years he removed to this county and was one of the first settlers in Watertown. He finally located in Canada, where he died at the age of about 60 years. His son, Furnam, was born in Oneida County and came to Cape Vincent in 1839, where he now resides. He represented the Third Assembly district in 1859. He married, Caroline, daughter of Rodger Rose, of Watertown and their children are Myron, Milton, Furnam, Albert, Daniel, Manila C., and George W. The latter married Ellen, daughter of Jesse and Triphosa (Spencer) Bauder of Cape Vincent and their children are George G.. Sheridan H., Gracie W. and Jesse M. and they reside in the village of Limerick in this town. He served in Co. E., N. Y. Vols., one year, as corporal, and was fighting before Petersburg, Va., April 2, 1865.

David Lindley

David Lindley, a native of Yorkshire, Eng., immigrated to America and located in North Carolina, where he married Cornelia Anderson. He afterwards located in Watertown, where he followed the occupation of a woolen weaver, dying here at the age of 44 years. His children were Maria, Sarah, Amanda, Charlotte, David and Joseph H. The latter married Nancy, daughter of Edward and Calista (Davis) James, of this town, and they have three children, viz.: Nora M., Flora E., and Ernest. Mr. Lindley has been a resident farmer in this town for 33 years.

William Elliott

William Elliott, son of Thomas and Sarah (Murphy) Elliott, was born in County Longford, Ireland. In 1847 he immigrated to Canada, and in 1860 located in the town of Lyme, in this county, where he died in 1885, aged 63 years. He married Elizabeth Diamond, of Ireland, who is now living in the village of Chaumont, aged 63 years. They had 10 children, viz.: Sarah, John, Almedia, Anna, William, Luella, Elizabeth, Berman, Mary and Robert D. The latter married Mary M., daughter of Henry and Jane (Rodgers) Dennie, of Brownville, and he now resides in this town near the village of Limerick. He is also employed on the railroad.

Joseph Ryder

Joseph Ryder, son of David and Esther (Joslin) Ryder, went from New Hampshire to Massachusetts and later to Otsego County, N. Y., finally locating in Chaumont in 1812, where he died at the age of 90 years. He married Polly Hill, of Massachusetts, and their children were David, Clark, Mary, Benjamin, Joseph, Betsey, John, Louisa and Ellis. Benjamin Ryder was born in Windsor County, Vermont. He married Ann C., daughter of James and Martha (White) Horton, of Lyme, and their children were Watkins L., Cornelia W., Wallace W., Walter V. (who served in Co. C, 6th N. Y. Cav., and died in Mellen prison, in Georgia), Mary and Bruce W. The latter married Lydia R., daughter of John and Jessie Patrick of Hounsfield, and his children are Walter B. and Edna C. Ann C. Ryder survives her husband at the age of 81 years. He died in 1872, aged 59 years.

William O. Case

William O. Case, son of Warren, married Catherine Countryman, by whom he had children as follows: Lillian, James W., Sidney L., Handley, William C., Curtis M. and Lynn D. The latter married Lucy, daughter of Philip and Electra Weaver, and he has one son, Roy J., and resides on the homestead farm of his father. Curtis M. Case married Lucy, daughter of Eli and Kate (Dorchester) Witt, of Brownville, and now resides in this town on road 2, corner 11. His children are Elmer, Estella, Fred and Maud.

Joel Kilborn

Joel Kilborn, son of Jacob and Catharine (Knapp) Kilborn, was born in Plainfield, N. Y. He came to Brownville while young and finally removed to New Jersey, where he died at the age of 75 years. He married Alexis Keyes, of Brownville, and they had two children, viz.: Oren, who died at the age of twelve years, and Altheus J. The latter married Jane, daughter of John N. and Orra (Moffitt) Gunn, and their children were Charles F. (deceased), James A. and May C. Altheus J. Kilborn served in the late war in Co. G., 10th N.Y.H.A., three years and was honorably discharged at the close of the war. Melvin Moffitt served in the War of 1812, and died at Mendota, Illinois, aged over 80 years. John N. Gunn also served in the War of 1812 and died at Clayton at the age of 71 years. His widow survives him and resides in this town at the age of 92 years.

Source: Child, Hamilton. Geographical gazetteer of Jefferson county, N.Y., 1685-1890, part second, p. 282-293.  Syracuse, N.Y.: The Syracuse journal company, printers and binders. 1890.

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