1864 Map of Adams New York

The Lisk and Wright Settlements of Adams New York

The Lisk and Wright Settlements were farther above Smith’s Mills. At the former place settled Eliphalet Edmonds, at whose house the first town-meeting was held, and who afterwards became a prominent citizen; Francis McKee and Bradford Lisk, who had a tannery in operation many years; a Mr. Munn, who had a tavern at the same point; Priam Thompson, Elijah Fox, Appleton McKee, Myron Cooper, and others, whose descendants became prominent in the town. Here, also, lived the Fox brothers, Samuel and Daniel, the former of whom cleared the first ground in the town; the latter lived on the farm he had hewn out of the wilderness until his death, June 23, 1873. He was born at Groton, Conn., March 1, 1771, and was, therefore, more than 102 years old. All of the above came before 1802. A number of years later, the well-known brothers, Thomas R. and Joseph L. Greene, lineal descendants of Gen. Nathaniel Greene, came from Berlin, N. Y., and settled in this locality. Thomas B. afterwards removed to Adams Centre, where he died, in 1874. Joseph L. is at present a resident of Adams village, being one of the foremost citizens. He had three sons, George E., who died in 1870; David M., who was a naval officer eight years, and is at present deputy State engineer; and Albert S., who is engineer in the United States navy.

In 1803, Cyrus Eddy, from Massachusetts, located two miles north of the village, and lived there until his death, in 1859. Of the two sons he reared, Justus survives, living in Adams village; and to him we are indebted for much valuable information pertaining to the town. The ensuing year brought more immigrants from the old Bay State. W. Wright, with a family of eight; Canni Wright and family, twelve members; John Wright and wife; Eli Wright; Rufus Nims; Lemuel Arms and his sons, Richard, Luman, Hiram, and John; and others, — thirty-eight in all. Of this large number, Luman Arms, at Adams Centre, aged 81, and Eli Wright, at Adams village, now 93 years old, are the only survivors living in the town. Many of those mentioned above served in the War of 1812, and the influence of their lives produced a marked effect upon the town.

Source:  Durant, Samuel W. and Henry B. Peirce. History of Jefferson County, New York, With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of its Prominent Men and Pioneers. Philadelphia: L.H. Everts & Co., 1878. p 243.

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