1864 Map of Adams Village New York

The Methodist Episcopal Church of Adams Village, NY

Members of Methodist Episcopal lived in the town at an early day and classes were formed in different localities prior to 1828; but in that year they were formed into a circuit, and there-after supplied with a regular preacher. The members living principally at Adams village.

The First Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Adams was formed at that place October 24, 1828. The trustees elected were Laban Ross, Philip Younge, David Wright, Zephania Jacker, Chester McKee, Daniel Dikeman, and John Adams. This board was reorganized in 1838, when John C. Cooper, Timothy Lawrence, William E. Whitney, Andrew Blackstone, Stephen Kilbourne, Lyman Wright, and Selah Hungerford were appointed trustees.

The old Presbyterian church was secured as a place of worship and used by the Methodists until its destruction by fire in 1852. In 1853 a very neat and imposing frame edifice, 44 by 84 feet, was erected at a cost of $6000. The same year a parsonage was built on the adjoining lot, costing $2000. In 1875 several thousand dollars were expended in renovating and beautifying the church, and it will now compare favorably with similar village churches. The estimated value of the property is $12,000, which is controlled by the following trustees: J. D. Burlingame, J. C. Schram, Lester Fish, E. F. Ramsdell, Jacob Brimmer, Austin Cisco, and I. L. Hunt, Jr. The growth of the church work was steady and effective, and the membership now numbers 225. The contributions of the church in 1876 amounted to $1430.

The following reverend gentlemen have served as pastors, in the order named, since 1828: W. W. Ninde, David Kingsley, Schuyler Hoes, Harvey Chapin, Elijah Smith, Hiram Mattison, Arza J. Phelps, William Wyatt, Walter Hare, John Loveace, John P. Dayan, Isaac S. Bingham, C. W. Leet, W. H. Hawkins, P. D. Gorrie, Hiram Mattison, William X. Ninde, John W. Armstrong, William L. Tisdale, J. C. Vandercook, Frank F. Jewell, Lewis Meredith, John T. Hewitt, Sidney O. Barnes, Henry W. Bennett, and Eli C. Bruce, the present incumbent.

A Sunday-school was organized soon after the church was formed, and has been conducted ever since. There are 150 members, and 418 volumes in the library. I. L. Hunt, Jr., is the superintendent.

In 1844, Adams circuit, with the adjoining ones of Rodman, Lorraine, Smithville, and a portion of Watertown, were formed into The Adams District, with the elders resident at Adams. Revs. Lewis Whitcomb, N. Salisbury, I. Stone, George C. Woodruff, George Gary, J. Phelps, Gardner Baker, Freeman H. Stanton, Daniel W. Roney, Thomas Richey, Melvin D. Kinney, and Isaac Bingham, at present in office, have been elders of this district, and to their efforts the success of Methodism is due to a large extent.

Records Available for the Methodist Episcopal Church of Adams Village, NY

The following items are available at the Flowers Memorial Library in Watertown New York.

  • Methodist Episcopal Society in Adams
    • list of pastors & first members.
    • list of marriages 1867 — 1895 (indexed).

Source:  Durant, Samuel W. and Henry B. Peirce. History of Jefferson County, New York, With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of its Prominent Men and Pioneers. Philadelphia: L.H. Everts & Co., 1878. p 260-261.

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