Original Inmate Registration Certificate for a Poorhouse

Washington County NY Poor House Records 1855-1860

The following records were found at the Washington County, NY Archives on a microfilm of Washington County Poor House records. They were “hidden” among the ledger pages of the original account books.

  • An Account of Births in County House, 1855-1859.
  • An account of The Deaths in the County House, 1855-1858.
  • Children Taken from The Poor House, 1855-1860.

Note: The original book containing the copies of these certificates (the originals were submitted to the State Board of Charities) is designated Poor House Records, Volume 7, and has been microfilmed beginning on Washington County Poor House Records, Roll 367 and continued on Roll 368. These microfilms are available for viewing at the Washington County Archives in Ft. Edward and we understand that copies of the films are available for purchase there.

Washington County NY Poor House

Is located in the town of Argyle, and is constructed of brick, two stories, 100 x 30 feet on the ground; connected with which is a farm of 170 acres, yielding an annual revenue of $1,500. The location of this house is well suited to promote its designs, and the general appearance of the house, farm and fixtures, indi-cate system, order and thrift. The house has no special provis-ion for ventilation ; yet the keeper gave evidence that he under-stood and appreciated the difference between pure and foul air. Neither is there any provision for bathing. It is heated by stoves. Thirty-one rooms are appropriated to the use of the paupers, in which from one to ten are placed in a room. The number of inmates was 112, fifty males and sixty-two females. Of these fifty-six were foreign and fifty-six native born, including forty children, about twenty of whom had been placed out on trial with farmers and others, preliminary to binding them out. The separation of the sexes in this house is complete, day and night, except that they meet in the dining hall while eating.

The house and farm is under the management of one keeper, assisted by his wife and pauper labor. The superintendent of the poor purchases the supplies for the house, prescribes rules regulating the diet, binds out the children of suitable age, and exercises the power of discharging lunatics when they are dis-missed. The average number of inmates is 124, who are fur-nished with good plain food at a weekly expense of sixty-seven and a half cents each.

The house has been once visited by the board of supervisors during the year. A physician is employed by the year at a sala-ry of $50. A school is taught in the house eleven months in the year. Religious exercises are maintained every morning by the keeper. The house is partially supplied with Bibles. There have been five births and eleven deaths during the year. Two are dumb, but can hear; five are blind; one of these four years old. Of the inmates twenty are lunatics, ten males and ten fe-males, and all paupers. Two have been received during the year and six have escaped.

The lunatics have no special attendants and receive no special medical attention. One is set down as having recovered. Several are confined in cells. The methods of restraint are locking in cells, chaining to the floor, and hand-cuffs. The house admits of a partial classification of the insane. No application has been made to the State Lunatic Asylum for the admission of lunatics during the year. Three of the inmates are idiots, two male and one female. One-half of all who come to this house are brought, consequent upon habits of inebriation. 1)Surgeon General’s Office. Report of Select Committee Appointed to Visit Charitable Institutions Supported by the State and all City and County Poor and Work Houses and Jails of the State of New York: transmitted to the legislature, January 9, 1857, p. 90 (Appendix). Albany: C. Van Benthuysen, 1857.

An Account of Births in County House, 1855-1859.

April 2, 1855Maria Learabee born County HouseBirth
April 16, 1855Birth
August 27, 1855Charlotte Maria Burton born County HouseBirth
December 29, 1855Elias Nelson born County HouseBirth
April 24, 1856John S Mc Durfee born County HouseBirth
June 21, 1856Henry De Coracy born County HouseBirth
April 7, 1857Walter Larribee born County HouseBirth
May 22, 1857May Fagan born County HouseBirth
May 28, 1857Carlisle Harris born County HouseBirth
July 26, 1857Sarah J Morrison gave birth to a child it diedBirth
June 5, 1857Republican Williams Col'dBirth
March 23, 1858Susan S Munroe gave birth to a female childBirth
March 31, 1858Sarah Jane Clark gave birth to a female childBirth
April 11, 1858Mary Smith gave birth to a female childBirth
July 27, 1858Johanna Murphy gave birth to a male childBirth
October 25, 1858Julia Sweeney child still bornBirth
November 25, 1858Sarah Noble a female childBirth
January 6, 1859Mary Curry male childBirth
February 20, 1859Mary Draper Female childBirth
March 11, 1859Eliza Moren Female childBirth
September 26, 1859Eliza Ann Mattison Female childBirth
November 16, 1859Maria Dean Female childBirth

An account of The Deaths in the County House, 1855-1858.

August 22, 1855Margaret Barry, aged 44Death
August 17, 1855John G Carl, aged 3 monthsDeath
January 7, 1856Ebenezer Adams, aged 94Death
January 31, 1856Thomas Mains, aged 78Death
December 20, 1855Margaret Henry, aged 44Death
February 15, 1856Betsy E Fox, aged 81Death
April 21, 1856Mary Auger, aged 76Death
April 21, 1856George Sheffield, aged 59Death
May 6, 1856Lydia Church, aged 102Death
May 12, 1856Charlotte Maria Burton, aged 9 monthsDeath
May 14, 1856Nathaniel Bently, aged 66Death
July 20, 1856James Andrew, aged 18Death
November 29, 1856Tamar Nicholds, aged 66Death
January 5, 1857Ruth Van Guilder, aged 66Death
January 9, 1857Ichobed Thurber, aged 80Death
January 19, 1856Peleg Inman, aged 82Death
May 12, 1857Peter Orcutt, aged 68Death
May 22, 1857Frank Bassett, aged 1Death
May 29, 1857Charlotte Odle, aged 73Death
July 26, 1857Sarah J Morrison's child, aged 1/2 hourDeath
August 6, 1857Mary Brophy, aged 40Death
October 19, 1857Hannah Reid, aged 96Death
October 22, 1857Cyrus Dickinson, aged 58Death
November 2, 1857Garret Winney, aged 78Death
December 16, 1857James Edward Goodwin, aged 57Death
January 15, 1858Lewis Ladou, aged 58Death
January 15, 1858William Blakeley, aged 76Death
February 6, 1858Benjamin Laribee, aged 41Death
March 13, 1858Betsey Brown, aged 73Death
March 17, 1858Justin Keach, aged 72Death
March 28, 1858Olliver Harris, aged 83Death
April 12, 1858Death
April 19, 1858Benjamin Stafford, aged 34Death
May 22, 1858Henry Parrish, aged 55Death
June 9, 1858Alonson Rich, aged 50Death
June 9, 1858Mary Spear, aged 64Death

Children Taken from The Poor House, 1855-1860.

Jan. 6, 1855Stephen English of Easton has taken Cornelius WilburTaken
March 22, 1855Patrick Delevan of Fort Edward has taken John Van GuilderTaken
March 31, 1855Alonzo Rich of Cambridge has taken Joseph BrophyTaken
May 24, 1855William Grand of Hartford has taken Henry Van GuilderTaken
June 15, 1855Henry Shepherd of Argyle has taken Emily PurdouTaken
June 23, 1855George Perkins of Sandgate, Vt. has taken Charles WheelerTaken
July 8, 1855George Stewart of Greenwich has taken Emily ShepherdTaken
July 16, 1855William Shield of Putnam has taken Albert CorbetTaken
August 2, 1855James A King of Argyle has taken Caroline CrawfordTaken
September 10, 1855Thomas Smith of Sandy Hill has taken Emily ShepherdTaken
Oct. 8, 1855R.B. Milliman of Argyle has taken John HardinTaken
Nov. 16, 1855Thos H Black of Salem has taken Chas FrostTaken
Nov. 28, 1855Thomas H Black has returned Chas Frost & taken Isaac GreenTaken
January 14, 1856Jonathan English has taken Chas Frost [crossed out]Taken
Jan. 28, 1856Deacon ??fisher of Argyle has taken Harriet Brunett = ReturnedTaken
Feb. 4, 1856Thomas Elliot has taken Lydia Warner [ crossed out]Taken
Feb. 5, 1856Richard Hays [of] Jackson has taken Wm Stover ReturnedTaken
Feb. 23, 1856John J Vanchaick of Granville has taken Loisa Laribee ReturnedTaken
Feb. 20, 1856Patrick of Fort Edward has taken Chas FrostTaken
Feb. 24, 1856Stephen Baker of Danby has taken James NelsonTaken
Feb. 26, 1856John Quigley of Argyle has taken Emily WarrenTaken
March 24, 1856Warren Nims of Comstock's Landing has taken Margaret FoxTaken
March 15, 1856Sidney Cornell Argyle has taken Emery YoungTaken
April 2, 1856Jacob Cleveland Cambridge has taken Harriet Wilcox?Taken
April 3, 1856James Calhoun Greenwich has taken Mary Jane KilburnTaken
April 5, 1856George W Brewster Easton has taken Joseph BrophyTaken
April 5, 1856James Hall Argyle has taken Harriet BennettTaken
April 11, 1856A.D. Harris of Hartford has taken Catharine WashburnTaken
April 29, 1856Henry Griffin Ft. Edward has taken Mary BrophyTaken
May 12, 1856John Looby Kingsbury has taken Cordelia LutherTaken
May 20, 1856Mrs. Whitney Argyle Corber has taken Emily ShepherdTaken
May 20, 1856Wm C. Rich Kingsbury has taken Matilda Henaway [crossed out]Taken
June 3, 1856Thomas Clough Hartford has taken Caroline Crawford [crossed out]Taken
June 5, 1856Warren Ashley Hartford has taken Elizabeth LarabeeTaken
June 6, 1856Alexander Fergason Argyle has taken Elizabeth Walton?Taken
June 11, 1856Thomas Clough Hartford taken Harriet NelsonTaken
June 13, 1856S.J. Coory Sandgate taken Joseph BrophyTaken
June 13, 1856Harmon Whitton Sandgate taken Chas FrostTaken
June 28, 1856John Refenburgh Easton has taken Harriet Susan BurtonTaken
July 7, 1856Mary Shine Hartford has taken Albert Mattison for Ellison Chase Ft. AnnTaken
July 9, 1856Anthony Mc Kaller has taken Emily ShepherdTaken
August 7, 1856Michael Mulaine Schuylerville has taken Emily ShepherdTaken
August 7, 1856Isaac D Gates Hartford has taken Caroline CrawfordTaken
June 5, 1856Thomas Clough has taken Harriet NelsonTaken
August 30, 1856David Hopkins Argyle has taken Emery LongTaken
Sept. 25, 1856Mrs. Lowe Ft Edward has taken Emily Warner [crossed out]Taken
Sept. 29, 1856Erastus Arnold Kingsbury taken Biron TrowbridgeTaken
Oct. 7, 1856Squire Warren Kingsbury taken Mary BrophyTaken
Oct. 24, 1856Mrs. Lowe Ft Edward Emily ShepherdTaken
Nov. 1, 1856C.M. Thorne Ft Ann Emma WarnerTaken
Nov. 4, 1856David Hopkins Argyle has taken Wm. H. StoverTaken
Jan. 29, 1857David Long Granville taken Harriet NelsonTaken
March 31, 1857Arnold Brown Granville taken Wm H StoverTaken
April 24, 1857James Schemerhorn taken Emily ShepherdTaken
June 11, 1857Andre Huwitt Argyle taken [unreadable] ScripterTaken
August 24, 1857James Harris Dergytown taken Dan BrophyTaken
August 26, 1857H.W. Woodward Battenville Greenwich taken Lucy YoungTaken
Sept. 6, 1857Nathaniel Sherman Cambridge taken Wm WelshTaken
Sept. 7, 1857John Keelas Ft Edward taken Albert MattisonTaken
Sept. 15, 1857James Taylor Argyle taken Emeroy YoungTaken
Sept. 29, 1857John Killas Ft Miller taken Amos WheelerTaken
Jan. 1, 1858William Chamberlain Manchester taken Lucy Maria YoungTaken
Jan. 8, 1858Jacob Howard Easton taken Gertrude LaribeeTaken
Jan. 19, 1858Alexander Scemerhorn Ft Edward taken Thos Fox [crossed out]Taken
Feb. 2, 1858Nathan Swift Ft Ann taken Byron TrowbridgeTaken
Feb. 3, 1858Walter Rogers Ft edward taken Maria JonesTaken
Feb. 6, 1858Lewis B Thompson Gansevoort PO Joseph BrophyTaken
Feb. 6, 1858Thomas Wright Greenwich Matilda BentonTaken
Feb. 17, 1858Bethuel Ball Glens Falls Mary FolayTaken
Feb. 26, 1858William Grand Mary Jane CadwellTaken
Feb. 29, 1858Thomas Liddle Salem taken Hudson JonesTaken
Feb. 28, 1858Simeon Benson Easton taken Joseph CummingsTaken
March 8, 1858R.C. White Hebron taken Charles LeeTaken
March 8, 1858Charles A Gitty Hebron taken George LeeTaken
March 20, 1858Ebert Clow Granville Adelbert ParishTaken
March 24, 1858Washington Barrell Hartford Mary Loisa Mc LarfieTaken
April 1, 1858James Mc Mullen Easton Mary CummingsTaken
April 24, 1858H.M. Hillman Jackson Mary Cummings ReturnedTaken
April 26, 1858James H Hillman Jackson Joseph BrophyTaken
May 29, 1858Truman Wallis Hartford taken William Albert JohnstonTaken
June 8, 1858D.H. Reynolds Greenwich taken Emily ShepherdTaken
June 11, 1858Joseph T Hall Argyle taken Amos WheelerTaken
June 23, 1858James H. Austin Cambridge taken Mary CummingsTaken
June 25, 1858H.G. Dennison hartford taken Albert MattisonTaken
June 26, 1858Daniel D Beamus taken George BeamusTaken
July 26, 1858William Rogers Durgytown taken James Nelson [crossed out]Taken
August 25, 1858Jane Whitney White Creek taken Mary PrattTaken
Sept, 29, 1858Archd Killmore Argyle taken Edisin CummingsTaken
Oct. 30, 1858John Mc Murray Argyle taken Dan BrophyTaken
Nov. 9, 1858Townsend J Path Ft Edward taken Billy GreenTaken
Nov. 30, 1858Phebe Townsend Hartford taken Emeroy YoungTaken
December 15, 1858Lafayette Odekirk White Creek taken Lawrence CorbitTaken
December 22, 1858Hiram Merrel Hartford taken Amos WheelerTaken
January 1, 1859Spencer Chapman Hartford taken Emeroy YoungTaken
January 3, 1859Edward Conner Ft Edward taken Maria Matilda KibbyTaken
January 5, 1859Spencer Chapman taken Catherine Mc DonaldTaken
January 24, 1859Hiram Merrel Hartford Martin DavidsonTaken
Feb. 1, 1859James B Mix Ft Ann taken Henry B from S.H. [unreadable]Taken
Feb. 4, 1859Edwin Hill Argyle taken Emeroy YoungTaken
Feb. 18, 1859Franklin Doane White Creek taken John Nassy [crossed out]Taken
Feb. 24, 1859Cicero Brown Granville taken John Nassy [crossed out]Taken
March 2, 1859T.A. Brayton Hartford taken Thomas NassyTaken
March 4, 1859David Green Greenwich James H Van GilderTaken
March 22, 1859William Jacobie Glens Falls taken Mary BrophyTaken
May 3, 1859Franklin Bailey taken Ephraim and Mary MarkTaken
June 18, 1859Seth Pierce West Ft Ann taken Mary CummingsTaken
August 4, 1859Noah Atwater Russel Hampton Co. Mass taken James NelsonTaken
Oct. 1, 1859Dr. Gragry Ft Ann taken Emily ShepherdTaken
Feb. 17, 1860Warren E Ralston Cambridge Center Mary Serena ClarkTaken
March 26, 1860Lyman Barber Easton taken John NaseyTaken
March 26, 1860Worthy Waters Easton taken Thomas NaseyTaken
March 24, 1860Samuel Haskin Ft Ann Margaret Consadin boundTaken
April 2, 1860John M Stewart Argyle Joseph CummingsTaken
April 4, 1860Orson Carpenter South Granville Emma StockwellTaken


1Surgeon General’s Office. Report of Select Committee Appointed to Visit Charitable Institutions Supported by the State and all City and County Poor and Work Houses and Jails of the State of New York: transmitted to the legislature, January 9, 1857, p. 90 (Appendix). Albany: C. Van Benthuysen, 1857.

3 thoughts on “Washington County NY Poor House Records 1855-1860”

  1. Janice M. Pollat

    We are searching in Washington County for William R. Hunt and see that he was admitted to the poor house on Oct. 6, 1884. Do you have any idea what happened to him? I have checked the cemeteries in Washington County and don’t find him and also the Poor House cemetery and he isn’t there. He is not listed in the deaths at the Poor House. If released do you know who took him or where he might have gone? Any information you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

  2. My relatives are the Issac and “Billy”,(William) Green “taken” from the poor house. Their mother, Adeline, is listed in the poor house with them in the 1855 census. How can I track her eventual end? Do 30 yr old women leave the poor house? or do they die there?

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