Lawyers of Sherburne, Chenango County, New York

The first prominent lawyer in Sherburne was Roswell Judson, from Delaware county, who was admitted to practice June 10, 1835. He was elected county judge in 1847, and re-elected in 1851. He went west soon after the expiration of his judgeship.

Francis S. Edwards practiced here a few years between 1840 and 1850.

Ira P. Barnes, a native of Columbus in this county, was admitted June 13, 1839, and practiced here a few years about the middle of the century.

George P. Avery, also from Columbus, was contemporary with Barnes.

Alfred Nichols came from Earlville about the time Avery left.

None others of prominence have located here since, except those now practicing here. They are Delos L. Atkyns, Charles A. Fuller, Stephen Holden and Robert A. Kutschbach.

Delos L. Atkyns, was born in Pharsalia in this county, Sept. 30, 1840, and educated in the district schools of his native town. He commenced to read law in 1862 with Rexford & Kingsley, of Norwich, with whom he completed his studies. He was admitted in May, 1865, and commenced practice that year in Sherburne, where he has since continued.

Charles A. Fuller was born in Edmeston, Otsego county, Aug. 17, 1841, and educated in the district schools of his native town and the academic department of Madison University. He was graduated from the Albany Law School in the spring of 1865. He commenced practice in Hamilton in June of that year, with E. H. Risley, leaving in the spring of 1866 for Sherburne, where he has since continued.

Stephen Holden was born in South Hartwick, Otsego county, April 26, 1832, and educated at the Delaware Literary Institute, Franklin, Delaware county, where he prepared for college and was graduated from Yale college in 1857. He commenced the study of law in August, 1861, at Watertown, N. Y., and was admitted the following May. He commenced practice in October, 1866, at East Worcester, N. Y., May 25, 1871, he removed thence to Sherburne where he has since practiced.

Robert A Kutschbach was born in Gotha, Prussia, Oct. 4, 1854, and emigrated with his parents to Columbus in this county in 1860. He received an academic education in Sherburne, and commenced the study of law in that village Sept. 1, 1873, with D. L. Atkyns, with whom he remained three years. He was admitted in January, 1870, and commenced practice that year in Sherburne.

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