Sherburne, Chenango County, New York

Sherburne was formed from Paris, Oneida county, March 5, 1795, and its name is said to have been suggested by a member of the Legislature, who affirmed that the early inhabitants were in the frequent habit of singing the tune of Sherburne, which was a great favorite with them. It originally embraced the town of Smyrna, (Stafford,) which was taken off March 25, 1808. It was enlarged by the annexation of a small part of New Berlin in 1852. It lies upon the north border of the county, east of the center, and is bounded on the north by Hamilton, Madison county, on the south by New Berlin and North Norwich, on the east by Columbus, and on the west by Smyrna. The highest elevations are from 200 to 500 feet above the valleys of the streams. Chenango River enters the town near the north-west corner and flowing in a south-easterly direction leaves it near the center of the south border, receiving in its course through the town Handsome, Mad and Nigger brooks from the east and Pleasant brook and several smaller streams from the west.

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