Lodges and Societies of Afton, Chenango County, New York

Afton Lodge, No. 360, F. & A. M., was organized as Nineveh Lodge, January 11, 1855, at which time the first communication was held, and was chartered June 20, 1855. The name was changed June 24, 1862, when it was decided to remove the lodge from Nineveh, where the meetings had formerly been held, to Afton. The first officers were Harvey Bishop, Master; Platt Bishop, S. W.; C. G. Northrop, J. W.; Fenner Brown, Secretary; W. H. Scott, Treasurer; T. C. Healy, S. D.; J. Kelly, J. D.; Jesse Brown, Tiler; E. M. Brown and E. Badger, Stewards. Meetings are held on the 2d and 4th Tuesdays of each month.

Vallonia Chapter, No. 80, R. A. M., was organized December 19, 1856, as No. 62, at Vallonia Springs, in the town of Colesville, in Broome county, where the meetings were originally held. The charter was granted February 3, 1857. The first officers were R. W. Juliand, High Priest; T. C. Healy, King; and E. Bishop, Scribe. The chapter meets the 1st and 3d Tuesdays of each month.

Vanderburg Post, No. 12, G. A. R., S. N. Y., was organized April 5, 1878. The charter members were John Robb, Alonzo Phillips, Washington Mead, W. H. Wilder, John S. Kelley, Perry Ellis, A. Huffcut, Geo. P. Smith, Theodore Cables, Charles G. Aynsworth, James A. Houston, B. Whitaker, Geo. Figger, John Higley, Geo. Woods, F. L. Willey, Charles Handy, Geo. B. Hickox, Charles Fisher, Thomas Wilkins, Zenas Tarble, Frank M. Mead, Charles A. Davis and Henry Andrews. The number of members in July, 1879, was 98. Meetings are held every Saturday evening.

Susquehanna Lodge, No. 185, A. O. U. W., was organized December 5, 1878. The charter officers were Rev. N. J. Hawley, P. M. W.; T. L. Willey, M. W.; Harvey Hinman, G. F.; C. W. Spencer, O.; Wm. E.

Hyde, Recorder; M. D. Howard, Financier; H. B. Johnston, Receiver; L. B. Farnsworth, G.; J. B. Pierce, I. W.; J. H. Carr, O. W. The additional charter members were G. B. Hickox, Devillo W. Colvin, H. G. Carr, Washington Mead, Chester Corbin, W. A. Wright, Britton Whitaker, John F. Seaman, G. R. Bissell, M. D., and Geo. W. Woods. The officers remain the same, except that D. A. Hyde was elected to fill the vacancy occasioned by the withdrawal of C. W. Spencer. The number of members in July, 1879, was 27. Meets the 1st and 3d Mondays of each month.

(???) Lodge, No. –, I. O. G. T., was organized March 21, 1879. The charter members were M. B. Dutton, W. C. T.; Minnie M. Bolt, W. V. T.; W. E. Mead, W. Chap.; D. Van Woert, W. S.; Nellie Swift, W. A. S.; Geo. Tanner, W. F. S.; Annah Garret, W. T.; E. A. Goodsell, W. M.; Ella L. Stanton, W. D. M.; M. A. Garret, W. I. G.; J. E. Searles, W. O. G.; Ollie Bolt, W. R. H. S.; C. E. DeVoe, W. L. H. S.; P. A. Hayes, P. W. C. T.; Gertie Merritt, Allie Gallup, Minnie Estabrook, Jennie M. Bolt, Olivia Bolt, Polly Estabrook, Cora Mead, Agnes E. Gallup, Kate A. Hyde, Thomas Hannahan, Frank Carpenter, R. E. Merritt, Edgar Garret, Mary A. Bliss, N. J. Hawley, Mary Seymour, Mrs. Abbott, R. M. Gallup and Effa Jay.

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