1924 Adams High School Senior Annual

“Work overcometh all difficulties”

Published by the Senior Class of Adams High School
Nineteen Hundred Twenty-Four


Donald Carpenter President
Frank Steele Vice-President
Margaret Cain Secretary
Edna West Treasurer
Kathryn Reilly Cheer Leader

Class Colors: Crimson And White
Flowers: Crimson Rose, Lily-Of-The-Valley

Editor: Margaret Cain
Ass’t Editors: Frances Hollis and Elwin Williams
Business Mgr.: John Hollis
Advertising Mgr.: Frank Steele

Adams High School Senior Class of ’24


Margaret Blackstone Beulah Button
Frances Hollis Edna West
John Hollis Bernice Barnes
Donald Carpenter Dorinne Mendell
Donald Cornell Adelaide Woodall
Glen Jennings Elizabeth Dewar
Floyd LaLone Eva Allen
George Trowbridge Stanley Hill
Frank Steele Laura Coolidge
Pauline Deren Bertha Hess
Margaret Cain Carl Moore
Pauline Bundy Louise Paul
Jessie Lee Elizabeth Patrick
Kathryn Reilly Kenneth Smith
Glenn Guzewich Edward Barlett
Beth Dare Mable Perkins
Doris Weldon Winford Gillette
Marilyn Page Elwin Williams

A Brief History of Hungerford Collegiate Institute

Hungerford Collegiate Institute also known as Adams High School and Adams Elementary. Adams Collegiate Institute was incorporated by the Regents, April 22, 1855. On September 8, 1864, the school was opened with elaborate exercises, at which time General Joe Hooker of Civil War fame, made one of the speeches. The school became noted for its thorough scholarship and excellent discipline. Military drill was maintained in the school and several pupils were young men who returned to school after service in the Civil War. On January 29, 1868, this building was burned to the ground. Five days later, a meeting of the trustees was held, when it was voted to erect another building immediately. General Hungerford donated a new site, the citizens subscribed money most generously and the present building was erected, considered in those days very commodious and handsome, being large enough to accommodate 60 borders and 200 day pupils. The building was completed and the school opened August 28, 1870. The Regents named the school Adams Collegiate Institue on Nov. 16, 1883 and in the following year, one of the most disastrous fires in the history of the village occurred, burning nearly the entire west side of Main street and taking the school building with it. It has also worn the name Hungerford Collegiate Institute and later became known as Adams High School. In this year of 2000, we now know the school as Adams Elementary or the Scholtz Building. Currently the fate of the building is unknown. Discussions have ranged from tearing the structure down to turning it into a music institute.

Adams High School Senior Class of '24
Adams High School Senior Class of ’24

Top row left to right: K. Reilly, E. Barlett, B. Hess, D. Carpenter, B. Button, K. B. Smith, a. Woodall.
Second Row – – L. Paul, B. Barnes, G. Guzewich, M. Perkins, S. Hill, F. Hollis, F. LaLone, M. Page, C. Moore.
Third Row – – F. Steele, M. Blackstone, M. Cain, D. Cornell, J. Hollis, Prin. F. M. Carr, E. Williams, G. Jennings, E. Allen, E. Dewar, J. Lee, D. Mendell, G. Trowbridge.
Bottom Row – – L. Coolidge, D. Weldon, E. Patrick, P. Deren, B. Dare, E. West, P. Bundy, W. Gillette, absent.

The High School Orchestra

Through the efforts of Miss McAvoy, the music director of the school, a High School Orchestra was formed with the following members, officers, and instruments:

Gordon F. Spies (Director) Piano
Kenneth Sprague (Secretary) Cornet
Betty Dewar (Treasurer) Piano
Stanley Bundy Violin
Elizabeth Patrick Violin
Floyd Bates Cornet
Winford Gillette Cornet
Frank Sischo Drums
Moses Deren Mandolin
Viola Kirkey Violin
Hollis Shelmidine Alto Horn
Carl Moore Tenor Horn

Not having an auditorium this year, we did not have the pleasure of playing at the Chapel exercises, but we played for several school functions, the principal one being the Prize Speaking Contest which was held in the Baptist Church April 17. We rehearsed at homes of the various members and were always shown much kindness and made to feel we were welcome. The season for us has been very profitable and indeed pleasant.

G. F. S. ’25

Who’s Who on the Hill

Kathryn Reilly – Winner of Girl’s Prize Speaking Contest at Adams, NY.
Donald Carpenter – Winner of Boy’s Prize Speaking Contest at Adams, NY
Donald Cornell – Captain of Basketball Team
Lewis Harwood – Captain of Baseball Team
Donald Cornell – Captain of Football Team
John Hollis – Manager of Baseball Team
Margaret Cain – Editor of Annual
Miss Soults – First young lady to have her hair shingled
Laura Coolige – President of Callisophians
Donald Carpenter – President of Senior Class
Gordon Spies – President of Junior Class
Mosses Deren – President of Sophomore Class
Pauline Derenkowski – Winner of Lincoln Essay Contest
Adelaide Woodall – Winner of Second Prize in Speaking Contest at Adams, NY
John Hollis – Winner of Second Prize in Speaking Contest at Adams, NY
Kathryn Reilly – Manager of Girl’s Basketball Team
Miss McAvoy – Leader of High School Orchestra
Frances Hollis – Valedictorian of the Senior Class
Mable Perkins – Salutatorian of Senior Class

F.E.L. ’24
K.B.S. ’24

We, the Senior Class of 1924, respectfully dedicate this Annual to OUR FACULTY

Faculty for the Year 1923-24
Faculty for the Year 1923-24

Top Row, lert to right – – C. M. Thorpe, G. E. Dewey, F. O. Barbur, F. J. Kellogg, G. L. Duquette, F. B. Harrington.
Middle Row – – M. K. Pitkin, G. M. Waterbury, M. M. McAvoy, Prin. f. M. Carr, H. M. Snyder, B. D. Ewart, M. E. Wear.
Bottom Row – – E. F. Soults, H. E. Hilton, N. G. Stetson, V. M. McBath, I. A. Rawlings.

Faculty And their Positions for the Year 1923-24

Francis M. Carr Principal
Floyd O. Barbur Vice-Principal
Miss Florence Kellogg Mathematics
Miss Hazel Snyder English
Miss Irma Soults Commercial Department
Miss Beth Ewart Latin and French
George M. Duquette Civics and History
Miss Mildred McAvoy Music and Drawing
Miss Charlotte Thorpe English and Elocution
Mrs. Florence Harrington History
Miss Margaret Wear Physical Training
Miss Grace Waterbury Junior High School
Miss Mable Pitkin Sixth Grade
Miss Vera McBath Fifth Grade
Miss Helen Hilton Fourth Grade
Miss Ildra Rawlings Third Grade
Miss Gertrude Dewey Second Grade
Mrs. Nina Stetson First Grade

1924 Junior Class of Adams High School

Class Motto: To achieve Fame in Spite of Obstacles”
Class Colors: Old Rose and Silver
Class Flower: Pink Carnation

1924 Junior Class of Adams High School
1924 Junior Class of Adams High School

Top Row, left to right – – Mildred Gilbert, Kenneth Sprague, Frances Hill, Dano Saunders, Mildred Gilbert, Albert Redway, Frances Collins.
Second Row – – C. Sprague, Dorothy Colfax, Harley Hammond, Alvira Green, Donald Douglas, Florence E. Williams, Henry Grimshaw.
Third Row – – Nellie Greenley, E. Chrysler, Earl LaLone, George Spies, Irene Giddings, Millie Lane.
Bottom Row – – Dorothy Greenley, Ella Shelmidine, G. Spies, Frances Howard, Frances Palmer, Irene Ackerman.

Junior Class Officers

Gordon Spies President
Alvira Green Vice-President
Donald Douglas Corr. Secretary
Dorothy Glazier Treasurer
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