1864 Map of Adams New York

Adams New York Biographies – Part 7

The following 10 biographical sketches were extracted from the Geographical gazetteer of Jefferson county, N.Y., 1685-1890.

Myron D. Bunce

Myron D. Bunce, son of Henry and Olivia (Kellogg) Bunce, located upon a farm in Adams when a young man, and taught school in the town several terms. He married Sally, daughter of Walter and Miranda (Harrington) Blazier, of Adams, and they had two children, Frank H., of Rodman, and Walter G., of this town. The latter was born in Adams, July 3, 1866, and was educated at Adams Collegiate Institute. He engaged as clerk with W. V. & F. C. Bailey, and subsequently with H. C. & A. J. Green, and with C. E. Glazier, when he bought an interest in the business. He married Emma M., daughter of Chauncey L. and Emeline M. (Bates) Reed, November 29, 1888. C. L. Reed’s family were Ida M. (Mrs. Charles Stoodly), George P., of Minnesota, Nellie C. (Mrs. B. A. Smith), Bert W., of California, Nellie A., who died in infancy, and Emma May (Mrs. Walter G. Bunce).

Gilbert C. Pryor

Gilbert C. Pryor, son of Chauncey and Amanda (Bassett) Pryor, was born in Watertown in 1829, and was reared upon a farm. He married Margaret C., daughter of Lodwick Salisbury, of Theresa, and located in Adams. Mrs. Pryor died in April, 1885.

James E. Cook

James E. Cook, son of James and Millie (Dickey) Cook, was born in Ellisburgh in 1830. He traveled and sold jewelry for three years, and for a like number of years was engaged in the grocery trade in Henderson. In 1865 he came to Adams, and with J. O. Brown engaged in the grocery trade, which was continued until 1873, when Mr. Cook withdrew and opened a grocery and crockery store, which business was sold to Babcock & Wright in 1889. In 1863 he married Mary Grant, by whom he has one daughter, Florella W. (Mrs. Dr. C. W. Howard), of Watertown.

Hinckley J. Page

Hinckley J. Page, son of Luther and Sally (Jones) Page, was born in Fenner, Madison County, in 1823. At the age of eight years he removed with his parents to Florence, N. Y., and in 1838 located in Ellisburgh. He married Mary Frances Griffing, daughter of Ebenezer L. and Emily A. (Kellogg) Griffing, by whom he has a daughter, Fanny Georgiana, and a son, Charles H. Mr. Page is a farmer.

George Carpenter

George Carpenter, son of George and Nancy (Dean) Carpenter, was born in Sandy Creek, N. Y., in 1838. He was reared upon a farm and subsequently learned the painters’ trade, at which he worked in Belleville and Theresa, and in 1865 located in Adams. He married Lucia C., daughter of Ambrose and Narcissa A. (Burr) Potter, of this town, in 1866, by whom he has a daughter, Mary L., born in 1868, a student of music, and a son, Frank P., born in 1875.

Daniel Fawdry

Daniel Fawdry was born in Oxfordshire, England, in 1810. He married Susannah Fox, in 1834, and the same year immigrated to America. He had born to him four sons and three daughters, viz.: Henry, of Albany, N. Y.; John, of Hounsfield; David, a physician, of Barnes Corners; Elizabeth (Mrs. Jackson Squires), of Adams, James, of Hounsfield; Mary Ann, of Adams; and Carrie. The latter married Walter B. Kenyon, in 1874, by whom she has had two sons, viz.: Frank H., who was born in 1875 and died May 4, 1883, and David D., born in 1880. Mr. Kenyon was born in 1852, and is a farmer in this town. Daniel Fawdry died in January, 1880, and his wife in December of the same year.

William H. Coon

William H. Coon, of this town, son of William and Roxana (Wilcox) Coon, was born in the town of Henderson in 1846, and was reared upon a farm. He married Rosetta O., daughter of Paul and Hannah (Jones) Greene, in 1867, and they have a son, Clifford H., born July 2, 1872.

John Waite

John Waite, a native of England, married Sarah Masters, by whom he had children as follows: William, Charlotte, George W., Sarah (Mrs. Philoren Jennings), Eliza (deceased), Levi, of Belleville, and Joseph, of Adams. George W. Waite, who was born in 1837, learned the tinsmiths’ trade and engaged in the hardware business in Adams village, where he died in 1879. He married Anna, daughter of J. D. and Maria (Keller) Beyerle, by whom he had a son, Fred B., born in 1868, and a daughter, Flora M., born in 1874. Fred B. passed the Regents’ examination when 12 years of age, graduated from Adams Collegiate Institute at the age of 15, and was a student in Hamilton College in the class of ’88. January 28, 1888, Fred B., married Dora, daughter of John E. and Harriet H. (Daniels) Wilson.

Marquis D. Manville

Marquis D. Manville, born in this county in 1833, was educated in the district schools, and commenced the study of dentistry in 1860. He enlisted in Co. I, 10th N. Y. H. A., as a musician, December 25, 1863, and served to the close of the war. After the war he established a dental business in Adams village, which he still continues. He married, first, Sarah M., daughter of Russell M. and Olivia (Smith) Jones, and after her decease Elisabeth M., daughter of J. L. Hall, who bore him two sons and one daughter, of whom George P., born in 1863, graduated from the New York College of Dentistry in 1886, and now resides in Camden, N. Y.

William Barney

William Barney was a native of Guilford, Vt., whence he removed to Ellisburgh about 1806. His children were William, Osborn, Norman, Jared, Calvin, Gracia, and Ruth Ann. Osborn was born in 1810, and was reared upon a farm. He married Lucy, daughter of Samuel Fish, who bore him four sons and two daughters, viz.: Bradley O., who resides in Belleville; Sewell A., of Adams; Emory O. and Lurissa, who died in Sandy Creek; William, who resides in Sandy Creek; and Angeline, who married William D. Sanford and died in 1864. Sewell A. Barney was born July 6, 1834. At the age of 10 years he commenced work for Norman Barney, at Belleville, finishing cabinet ware, where he remained about four years. He worked at farming several years, and later with his father at watch repairing. He had special instruction with H. K. Newcomb in watchmaking and engraving, and at the age of 21 years, in 1855, engaged in business for himself, in Sackets Harbor. He held the office of town clerk, in 1861, was appointed postmaster and held the office until 1866, when he removed to Adams. His wife, Harriet C., whom he married in 1858, bore him one son and three daughters, viz.: Alice Cornelia, who resides with her parents; Jennie Geraldine (Mrs. J. Herbert), who has a daughter, Bertha Marion, and resides in Adams; Louis S., born August 20, 1871; and Harriet E., born July 12, 1875.

Source: Child, Hamilton. Geographical gazetteer of Jefferson county, N.Y., 1685-1890, part one, p. 238-239.  Syracuse, N.Y.: The Syracuse journal company, printers and binders. 1890.

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