The Old LaForge Mansion

Old Houses of the North Country

730 (numbered) Articles written by David F. Lane about the old homes and the families who built and lived in them in the area of New York called “North Country”. These articles were published in the Watertown (NY) Daily Times, 1941-1956 in a series titled Old Mansions of the North Country (No. 1-87), Old Homes of the North Country (No. 91-99, 103), and Old Houses of the North Country. Placed online by the Genealogy Department of Roswell P. Flower Memorial Library, Watertown, NY.

Predominantly these houses were located in Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties, however, some were also located in Lewis, Oneida, Ontario, Orange, Ulster and Ontario Canada. I am currently in the process of identifying the locations for each of these houses mentioned in his article. As I do so, the town and county names will appear in the table below.

Article TitleArticle TitleTownCountyDate Published
0054"Beechwood," Tibbetts Point Rd.7/24/1943
0631"Bonnie Castle" at Alexandria Bay8/21/1954
0287"Windy Bank" at Cape VincentCape VincentJefferson1/17/1948
0671A .D. Remington Mansion on Clinton StreetWatertownJefferson5/28/1955
0670A. D. Remington House on State StreetWatertownJefferson5/21/1955
0714Aaron Eddy House in ClaytonClaytonJefferson3/24/1956
0062Abiathar Joy, Jr., ClaytonClaytonJefferson9/18/1943
0292Abner Smith House on Perch River Road2/21/1948
0531Abraham Schermerhorn House at Oak Point9/20/1952
0445Absalom House Home in PameliaPameliaJefferson1/27/1951
0389Ackley House in Madrid Village12/31/1949
0270Adam Bowhall House on Martin Street Road9/20/1947
0530Ainsworth Octagon House at Fine View9/13/1952
0429Alanson Skinner House in BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson10/7/1950
0410Albert Scott House near Waddington5/27/1950
0565Alexander Campbell House on Sterling Street5/16/1953
0589Alexander Parker House near WatertownWatertownJefferson10/31/1953
0710Alfred Kilborn House at Gunn's Corners2/25/1956
0393Almon Barrell House near Gourverneur1/28/1950
0606Almon M. Norton Tavern in DenmarkDenmarkLewis2/27/1954
0087Alva Grow mansion near SmithvilleSmithvilleJefferson3/18/1944
0549Alvin White House near CantonCantonSaint Lawrence1/24/1953
0211Amos Moore's House on Reed Settlement Road8/3/1946
0420Amos Roberts House in Sackets HarborSackets HarborJefferson8/5/1950
0582Amos Stebbins House in RutlandRutlandJefferson9/12/1953
0334Amos Stebbins House on Champion Rd.12/11/1948
0727Amos Stebbins Mansion Doorway on Champion Rd6/23/1956
0205Amos Wood House at Woodville6/22/1946
0599Andrew Blackstone House in AdamsAdamsJefferson1/9/1954
0662Andrew Colburn House in the Town of ChampionChampionJefferson3/26/1955
0260Andrew Dalrymple House in Henderson TownHendersonJefferson7/12/1947
0246Andrew P. Baltz Farm in PameliaPameliaJefferson4/5/1947
0337Andrew Stone House near Moon Lake12/31/1948
0303Another Clarkson House in Potsdam5/8/1948
0460Anson Smith House in RutlandRutlandJefferson5/12/1951
0378Anthony Furness House in OgdensburgOgdensburgSaint Lawrence10/15/1949
0577Archibald Campbell Cottage at Campbell's PointCampbell's PointJefferson8/8/1953
0523Archibald Scott House in OxbowOxbowJefferson7/26/1952
0360Arnold Smith House in Morristown6/11/1949
0370Arnold Webb House at TylervilleTylervilleJefferson8/20/1949
0546Artemas Kent Mansion in Hopkinton1/3/1953
0059Arthur Bowman, Watertown-Evans Mills Rd8/28/1943
0045Asa Clark - Known as Wilson Manor Farm - Clark's Hill5/22/1943
0406Asa E. Newman House in Alexandria4/29/1950
0037Asa Gates, Champion-W. Carthage Rd.3/27/1943
0118Aspinwall Mansion near Henderson HarborHenderson HarborJefferson10/14/1944
0169Attractive Stone House at Calcium10/13/1945
0056Augustus Sacket Mansion, Sackets HarborSackets HarborJefferson8/7/1943
0078Austin Robbins, SmithvilleSmithvilleJefferson1/8/1944
0220Austin Rogers House on Wilson's Bay10/5/1946
0298Azariah Walton's House in Alexandria Bay4/3/1948
0728Baron Steuben Cabin Replica near RemsenRemsenOneida6/30/1956
0304Bellinger Hotel at Evans MillsEvans MillsJefferson5/15/1948
0470Benjamin Cole House in PameliaPameliaJefferson7/21/1951
0637Benjamin Cory House on Sterling Street10/2/1954
0534Benjamin F. Hunt House in RodmanRodmanJefferson10/11/1952
0562Benjamin H. Smalley Farm near Oak Point4/25/1953
0443Benjamin McOmber House in LeraysvilleLeraysvilleJefferson1/13/1951
0305Benjamin Phillips House in MassenaMassenaSaint Lawrence5/22/1948
0573Benjamin W. Moody House in Town of RodmanRodmanJefferson7/11/1953
0706Bertrand L. Taylor Mansion on Mullin St.1/28/1956
0113Biggers Residence near BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson9/9/1944
0230Birthplace of Artist Frederic Remington12/14/1946
0610Birthplace of Cushman K. Davis in HendersonHendersonJefferson3/27/1954
0047Blodgett Tavern, DenmarkDenmarkLewis6/5/1943
0468Bonny House in town of BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson7/7/1951
0418Borland House in Cape Vincent Cape VincentJefferson7/22/1950
0142Brick Colonial Residence in Clinton Street, WatertownWatertownJefferson3/31/1945
0171Brick Mansion in Clinton StreetWatertownJefferson10/27/1945
0195Brick Residence in Factory Street4/13/1946
0180Brick Residence in Stone StreetWatertownJefferson12/29/1945
0156Brownville HotelBrownvilleJefferson7/7/1945
0412Buckley House in Cape VincentCape VincentJefferson6/10/1950
0074Byrd Douglas Wise, Cape VincentCape VincentJefferson12/11/1943
0279Cadwell Dewey House at Deweyville11/22/1947
0613Caleb Burnam House near BurrvilleBurrvilleJefferson4/17/1954
0284Calvin Britton Farm near BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson12/27/1947
0321Calvin Lewis Hat Factory in LowvilleLowvilleLewis9/11/1948
0290Calvin Lewis House in LowvilleLowvilleLewis2/7/1948
0480Calvin Nash House near CantonCantonSaint Lawrence9/29/1951
0038Camp Haven, Sackets Harbor (Comm. M.T. Woolsey)Sackets HarborJefferson4/3/1943
0617Capt. George Wescott House in HendersonHendersonJefferson5/15/1954
0342Capt. John Bradley House in Dexter2/5/1949
0218Capt. William Vaughan Once Owned this House9/21/1946
0065Carpenter Homestead Or Fulton Place, Rutland Hollow Rd.10/9/1943
0588Charles Comins House in RutlandRutlandJefferson10/24/1953
0708Charles Dayan Smith House on State St.2/11/1956
0357Charles E Clarke House on Washington St.5/21/1949
0578Charles Jenks Cottage at BurrvilleBurrvilleJefferson8/15/1953
0149Charles Lee Martin Mansion at MartinsburgMartinsburgLewis5/19/1945
0413Charles P. Morrison House in Cape VincentCape VincentJefferson6/17/1950
0482Charles S. Gage House near RodmanRodmanJefferson10/13/1951
0324Charles Smith House at Cape VincentCape VincentJefferson10/2/1948
0430Charles Wilcox House in Lyme10/14/1950
0461Charles Wilson House on Wilson Bay5/19/1951
0390Chauncey Doane House near Richville1/7/1950
0191Chavoustie House near Rosiere3/16/1946
0257Chester McLean House in EllisburgEllisburgJefferson6/21/1947
0114Christie - Wyman House in RodmanRodmanJefferson9/16/1944
0210Christopher Biddlecom's House near Rice's7/27/1946
0152Christopher Middleton House Overlooking Black River6/9/1945
0289Christopher Phillips House in HammondHammondSaint Lawrence1/31/1948
0512Clarissa Richardson House near CantonCantonSaint Lawrence5/10/1952
0647Clarke Residence on Sterling Street12/11/1954
0225Clarke Rice Residence on Clinton StreetWatertownJefferson11/9/1946
0569Col. Ambrose W. Clark Residence in WatertownWatertownJefferson6/13/1953
0478Col. Elias Sage House in South ChampionSouth ChampionJefferson9/15/1951
0081Col. Newton B. Lord, BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson1/29/1944
0082Col. Newton B. Lord, BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson2/5/1944
0262Collins Rouse House near Stone Mills7/26/1947
0012Colonel Elisha Camp mansion at Sackets HarborSackets HarborJefferson12/8/1941
0002Constable Hall at ConstablevilleConstablevilleLewis11/26/1941
0726Constable Hall at ConstablevilleConstablevilleLewis6/16/1956
0392Converse House on Hopkinton Road1/21/1950
0214Copeland House on VanBuren Street, Antwerp8/24/1946
0666County Historical Museum on Washington Street4/23/1955
0481Curtis Barker Residence in CopenhagenCopenhagenLewis10/6/1951
0655Curtis W. Cory House in LerayLerayJefferson2/5/1955
0693Cyrus Butterfield House on State Street RoadWatertownJefferson10/29/1955
0454Daniel Ackerman House on Pillar Ppoint3/31/1951
0345Daniel Akins House near Lisbon2/26/1949
0473Daniel Bartholomew House near Watertown8/11/1951
0234Daniel Hare House at Paddy Hill1/11/1947
0442Daniel Kelley House in LowvilleLowvilleLewis1/6/1951
0441Daniel Rickerson House in Watertown12/30/1950
0432Daniel Smith House on Rodman - Burrville Road10/28/1950
0456Daniel Wardwell Mansion in Mannsville4/14/1951
0226David Foster House at Hyde Lake11/16/1946
0618David Gordinier House at Zoar5/22/1954
0658David H. Walrath House in PameliaPameliaJefferson2/26/1955
0302David L. Clarkson House in Potsdam5/1/1948
0449David Locke House in Town of PameliaPameliaJefferson2/24/1951
0504David More House on Oak Point Rd.3/15/1952
0554David More House on Oak Point Road2/28/1953
0509David Parish House in Rossie4/19/1952
0510David Parish Land Office at Rossie4/26/1952
0691David Smith House in AdamsAdamsJefferson10/15/1955
0400David Sprague House in Bishop Street3/18/1950
0561David Wilson House near Oak Point4/18/1953
0035Deer Lick Farm, Cape VincentCape VincentJefferson3/13/1943
0557Delta Delta Delta House in CantonCantonSaint Lawrence3/21/1953
0248Dennis Brooks House in Sackets HarborSackets HarborJefferson4/19/1947
0125Denny House near Talcott's Tavern12/2/1944
0178Dezengremel House near French Settlement12/15/1945
0269Dodge House near Millen's Bay9/13/1947
0066Doorway of Carpenter Homestead10/16/1943
0061Doorway of George Reed Home, LowvilleLowvilleLewis9/11/1943
0150Doorway of Ol Mansion at MartinsburgMartinsburgLewis5/26/1945
0027Dr. Abner Benton house at OxbowOxbowJefferson12/26/1941
0381Dr. Caleb Pierce House in Madrid11/5/1949
0612Dr. Charles Squire House in DenmarkDenmarkLewis4/10/1954
0036Dr. Crafts P. Kimball, BurrvilleBurrvilleJefferson3/20/1943
0485Dr. G. S. Farmer's Student Home11/3/1951
0689Dr. Hannibal S. Dickerson House at Rice's10/1/1955
0487Dr. Henry Priest House in CantonCantonSaint Lawrence11/17/1951
0623Dr. Isaac Bronson's Land Office in RutlandRutlandJefferson6/26/1954
0514Dr. John P. Johnson House in ChampionChampionJefferson5/24/1952
0502Dr. Jonas S. Conkey House in CantonCantonSaint Lawrence3/1/1952
0031Dr. L. Otis Fox house at BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson12/31/1941
0452Dr. Lowrey Barney House in HendersonHendersonJefferson3/17/1951
0465Dr. Royal Dwight Dewey House in TurinTurinLewis6/16/1951
0022Dr. Samuel Guthrie home, Watertown-Sackets Harbor Highway12/19/1941
0046Dr. W. W. Hall, near Millen's Bay5/29/1943
0493Dr. William Noble House in CantonCantonSaint Lawrence12/29/1951
0624Dressor House at Huntingtonville7/3/1954
0272DuFort House on Pleasant Valley Road10/4/1947
0107Dwelling near Denmark VillageDenmark VillageLewis7/29/1944
0567Dyer Huntington House on Sherman Street5/29/1953
0294Dyer N. Burnham House in Sackets HarborSackets HarborJefferson3/6/1948
0699Early Brick Store in Champion VillageChampion VillageJefferson12/10/1955
0550Ebenezer Miner House in CantonCantonSaint Lawrence1/31/1953
0500Ebenezer Sanderson House near CantonCantonSaint Lawrence2/16/1952
0100Eckert House at LafargevilleLafargevilleJefferson6/10/1944
0374Edmund Luff House in Sackets HarborSackets HarborJefferson9/17/1949
0032Edmund Tucker mansion at PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaJefferson1/2/1942
0692Edward B. Hawes House in BellevilleBellevilleJefferson10/22/1955
0259Edward S. Salisbury House in EillisburgEllisburgJefferson7/5/1947
0086Edwin Coffeen White mansion near WatertownWatertownJefferson3/11/1944
0642Egbert W. Whitney House on Hunt Street11/6/1954
0540Elam Cooley House in Rodman VillageRodman VillageJefferson11/22/1952
0085Elbert E. Merry house near Evans MillsEvans MillsJefferson2/26/1944
0497Elhanan Heaton Farm near CantonCantonSaint Lawrence1/26/1952
0101Eli B. Johnson House on Point Salubrious6/17/1944
0409Eli Dewey Farm House near Potsdam5/20/1950
0275Elias Clark House Door and Doorway10/25/1947
0274Elias Clark Place in the town of RutlandRutlandJefferson10/18/1947
0446Elihu Allen House in Pierrepont Manor2/3/1951
0575Elijah Adams House at Natural BridgeNatural BridgeOrange7/25/1953
0057Elijah Horr, Stone Mills8/14/1943
0183Elijah J. Clark and Kemp House1/19/1946
0614Eliphalet Bailey House in DenmarkDenmarkLewis4/24/1954
0245Elton H. Miller House at Pamelia Four CornersPamelia Four CornersJefferson3/29/1947
0705Emma Flower Taylor Residence on S. Massey Street with 1967 follow-up photo1/21/1956
0491Enos Brainard House in OxbowOxbowJefferson12/15/1951
0384Enos Cogswell House in Madrid Town11/26/1949
0265Erastus Rogers House in Sacket's HarborSackets HarborJefferson8/16/1947
0463Esselstyn House in Cape VincentCape VincentJefferson6/2/1951
0222Etienee Edus House in town of Cape VincentCape VincentJefferson10/19/1946
0547Ezekiel Jenne House near Hopkinton1/10/1953
0033Façade of Edmund Tucker mansion at PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaJefferson1/3/1942
0190Fifty-Two Room House on Ogden Island3/9/1946
0323First Store in the Village of Dexter9/25/1948
0712Florentine D. Roth Mansion on Washington Street3/10/1956
0702Former Adriel Ely House on Washington Street12/31/1955
0543Former Anglican Rectory on Wolfe Island12/13/1952
0711Former Dr. H. G. P. Spencer House on Stone StreetWatertownJefferson3/3/1956
0189Former Red Brick Tavern in Gouverneur3/2/1946
0105Former Red Brick Tavern in SmithvilleSmithvilleJefferson7/15/1944
0135Former Stagecoach Tavern at Great Bend2/10/1945
0720Former Stanley E. Hunting House in Paddock Street5/5/1956
0123Former Strong Residence in Village of RodmanRodman VillageJefferson11/18/1944
0148Former Tavern near Talcott's Falls on Adams Center Road5/12/1945
0196Former Willard Ainsworth House near Cape VincentCape VincentJefferson4/20/1946
0044Francis G. Taylor, BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson5/15/1943
0638Frank W. Woolworth Birthplace in RodmanRodmanJefferson10/9/1954
0564Frederick Tyler House in TylervilleTylervilleJefferson5/9/1953
0584Frederick Woodruff House on State StreetWatertownJefferson9/26/1953
0014Front Door of Hiram Hubbard Mansion at ChampionChampionJefferson12/10/1941
0592Gardner Towne House in RutlandRutlandJefferson11/21/1953
0586Gaylord Nye House near Fargo's10/10/1953
0626Gen. Delos Sacket House in Cape VincentCape VincentJefferson7/17/1954
0718Gen. Jacob Brown Mansion Doorway at BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson4/21/1956
0527Gen. Ulysses S. Grant May Have Lived Here8/23/1952
0525General U.S. Grant's Madison Barracks Quarters8/9/1952
0007General Walter Martin mansion at MartinsburgMartinsburgLewis12/2/1941
0199Georgain Residence in State Street, WatertownWatertownJefferson5/11/1946
0239George A. Sacket Mansion in Sackets HarborSackets HarborJefferson2/15/1947
0362George Dodds House in town of HammondHammondSaint Lawrence6/25/1949
0428George Dutcher House near BellevilleBellevilleJefferson9/30/1950
0015George H. Sharlow house, 540 West Main St., WatertownWatertownJefferson12/11/1941
0713George Jones Robertson House in DepeysterDepeysterSaint Lawrence3/17/1956
0263George Lee House in HounsfieldHounsfieldJefferson8/2/1947
0379George N. Seymour House in OgdensburgOgdensburgSaint Lawrence10/22/1949
0721George Ormiston House in Rossie5/12/1956
0366George Redington House in Waddington7/23/1949
0544George S. Wright House in Hopkinton12/20/1952
0060George Stephens Reed, LowvilleLowvilleLewis9/4/1943
0595George W. House at Zoar12/12/1953
0688George W. Lawrence House on Keyes Avenue9/24/1955
0650George W. Lawrence House on State StreetWatertownJefferson12/31/1954
0159Georgian Colonial Mansion at Morristown7/28/1945
0147Georgian Colonial Residence at Great Bend5/5/1945
0153Georgian Colonial Residence in LowvilleLowvilleLewis6/16/1945
0187Georgian Limestone House at Talcottville2/16/1946
0654Gilbert B. Manley House on Rutland Street1/29/1955
0680Gilbert Bradford House on State StreetWatertownJefferson7/30/1955
0679Gilderoy Lord House at 213 Stone StreetWatertownJefferson7/23/1955
0278Giles Foster House at Deweyville11/15/1947
0110Gouverneur Morris House near Gouverneur8/19/1944
0286Gov. Silas Wright's Home at CantonCantonSaint Lawrence1/10/1948
0476Governor Flower Mansion on Arsenal Street9/1/1951
0436Granger House near Champion VillageChampion VillageJefferson11/25/1950
0055Greystone Inn, ClaytonClaytonJefferson7/31/1943
0266Grisowld House on the Martin Street Road8/23/1947
0695Hall - Freeman House in BellevilleBellevilleJefferson11/12/1955
0251Harger Store at Pamelia Four CornersPamelia Four CornersJefferson5/10/1947
0492Harison Mansion on Canton Main StreetCantonSaint Lawrence12/22/1951
0431Harmon Burnam House on State StreetWatertownJefferson10/21/1950
0338Harry Hunt House near OxbowOxbowJefferson1/8/1949
0697Harry Tyler House at ButtervilleButtervilleUlster11/26/1955
0271Hart Massey House on Rexford Place9/28/1947
0073Hart Massey, Jr., WatertownWatertownJefferson12/4/1943
0499Harvey Knox House near CantonCantonSaint Lawrence2/9/1952
0293Harvey Pool House near Moon Lake2/28/1948
0375Harvey Smith House on Bishop Street9/24/1949
0664Havens Wilber House on State StreetWatertownJefferson4/9/1955
0224Heman Colton House on North Harbor Road11/2/1946
0587Henry Ainsworth House in Cape VincentCape VincentJefferson10/17/1953
0023Henry Brown house, relative of Gen. Jacob Brown at BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson12/20/1941
0700Henry C. Normander House in RutlandRutlandJefferson12/17/1955
0050Henry Countryman, Pamelia Four CornersPamelia Four CornersJefferson6/26/1943
0042Henry H. Babcock, WatertownWatertownJefferson5/1/1943
0064Henry J. Kimball, Sackets HarborSackets HarborJefferson10/2/1943
0329Henry Watkins Mansion in Potsdam11/6/1948
0315Henry Zellar House near South HammondSouth HammondSaint Lawrence7/31/1948
0489Herman A. Post House in CantonCantonSaint Lawrence12/1/1951
0282Hillcrest Farm on Ives Street12/13/1947
0656Hiram Copley Office in ChaumontChaumontJefferson2/12/1955
0332Hiram Hubbard House at ChampionChampionJefferson11/27/1948
0004Hiram Hubbard stone house at ChampionChampionJefferson11/28/1941
0453Hiram Kilborn House in South ChampionSouth ChampionJefferson3/24/1951
0295Hiram Mills House near Perch River3/13/1948
0394Hiram Swift House near Potsdam2/4/1950
0158Historic Brick Mansion in AdamsAdamsJefferson7/21/1945
0102Historic Building at Pamelia Four CornersPamelia Four CornersJefferson6/24/1944
0127Historic Hotel at Lafargeville once was Land OfficeLafargevilleJefferson12/16/1944
0242Historic Residence in Washington Street3/8/1947
0388Historic Stone House in HendersonHendersonJefferson12/24/1949
0539Hitchcock House on Wolfe Island11/15/1952
0627Home of A Historian7/24/1954
0669Home of Historian R. A. Oakes on State StreetWatertownJefferson5/14/1955
0133Hopkins House in the town of RutlandRutlandJefferson1/27/1945
0318Horace Allen House in Potsdam8/21/1948
0593Horace P. Mitchell House in RutlandRutlandJefferson11/28/1953
0451Horace Skinner House in BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson3/10/1951
0346Horatio N. Norton House at Dexter3/5/1949
0317Hosea Fenton House in Waddington8/14/1948
0249Hospital at Big Sandy Battle 18144/26/1947
0160Hough Residence in LowvilleLowvilleLewis8/4/1945
0141House Near Great Bend Built by Charles E. Clarke3/24/1945
0186House near Watertown - Evans Mills State Highway2/9/1946
0188House of First Mayor of WatertownWatertownJefferson2/23/1946
0157House on Champion-Felts Mills Road7/14/1945
0268House on Dutch Point Road9/6/1947
0629House once owned by William Smith8/7/1954
0725Howell Cooper Mansion on Washington Street6/9/1956
0484Hubbard Clark House near CantonCantonSaint Lawrence10/27/1951
0076Hugh D. Laird, Henderson HarborHenderson HarborJefferson12/24/1943
0090Hugunin House in ClaytonClaytonJefferson4/1/1944
0091Hungerford Home at Rural Hill, EllisburgEllisburgJefferson4/8/1944
0154Hungerford Mansion6/21/1945
0581Hyacinth Peugnet House in Cape VincentCape VincentJefferson9/5/1953
0335Ichabod Parsons House near LowvilleLowvilleLewis12/15/1948
0349Ira Hinsdale House on Oxbow - Antwerp Road3/26/1949
0075Ira Stephens, LowvilleLowvilleLewis12/18/1943
0348Ira W. Bullis Farm near CantonCantonSaint Lawrence3/19/1949
0328Irving Bacheller birthplace in Pierrepont10/30/1948
0283Irwin Store at Stone Mills12/20/1947
0396Isaac Bartholomew House near Waddington2/18/1950
0228Isaac H. Keller House in LerayLerayJefferson11/30/1946
0356Isaac Proctor Power House on State St.5/14/1949
0580Isham Farm in RodmanRodmanJefferson8/29/1953
0350Israel Kellog House near CopenhagenCopenhagenLewis4/2/1949
0026J. Wyatt Uhlein house, 250 Massey Ave., WatertownWatertownJefferson12/24/1941
0604Jabez Carter House in LowvilleLowvilleLewis2/13/1954
0119Jackson Tamblin House at Black River10/21/1944
0340Jacob Arnold House near Ogdensburg, from a photocopyOgdensburgSaint Lawrence1/22/1949
0426Jacob Baum House in LerayLerayJefferson9/16/1950
0343Jacob I. Cook House in LowvilleLowvilleLewis2/12/1949
0646Jacob P. Harwick House in LerayLerayJefferson12/4/1954
0621Jacob Stears, Jr. House in WatertownWatertownJefferson6/12/1954
0291James A. Bell House in Dexter2/14/1948
0729James Alexander House near Sulphur SpringsSulphur SpringsSaint Lawrence7/7/1956
0359James Brintnall House Façade6/4/1949
0358James Brintnall House near Field Settlement5/28/1949
0566James Eddy House in Town of RutlandRutlandJefferson5/23/1953
0227James F. Angel House in ClaytonClaytonJefferson11/23/1946
0312James G. Averell House in OgdensburgOgdensburgSaint Lawrence7/10/1948
0314James Harvey House on Calabuga Road7/24/1948
0088James Horton House on Point Salubrious3/25/1944
0373James Horton House on Point Salubrious9/10/1949
0520James I. Hunt House in BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson7/5/1952
0233James Irvine House near Millen's Bay1/4/1947
0701James L. Merriman House on Sacket's Harbor Road12/24/1955
0326James L. Thayer House in Waddington10/16/1948
0528James Leray Servant House8/30/1952
0529James Leray's Farm Tenant House9/6/1952
0391James McAuley House in OgdensburgOgdensburgSaint Lawrence1/14/1950
0579James Parker House8/22/1953
0438James R. Adams House at Adams Cove12/9/1950
0401James Redington House in Waddington3/25/1950
0273James Shurtleff House in TheresaTheresaJefferson10/11/1947
0607James Smith House at Zoar3/6/1954
0276James Ward House near Leraysville, from a photocopyLeraysvilleJefferson11/1/1947
0437James Wood House at Glen Park12/2/1950
0405Jason Clark House in Plessis4/22/1950
0240Jean B. Rousseau House near Rosiere2/22/1947
0363Jean Philippe Galband Du Fort House7/2/1949
0672Jenery T. Gotham House on State StreetWatertownJefferson6/4/1955
0643Jeremiah Babcock House in ChampionChampionJefferson11/13/1954
0495Jeremiah Parker House on Dry Hill Road1/12/1952
0515Jesse Babcock House in Dexter5/31/1952
0351Jesse Blodgett House at DenmarkDenmarkLewis4/9/1949
0424Jesse Davis House near Alexandria Bay9/2/1950
0563Jesse Fulton House in Rutland HollowRutland HollowJefferson5/2/1953
0052Jesse Smith, SmithvilleSmithvilleJefferson7/10/1943
0311Jessie Davidson House in Potsdam7/3/1948
0182Jewett House on road to Evans MillsEvans MillsJefferson1/12/1946
0684John Abbott House at Champion HuddleChampion HuddleJefferson8/27/1955
0043John Augsbury, Perch Lake5/8/1943
0521John Ayers House on Dry Hill Road7/12/1952
0336John B. Andrews House in MassenaMassenaSaint Lawrence12/24/1948
0397John Bean House near South HammondSouth HammondSaint Lawrence2/25/1950
0404John Bishop House on Bishop Street4/15/1950
0486John C. Cooper House near AdamsAdamsJefferson11/10/1951
0376John Clark House in OgdensburgOgdensburgSaint Lawrence10/1/1949
0462John Constance House near Millen's Bay5/26/1951
0440John Doig House in LowvilleLowvilleLewis12/23/1950
0694John Dunlap House on Gotham Street11/5/1955
0474John Failing Farm in PameliaPameliaJefferson8/18/1951
0010John Felt mansion at Felts MillsFelts MillsJefferson12/5/1941
0717John Felt Mansion Doorway in Felts MillsFelts MillsJefferson4/14/1956
0017John Felt mansion, Felts Mills, doorwayFelts MillsJefferson12/13/1941
0330John G. Post House in BoonvilleBoonvilleJefferson11/13/1948
0238John Gould House near Perch Lake2/8/1947
0660John Graves Simcoe House in Kingston, OntarioKingstonOntario3/12/1955
0687John H. Dutton House on Academy Street9/17/1955
0628John Isham House near TylervilleTylervilleJefferson7/31/1954
0475John L. Baker House on Paddock Street8/25/1951
0009John La Farge mansion at LafargevilleLafargevilleJefferson12/4/1941
0229John Laird House on Watertown - Cape Vincent Road12/7/1946
0507John Lambie House near South HammondSouth HammondSaint Lawrence4/5/1952
0039John Lfarge, Lafargeville-Brownville Highway4/10/1943
0030John Losee house at Dry HillDry HillJefferson12/30/1941
0423John Losee House on Dry HillDry HillJefferson8/26/1950
0594John M. Burhans House in West CarthageWest CarthageJefferson12/5/1953
0041John Mills, SmithvilleSmithvilleJefferson4/24/1943
0068John N. Rottiers, Lafargeville - Stone Mills Rd.10/30/1943
0605John O'Donnell House in LowvilleLowvilleLewis2/20/1954
0313John Paddock store in BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson7/17/1948
0625John Pickens House in HeuveltonHeuveltonSaint Lawrence7/10/1954
0361John Rodger House in town of HammondHammondSaint Lawrence6/18/1949
0576John Smith House at Devois CornersDevois CornersJefferson8/1/1953
0622Jonas Bronson House in RutlandRutlandJefferson6/19/1954
0344Jonathan Ball, Jr. House in LowvilleLowvilleLewis2/19/1949
0652Jonathan Collins House near ConstablevilleConstablevilleLewis1/15/1955
0665Jonathan Davis Store in Adams CenterAdams CenterJefferson4/16/1955
0080Jonathan Graves, Jr., RutlandRutlandJefferson1/22/1944
0308Jonathan Wallace House in Potsdam6/12/1948
0353Joseph A. Northrup House in LowvilleLowvilleLewis4/23/1949
0288Joseph Allen House near Moon Lake1/24/1948
0615Joseph Bonaparte House in Natural BridgeNatural BridgeOrange5/1/1954
0421Joseph Butterfield House in Redwood8/12/1950
0241Joseph Edmond House on Evans Mills Highway3/1/1947
0417Joseph Luff House near Sackets HarborSackets HarborJefferson7/15/1950
0070Joseph Pierce, Evans MillsEvans MillsJefferson11/13/1943
0048Joseph Rider, ChaumontChaumontJefferson6/12/1943
0252Joseph Roseel House Replica in OgdensburgOgdensburgSaint Lawrence5/17/1947
0585Joseph Sheldon House on Dry HillDry HillJefferson10/3/1953
0719Joseph Sterling House in AdamsAdamsJefferson4/28/1956
0635Joseph W. Brown House in BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson9/18/1954
0281Josiah Fuller House in Evans MillsEvans MillsJefferson12/6/1947
0083Judah H. Ainsworth farm house near Cape VincentCape VincentJefferson2/12/1944
0538Judge Francis Segar Mansion, "The Pines", Lyonsdale11/8/1952
0715Judge Henry Coffeen House on North Massey Street3/31/1956
0422Judge John Fine House in OgdensburgOgdensburgSaint Lawrence8/19/1950
0203Judge Perley Keyes' Residence in Washington Street6/8/1946
0299Knight House on Brownville - Perch River Road4/10/1948
0024Known as the "Ostrander Place", Theresa-Alexandria Bay Rd.12/22/1941
0536L. J. Goodale Residence in CarthageCarthageJefferson10/25/1952
0306La Farge Mansion Wing at LafargevilleLafargevilleJefferson5/29/1948
0447Laban H. Ainsworth House in Cape VincentCape VincentJefferson2/10/1951
0198Large Residence near Lyons Falls5/4/1946
0121Late Herbert E. Cook House near DenmarkDenmarkLewis11/4/1944
0001LeRay Mansion at LeraysvilleLeraysvilleJefferson11/25/1941
0537Leray's Land Office in CarthageCarthageJefferson11/1/1952
0477Levi Collins House at Collinsville9/8/1951
0600Levi Torrey Place in BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson1/16/1954
0434Lewis Mance House near Tibbets Point11/11/1950
0155Limestone House in BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson6/30/1945
0136Limestone House in Felts MillsFelts MillsJefferson2/17/1945
0193Limestone House in Franklin Street3/30/1946
0200Limestone House in Millen's Bay area5/18/1946
0137Limestone House near Burrville ChurchBurrvilleJefferson2/24/1945
0174Limestone House near Evans MillsEvans MillsJefferson11/17/1945
0161Limestone House near Great Bend8/11/1945
0201Limestone House near Madison Barracks5/25/1946
0219Limestone House near Perch Lake9/28/1946
0173Limestone House near Rosiere11/10/1945
0181Limestone House near Three Mile Bay1/5/1946
0185Limestone House on Rosiere Road2/2/1946
0144Limestone Residence in Felts MillsFelts MillsJefferson4/14/1945
0464Lisk House at Lisk Settlement6/9/1951
0385Lockwood Place near Buck's Bridge12/3/1949
0645Lorenzo Baker House in CopenhagenCopenhagenLewis11/27/1954
0590Lotus Ingalls House on Mullin Street11/7/1953
0469Luke Dunlay House in town of Cape VincentCape VincentJefferson7/14/1951
0383Luman Arms House at Adams CenterAdams CenterJefferson11/19/1949
0490Luman Moody House on Canton's Main StreetCantonSaint Lawrence12/8/1951
0407Luther Conklin House in Antwerp5/6/1950
0696Lyman Smith House near Harper's Ferry11/19/1955
0122Main Doorway of Cook House at DenmarkDenmarkLewis11/11/1944
0006Major General Jacob Brown mansion at BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson12/1/1941
0524Major George White House in RutlandRutlandJefferson8/2/1952
0179Manor House at Pierrepont Manor12/22/1945
0663Martello Tower in Kingston, OntarioKingstonOntario4/2/1955
0644Martin M. Smith House on Arsenal Street11/20/1954
0019Massey Mansion at BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson12/16/1941
0244Mayflower Descendant's House at Sackets HarborSackets HarborJefferson3/22/1947
0256Mayhew Farm on Pearl Street Road6/14/1947
0094Maynard Home on Tibbets Point Road4/29/1944
0416McGuire House in OgdensburgOgdensburgSaint Lawrence7/8/1950
0115Membery Homestead near Camp's Mills9/23/1944
0676Merritt M. Andrus House on Ten Eyck Street7/2/1955
0716Micah Sterling Mansion Doorway4/7/1956
0034Micah Sterling, Sterling Park, WatertownWatertownJefferson1/5/1942
0408Michael Lewis House near Hyde Lake5/13/1950
0347Michael Turnbull House near OxbowOxbowJefferson3/12/1949
0683Michael Walts House in LerayLerayJefferson8/20/1955
0723Miss Madeleine Bagley House on Ten Eyck Street5/26/1956
0139Mitchell House near Stone Mills3/10/1945
0568Moody Emerson House on Huntington Street6/6/1953
0264Moore L. Porteous House near Waddington, from a photocopy8/9/1947
0163AMoore Log Cabin (article not numbered)CantonSaint Lawrence9/1/1945
0250Morse or Weaver House in PameliaPameliaJefferson5/3/1947
0020Mrs. Charles H. Congdon home at ChaumontChaumontJefferson12/17/1941
0071Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson Wise, Sackets HarborSackets HarborJefferson11/20/1943
0011Mrs. Emma Dillenbeck house at ChaumontChaumontJefferson12/6/1941
0703Mrs. Emma Flower Taylor Mansion on Clinton StreetWatertownJefferson1/7/1956
0021Mrs. James A. Kilborne house at BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson12/18/1941
0016Mrs. Leland G. Woolworth house, 336 Washington St., WatertownWatertownJefferson12/12/1941
0018Mrs. Lloyd H. Casler house - east of Talcott's on the Watertown-Syracuse Rd.12/15/1941
0681Mrs. Ruth Schram House on William Street8/6/1955
0398Myron Powell House in Potsdam Village3/4/1950
0377Nathan M. Flower House in TheresaTheresaJefferson10/8/1949
0541Nathaniel Harrington House in RodmanRodmanJefferson11/29/1952
0574Nathaniel N. Burnam's House near BurrvilleBurrvilleJefferson7/18/1953
0167Native Limestone House at Wilson's Bay9/29/1945
0132Native Limestone House in Black River1/20/1945
0177Native Limestone House near Calcium12/8/1945
0172Native Limestone House near Three Mile Bay11/3/1945
0254Navy Station Commander's House at Sackets HarborSackets HarborJefferson5/31/1947
0380Nehemiah Gale House in Town of LeRayLerayJefferson10/29/1949
0341Nevin - Stilwell House near Ogdensburg, from a photocopyOgdensburgSaint Lawrence1/29/1949
0236Nicholas Cocagne House near Cape VincentCape VincentJefferson1/25/1947
0280Nicholas Lawyer House at Lawyer's Corners11/29/1947
0632Norman Wood House in RutlandRutlandJefferson8/28/1954
0143North Wing of the La Farge Mansion near LafargevilleLafargevilleJefferson4/7/1945
0040Norton Homestead, Watertown-Clayton Highway4/17/1943
0583Noyes Tuttle House in BoonvilleBoonvilleJefferson9/19/1953
0297Obediah Phelps House near Potter's Corners3/27/1948
0450Octagon House in ConstablevilleConstablevilleLewis3/3/1951
0309Ogden Land Office in Waddington1948-06-19-
0138Old Arron Brown House near BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson3/3/1945
0686Old Bemis Tavern in Ellisburg VillageEllisburg VillageJefferson9/10/1955
0402Old Catholic School in OgdensburgOgdensburgSaint Lawrence4/1/1950
0545Old Durfey Tavern in Hopkinton12/27/1952
0164Old Gilson Home9/8/1945
0097Old Grow Home in HounsfieldHounsfieldJefferson5/20/1944
0095Old Hoover Tavern at Evans MillsEvans MillsJefferson5/6/1944
0116Old Kilborn Homestead near Gunn's Corners9/30/1944
0146Old Limestone House in Black River4/28/1945
0130Old Limestone House in Evans MillsEvans MillsJefferson1/6/1945
0166Old Limestone House in TurinTurinLewis9/22/1945
0013Old Limestone Mansion at Henderson, birthplace of Daniel Hudson BurnhamHendersonJefferson12/9/1941
0103Old Makepeace Homestead near Pamelia Four CornersPamelia Four CornersJefferson7/1/1944
0168Old Parish Mansion in OgdensburgOgdensburgSaint Lawrence10/6/1945
0112Old Parrish Home on Perch Lake Road9/2/1944
0165Old Residence in South Massey Street9/15/1945
0170Old Residence on Evans Mills - Leraysville Rd10/20/1945
0092Old Roswell Gates Home on Perch Lake Road4/15/1944
0235Old Sackets Habor Bank Building1/18/1947
0277Old Stone House at Great Bend11/8/1947
0106Old Stone Residence in Factory Street7/22/1944
0176Old Washington Street Residence12/1/1945
0117Old Weaver Home on Middle Road10/7/1944
0232Old Will Rogers House near Evans MillsEvans MillsJefferson12/28/1946
0145Oldest House in County near BurrvilleBurrvilleJefferson4/21/1945
0415Once Owned By Hart Massey Jr.7/1/1950
0414Once Owned By Hyacinthe Peugnet6/24/1950
0675Oren R. Davis House on Stone StreetWatertownJefferson6/25/1955
0724Orrin J. Robinson House on Boyd Street6/2/1956
0364Orville Hungerford House in Watertown, with restoration in 1963WatertownJefferson7/9/1949
0722Orville Hungerford Mansion Front DoorWatertownJefferson5/19/1956
0008Orville Hungerford mansion, 326 Washington St., WatertownWatertownJefferson12/3/1941
0079Osmund Banister, PameliaPameliaJefferson1/15/1944
0542Parker House on Dry Hill Road12/6/1952
0533Parkinson House in Rutland HollowRutland HollowJefferson10/4/1952
0535Patrick Somerville Stewart House in CarthageCarthageJefferson10/18/1952
0126Peck Homestead on Champion Road near Great Bend12/9/1944
0085Pennock mansion near Great Bend (number duplicated)3/4/1944
0494Peter Christie House in Dexter1/5/1952
0316Peter Dygert House near South HammondSouth HammondSaint Lawrence8/7/1948
0261Peter Hoover House near Evans MillsEvans MillsJefferson7/19/1947
0212Peter Kimball House near Field Settlement8/10/1946
0455Peter Wilbur Slack House in LerayLerayJefferson4/7/1951
0648Philander Smith House in AdamsAdamsJefferson12/18/1954
0682Philip P. Gaige House in ChaumontChaumontJefferson8/13/1955
0184Pickering - Beach Museum at Sackets HarborSackets HarborJefferson1/26/1946
0411Pickering House at Sackets HarborSackets HarborJefferson6/3/1950
0653Pierrepont Land Office in Pierrepont Manor1/22/1955
0124Plumb House on Perch River Road11/25/1944
0217Potter House on Cemetery Road near Evans MillsEvans MillsJefferson9/14/1946
0175Quaint Limestone House on Wilson's Bay11/24/1945
0208Quaint Stone House on Ives Street Road WatertownWatertownJefferson7/13/1946
0634R. J. W. Morgan House at Henderson HarborHenderson HarborJefferson9/11/1954
0285Randall Barnes House near Evans MillsEvans MillsJefferson1/3/1948
0516Ranslow Smith House in Henderson TownHendersonJefferson6/7/1952
0354Rear of Constable Hall at ConstablevilleConstablevilleLewis4/30/1949
0151Red Brick Residence in Felts MillsFelts MillsJefferson6/2/1945
0109Redmond Residence at Evans MillsEvans MillsJefferson8/12/1944
0333Rees Davis House in BoonvilleBoonvilleJefferson12/4/1948
0649Rev. Aaron A. Thayer House on Paddock Street12/24/1954
0636Rev. Ebenezer Lazell Farm in Sandy Creek Valley9/25/1954
0611Rev. Lebbeus Field House in HounsfieldHounsfieldJefferson4/3/1954
0730Rev. Lewis T. Ford House in LafargevilleLafargevilleJefferson7/14/1956
0327Rev. Peter Snyder House on State StreetWatertownJefferson10/23/1948
0667Rev. Pitt Morse Residence on High Street4/30/1955
0365Richard Harison House in Canton7/16/1949
0553Richard Harison House in MaloneCantonSaint Lawrence2/21/1953
0556Richard Harison House, Judson Street, CantonCantonSaint Lawrence3/14/1953
0247Rickerson House on Sterling Street4/12/1947
0508Robert Darling House in OxbowOxbowJefferson4/12/1952
0616Robert F. Carpenter House on South Massey Street5/8/1954
0067Robert G. Horr, WatertownWatertownJefferson10/23/1943
0077Robert H. Latham, Deer River12/31/1943
0369Robert Landsing's birthplace8/13/1949
0603Robert Lansing Home on Mullin Street2/6/1954
0596Robert Louis Stevenson Cottage at Saranac Lake12/19/1953
0216Robert Mullin House in town of BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson9/7/1946
0498Robert Riddell House near Oak Point2/2/1952
0678Robert Ten Eyck Residence, 140 Ten Eyck Street7/16/1955
0457Rockwood House near Champion HuddleChampion HuddleJefferson4/21/1951
0517Rodman Congregational ParsonageRodmanJefferson6/14/1952
0551Roswell Hopkins House in Hopkinton2/7/1953
0552Royal Arch House in CantonCantonSaint Lawrence2/17/1953
0685Rufus H. Converse House in Ellisburg TownshipEllisburg TownshipJefferson9/3/1955
0602Rufus Scott House in RutlandRutlandJefferson1/30/1954
0505Russell Attwater House in Russell3/22/1952
0459S.V.R. Stewart House in LerayLerayJefferson5/5/1951
0253Sackets Harbor Naval Station HouseSackets HarborJefferson5/24/1947
0657Samuel Brainard House in RutlandRutlandJefferson2/19/1955
0258Samuel Brown House at Mather's Mills6/28/1947
0215Samuel Cronkhite House in the town of LerayLerayJefferson8/31/1946
0674Samuel F. Bates House on Stone StreetWatertownJefferson6/18/1955
0571Samuel Middleton Farm near Black River6/27/1953
0444Samuel Read House on Pillar Point1/20/1951
0382Samuel Rogers House in PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaJefferson11/12/1949
0213Samuel Stocking Mansion at Morristown8/17/1946
0339Samuel Webster House in South HammondSouth HammondSaint Lawrence1/15/1949
0221Samuel Whitley Stone House on the Camp's Mills Road10/12/1946
0395Sarah Goodwin House near Morristown2/11/1950
0128Schaber Residence near Village of BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson12/21/1944
0207Scott House on Ives Street Road7/6/1946
0597Seymour Hitchcock House near LowvilleLowvilleLewis12/26/1953
0301Silas Stow House at LowvilleLowvilleLewis4/24/1948
0659Simeon Oakes Store in TylervilleTylervilleJefferson3/5/1955
0690Simeon Woodruff House near BurrvilleBurrvilleJefferson10/8/1955
0072Simeon Woodruff, PameliaPameliaJefferson11/27/1943
0231Simon Edus House near Rosiere Hamlet12/21/1946
0209Simon Read House on Rice's - Stowell's Corners Road7/20/1946
0661Sir John A. MacDonald House in Kingston, OntarioKingstonOntario3/19/1955
0129Small Limestone House at BurrvilleBurrvilleJefferson12/30/1944
0572Solomon O. Gale House on Thompson Street7/3/1953
0559Solon D. Kimball House in CantonCantonSaint Lawrence4/4/1953
0526Some Say General Grant Resided Here8/16/1952
0319St. Paul's Early Rectory in Waddington8/28/1948
0368Stagecoach Tavern at Rutland CenterRutland CenterJefferson8/6/1949
0051Stephen Boon, Jr., WatertownWatertownJefferson7/3/1943
0496Stillman Foote House in CantonCantonSaint Lawrence1/19/1952
0513Stillman Foote House in CantonCantonSaint Lawrence5/17/1952
0005Stone House at Cape VincentCape VincentJefferson11/29/1941
0131Stone House Between Gunn's Corners and Stone Mills1/13/1945
0197Stone House in South Hammond areaSouth HammondSaint Lawrence4/27/1946
0140Stone House in Village of Black River3/17/1945
0192Stone House near Lyons Falls3/23/1946
0194Stone House near Sackets HarborSackets HarborJefferson4/6/1946
0162Stone Mansion at Pamelia Four CornersPamelia Four CornersJefferson8/18/1945
0267Sylvester Bodman House near Theresa VillageTheresa VillageJefferson8/30/1947
0300Sylvester Gilbert House in OgdensburgOgdensburgSaint Lawrence4/17/1948
0619Syms A. Merriam House in AdamsAdamsJefferson5/29/1954
0479Tallman House on Canton's outskirtsCantonSaint Lawrence9/22/1951
0325Terentia Edgerly House in Dexter10/9/1948
0093The Barrett Home in BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson4/22/1944
0609The Butler Homestead on Chestnut Ridge3/20/1954
0058The Harger House, Sackets Harbor-Plattsburgh Rd.8/21/1943
0204The Heald House near EllisburgEllisburgJefferson6/15/1946
0709The Hulbert House in BoonvilleBoonvilleJefferson2/18/1956
0111The Keene House in Town of Antwerp8/26/1944
0096The Kellow Residence in WatertownWatertownJefferson5/13/1944
0098The Knowlton Home in WatertownWatertownJefferson5/27/1944
0108The Morton Home in AdamsAdamsJefferson8/5/1944
0099The Rectory in Evans MillsEvans MillsJefferson6/3/1944
0403The Red Tavern near TheresaTheresaJefferson4/8/1950
0630The Round Hall at DepeysterDepeysterSaint Lawrence8/14/1954
0355The Stone House at Cape VincentCape VincentJefferson5/7/1949
0511Theater of the Burns Festivals5/3/1952
0501Theodore B. Marvin House in CantonCantonSaint Lawrence2/23/1952
0651Theodore B. Marvin House in CantonCantonSaint Lawrence1/8/1955
0598Therese Chauvelot House in Cape VincentCape VincentJefferson1/2/1954
0003Third Residence of Noadiah Hubbard at ChampionChampionJefferson11/27/1941
0063Thomas Dobson, Jr., Henderson-Oswego Highway9/25/1943
0331Thomas Dolan House in BoonvilleBoonvilleJefferson11/20/1948
0427Thomas Goodrich House in PameliaPameliaJefferson9/23/1950
0322Thomas Short Homestead on Madrid Road9/18/1948
0352Thomas Wicks House near OxbowOxbowJefferson4/16/1949
0458Thomas Y. How House in BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson4/28/1951
0053Thurston W. Haller, LafargevilleLafargevilleJefferson7/17/1943
0488Timothy Sheldon House near Gouverneur11/24/1951
0558Timothy Wright House near Morristown3/28/1953
0049Tisdale Mansion, Sackets HarborSackets HarborJefferson6/19/1943
0320Tomlinson House in Waddington9/4/1948
0532Townsend House near PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaJefferson9/27/1952
0555Volney P. Kimball House on High Street3/7/1953
0466W. L .Eddy House at Pamelia CenterPamelia CenterJefferson6/23/1951
0522Wait House in South ChampionSouth ChampionJefferson7/19/1952
0439Walsworth House near North AdamsNorth AdamsJefferson12/16/1950
0084Walt's Farm House in the town of LerayLerayJefferson2/19/1944
0025Walter Patterson house, near Brier Hill12/23/1941
0310Walter White House in town of Waddington6/26/1948
0255Walter Wilson House in Waddington6/7/1947
0591War of 1812 Hospital in BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson11/14/1953
0601Warren J. Mills House in Three Mile Bay1/23/1954
0243Warren Wilson House near Cape VincentCape VincentJefferson3/15/1947
0673Watertown's First Frame HouseWatertownJefferson6/11/1955
0029Weldon Manor, Watertown-Clayton Rd.12/29/1941
0698Wesley Sage House on Dimmick Street12/3/1955
0206Where Beman Brockway died6/29/1946
0399Where Five Furness Generations Resided3/11/1950
0639Where Frank W. Woolworth First Kept House10/16/1954
0668Where Lieut. Gov. Allen C. Beach Resided5/7/1955
0387Where Preston King Resided12/17/1949
0134Whitewashed Brick House in RodmanRodmanJefferson2/3/1945
0519Whitford House on Dry Hill Road6/28/1952
0435Whitney House near Champion HuddleChampion HuddleJefferson11/18/1950
0163Wiley Stone House near Rosiere8/25/1945
0548William Almon Wheeler House in Malone1/17/1953
0371William Boshart House at Alexandria Center8/27/1949
0307William Brodie House in HammondHammondSaint Lawrence6/5/1948
0367William Brodie, Jr., House in HammondHammondSaint Lawrence7/30/1949
0386William Brown House near Chipman12/10/1949
0641William Case House in South ChampionSouth ChampionJefferson10/30/1954
0069William Dorwin, Watertown - W. Carthage Rd.11/6/1943
0704William G. Johnston Mansion on South Massey Street1/14/1956
0467William H. Granger House in Evans MillsEvans MillsJefferson6/30/1951
0707William Johnson House on Snowshoe Point2/4/1956
0419William M. Lord Farm near BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson7/29/1950
0120William Martin House near LafargevilleLafargevilleJefferson10/28/1944
0433William Phelps Mansion, LeraysvilleLeraysvilleJefferson11/4/1950
0471William Pitt Davis House on Bishop Street7/28/1951
0570William Plumb House at North Bangor6/20/1953
0448William Rees House at Lyons Falls2/17/1951
0237William Rogers House near Evans MillsEvans MillsJefferson2/1/1947
0202William Shafer House near Wilson Settlement6/1/1946
0503William Shearer House in Hammond TownHammond TownSaint Lawrence3/8/1952
0633William Stow Ely House in BrownvilleBrownvilleJefferson9/4/1954
0425William Tolman House near Dry HillDry HillJefferson9/9/1950
0677William W. Herrick House on Paddock Street7/9/1955
0608Willis A. Waite Residence in AdamsAdamsJefferson3/13/1954
0104Wilmot House near Champion VillageChampion VillageJefferson7/8/1944
0560Wilson House in Rutland HollowRutland HollowJefferson4/11/1953
0620Wines H. Skeels House in Town of WatertownWatertownJefferson6/5/1954
0483Winslow Pattridge House on Stone StreetWatertownJefferson10/20/1951
0506Woodbridge Tavern near CantonCantonSaint Lawrence3/29/1952
0640Woolworth Memorial Church at Great Bend10/23/1954
0223Worden Payne House on Military Road near Sackets HarborSackets HarborJefferson10/26/1946
0472Xavier Chevalier House near Millen's Bay8/4/1951
0518Zadock Dexter House at Roberts Corners6/21/1952
0296Zalmon Pool House near Moon Lake3/20/1948
0028Zebulon Howell Benton house at OxbowOxbowJefferson12/27/1941
0372Zenas Shaw House in TylervilleTylervilleJefferson9/3/1949

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