Residence of Thomas P. Saunders

Adams New York Biographies – Part 4

The following 10 biographical sketches were extracted from the Geographical gazetteer of Jefferson county, N.Y., 1685-1890.

Isaac Rogers

Isaac Rogers, with his wife, Rhoda Chase, came from Hoosick, N. Y., to Adams, about 1835, and located on the farm now occupied by Elisha Rogers. Of his children, Elisha, born in 1797, married, first, Eunice Nichols, and second, Hannah, daughter of Blenerhassett and Nancy (Robinson) Cronk. His children were Elisha and Eunice (Mrs. Fred Hodges), of Adams; Libbie, who died at the age of six years; and David, who died in infancy. Elisha Rogers, 1st, died in 1883. Elisha, Jr., born in 1860, married Cornelia, daughter of William and Amelia (Allen) Spink, in 1879, by whom he has four children, viz.: Isaac, Maud, Edward, and Roger. Mr. Rogers is a farmer, and resides on the homestead on road 47 in this town.

Samuel Davis

Samuel Davis was born in New Haven, Conn., in 1769, and about 1808 located in Redfield, Oswego County, N. Y. He married Eunice Hinman, by whom he had one son and five daughters, viz.: Eliza A. (Mrs. Nathan Cook); Sarah A. (Mrs. Archibald Barrett); Eunice (Mrs. G. W. Clark), of Wisconsin; Emily D. (Mrs. David Malloy), of Adams; Lucy Ann (Mrs. Rufus Petrie), also of Adams; and Samuel. The latter, born in 1821, came to Adams in 1835. He married, first, Lucinda Harrington, in 1847, and second, Emma P., daughter of Hamilton and Malvina (Richards) Dickinson, by whom he had two children, viz.: Grant W., born in 1868, and Viola Adelia, born in 1870. His wife died in 1875, and for his third wife he married Lucy M., daughter of Alva and Olive (Taylor) Stevens, November 18, 1875. Mr. Davis is a farmer on road 37, near Adams Center.

Thomas P. Saunders

Residence of Thomas P. Saunders
Residence of Thomas P. Saunders

Thomas P. Saunders was born in Petersburg, N. Y., in 1821, and in 1836 came to Adams. He was educated at Belleville, N. Y., studied law with Judge William C. Thompson, and was admitted to the bar in 1851. He has been extensively engaged in building in Adams, and also in lumbering and farming. He married Lorana D., daughter of Andrew and Sally (Crane) Blackstone, in 1850, and they have an adopted daughter, Rena L. Mr. Saunders resides on Church street, in Adams.

Charles H. Babcock

Charles H. Babcock, son of Russell and Lucinda (Maxon) Babcock, was born in Scott, N. Y., in 1832. At the age of 18 years he was apprenticed to the trade of carpenter and joiner. In May, 1861, he enlisted in Co. C, 67th Regt. N. Y. Vols., and subsequently re-enlisted in Co. H, 13th Vet. Vols. of Wisconsin. He participated in the battle of Fair Oaks and many others, and served to the close of the war. He married Caroline C., daughter of Benjamin T. and Polly (Sweet) Lee, in 1865, and soon after engaged in the flouring business in Allegany County. In 1870 he located in Adams, where he has since worked at his trade. He has one son and one daughter, viz.: Benjamin C., born in 1866, now a resident of Hounsfield, and Dora Mabel, born in 1869. Mr. Babcock resides on School street, in Adams Center.

Henry H. Comins

Henry H. Comins, son of James and Alletta (Munn) Comins, was born in Jefferson County in 1814, and was reared upon a farm. He married Nancy, daughter of John and Grata (Ashley) Merriam, of Adams, in 1840, by whom he had three sons and one daughter, viz.: Francis M., born in 1841, who resides in Adams; George H., also of Adams; Wright N., of Illinois; and Caroline M., who died young. Mr. Comins located in Adams in 1837, and engaged in staging and farming. George H., born in 1843, was reared upon a farm and subsequently learned the carpenters’ trade. He married Sarah, daughter of L. J. and Sarah (Dudley) Burr, of Watertown, in 1881, by whom he has a son, Carlton B., born in 1885. George H. and his father reside in Adams on Cemetery street.

Sylvanus Lockwood

Sylvanus Lockwood was born in Vermont in 1796, whence he removed to Rural Hill, in Ellisburgh, in 1823. He married Martha, daughter of Caleb and Azuba (Cooley) Lyman, of Lorraine, in 1823. He was a farmer and died in 1841. They had two sons and one daughter, viz.: Abigail (Mrs. Albert Ingalls), who died in Wisconsin in 1878; Daniel B., who resides in Adams; and Sylvanus L., of Maine. Daniel B. Lockwood was born September 9, 1828, and spent his early life upon a farm. He married Annette, daughter of Edmund and Charlotte (Dickinson) Ingalls, May 21, 1848, by whom he has two daughters, viz.: Ella L. (Mrs. Orlando Wright) and Martha A. (Mrs. Arthur B. Huson), of Adams. Mr. Lockwood is a farmer and liveryman, and resides on South Main street.

Austin Pratt Hale

Austin Pratt Hale, son of Stephen and Sally (Maynard) Hale, was born in Colerain, Franklin County, Mass., April 27, 1812. He studied medicine with Dr. Ash, of Frankfort, N. Y., was associated with Dr. Samuel Douglass and practiced at Sandy Creek, N. Y., and in 1840 located at Adams Center. He married Hannah K., daughter of Dea. Amos and Hannah (Hinman-Griswold) Kent, of Redfield, Oswego County, December 5, 1843, by whom he had one son, Austin K. Dr. Hale practiced his profession at Adams Center until 1863, when he removed to Adams village. He possessed a genial disposition, and died December 2, 1878, respected by all who knew him. His widow resides on Park street, in Adams village. Austin K. Hale was born in 1850. He studied medicine with his father and graduated from the university at Ann Arbor, Mich., in 1874. He married Eudora, daughter of Andrew and Angeline (Morrell) De Forest, in 1874, and they have one daughter, Mary L., born in 1875. Dr. Hale has an extensive practice, and is located on Park street, in Adams village.

Isaac Saunders

Isaac Saunders, son of Isaac, married Watie, daughter of William and Penelopie (Gardner) Hiscock. Their son, Isaac, was born in Petersburg, N. Y., September 9, 1812, and was reared upon a farm. He married Martha A., daughter of Ezra S. and Sarah (Maxon) Holmes, of Petersburg, in 1835, and soon after removed to Troy, N. Y., and engaged in the grocery business. In 1841 he came to this town and built a flax-mill on the creek about two and one-half miles below Adams village. In 1850 he went to California, and in 1851 returned and engaged in fishing on the lake, in which business he continued 28 years. In 1864, after the death of his father, he bought the homestead on which he now resides, on road 52. He had born to him five sons, viz.: Charles H., of Grand Rapids, Mich.; Isaac, who resides in Adams village; Ezra S. H., who lives with his father on the homestead; and Alfred F. and Thomas F. (twins), who were born May 4, 1853, and were educated at Hungerford Collegiate Institute. They studied law, and were admitted to the bar, Albert F., at Buffalo, June 13, 1879, and Thomas F., at Syracuse, in January 1880. They are partners in the practice of law, and are located on Church street, in Adams village.

William L. Hunt

William L. Hunt removed from Massachusetts to Westmoreland, N. Y., in 1813. He married Betsey Calkins, and they had ten children, viz.: William, Polly, Betsey, Elijah, Hattie, Almira, Isaac L., Jacob (now a physician in Utica), Luther, and Ward W. He was a tanner and currier and farmer, and died in 1843. His son, Ward W., born in 1817, graduated from Hamilton College in 1843, taught school several terms, and entered the ministry of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1848, in which profession he did efficient service for more than 30 years, when failing health compelled him to retire. He married, first, Clarissa, daughter of David and Betsey (Adams) Smith, of Adams, in 1845, who bore him a son, William, now a Methodist Episcopal clergyman, and a daughter, Clarissa, who died young. Mrs. Hunt died in 1848, and for his second wife he married, in 1850, Elizabeth A. Smith, a sister of his first wife, by whom he had four sons and one daughter, of whom Frances A., Frederick, and Arthur died young, and Frances E. and Edward S. reside in this town. Mr. Hunt died in Adams, September 7, 1889, aged 72 years, six months, and 28 days. Edward S., born in 1860, attended Hungerford Collegiate Institute in 1876, ’77, and ’78, and Syracuse University from 1879 to 1883. He studied law with L. E. Pruyne, of Adams, in 1883, and with C. D. Adams, of Utica, in 1884-85, was admitted to the bar in November 1885, and is now practicing his profession in Adams village.

Isaac L. Hunt

Isaac L. Hunt, son of William L. and Betsey (Calkins) Hunt, was born in Hillsdale, Columbia County, N. Y., December 5, 1808. In 1813 he removed to Westmoreland with his parents. He was educated at Clinton and Cazenovia academies, and taught in the last mentioned school, including the divinity department, in 1832, ’33, and ’34, and in the last named year entered the ministry of the Methodist Episcopal Church, at Lowell, N. Y., in which profession he has since done faithful work. In 1846 he became presiding elder, which position he filled for eight years. He also held that office in 1862, ’63, and ’64. July 31, 1839, he married Mary, daughter of David and Betsey (Adams) Smith, who bore him one son and two daughters, viz.: Mary, born August 2, 1840, Isaac W., and Almira L., who died young. His wife died in 1843, and in 1844 he married, for his second wife, Judith, daughter of Cornelius and Hannah (Coons) Lamberson, of Salisbury, Herkimer County, by whom he had two sons and three daughters, viz.: Cornelius W., who died in infancy; Harriet R., who married Rev. Wells E. Reynolds; Hon. Isaac L., of Adams; Helen Octavia; and Ida J., who died young. Some years ago Mr. Hunt located permanently in Adams. He possessed a strong physical organization and great mental vigor, which enabled him to perform an immense amount of labor in his Master’s vineyard. No matter how inclement the weather, he was always at his post. There are probably few ministers living who have traveled more miles or preached more sermons than “Father” Hunt.

Source: Child, Hamilton. Geographical gazetteer of Jefferson county, N.Y., 1685-1890, part one, p. 232-234.  Syracuse, N.Y.: The Syracuse journal company, printers and binders. 1890.

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