Washington County New York Genealogy

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The old brick tavern at Gouverneur, a famous stage coach tavern

The Birth of the Northern Counties

The Birth of the Northern Counties: The erection of St. Lawrence County — the meeting at Denmark out of which grew Jefferson and Lewis counties — the erection of Oswego County — David Parish buys the Village of Ogdensburg — the visits of De Witt Clinton and Bishop Asbury.

View of old Watertown, showing public square about the time of the Civil War

The Coming of the Pioneers

The Coming of the Pioneers: The first north country towns — Washington Irving’s tour of northern New York — how the pioneers lived — the circuit riders and their parish — the first churches in the north.

Map of Tracts, Patents and Land Grants, Northern New York

The Great Land Patents

The Great Land Patents: The Ten Towns — Macomb’s Purchase — Scriba’s Patent — “Grand Rapides’ Promised Land” — The Era Of Settlement

Fort Haldimand, Carleton Island, As It Appeared During The Revolution

Border Warfare

Border Warfare: The Abbe Picque and the founding of La Presentation—Old Fort Oswego—the French and Indian War in the north country— Carlelton Island and the Revolution.

The north country vol 1 title page

The Onondaga War Trail

The Onondaga War Trail: Early Indian occupation of northern New York—the coming of Champlain—Father Poncet and the Oswegatchie Trail—the Great Peace Conference at La Famine—the expedition of Count Frontenac.

Romeyn Beck Hough

Genealogy of the Hough Family of Northern New York

This name is inseparably connected with the formative period of history in Northern New York. Posterity is deeply indebted to Dr. Franklin B., Hough for his care in learning and preserving the history of early settlements in Lewis, Jefferson, Franklin and St. Lawrence counties. The ancestry was located early in Massachusetts, and worthy sons have been instrumental in settling and developing many sections of the United States. Many physicians have been found among the descendants, but most have been mechanics or tillers of the soil.


The Salmon Records are a mine of genealogical wealth, and was, doubtlessly, used by Moore in his compilation of “Indexes of Southold”, New York. The manuscript appears originally to have consisted of two separate registers, one of deaths, containing a few marriages, and the other of marriages. Download a free PDF of the complete manuscript.

Genesee River passing through the heart of the City of Rochester NY

1827 Directory for the Village of Rochester, New York

The earliest directory of Rochester New York was compiled in 1827. The directory was split into 4 sections. The first section contained a directory of the householders with their occupations and residence. The second section contained a directory of the boarders with their occupation and who they boarded with. The third part contains a description and memorandums of the county of Monroe and its environs. The final and fourth part contained advertisements. This post is section one

When counties were established in New York State in 1683, the present Washington County was part of Albany County. This was an enormous county, including the northern part of New York State as well as all of the present state of Vermont and, in theory, extending westward to the Pacific Ocean. This county was reduced in size on July 3, 1766 by the creation of Cumberland County, and further on March 16, 1770 by the creation of Gloucester County, both containing territory now in Vermont. On March 12, 1772, what was left of Albany County was split into three parts, one remaining under the name Albany County. The other two were called Tryon County (later renamed Montgomery County) and Charlotte County. In 1784, Charlotte County was renamed Washington County in honor of George Washington, the American Revolutionary War general and later President of the United States of America.

Washington County New York Genealogy is part of the New York History and Genealogy Project. My name is Dennis Partridge and I am the county coordinator. If you have information about this county you would like to place online, then please contact me using the contact form on this website. The American History & Genealogy Project (AHGP) is a group of like-minded individuals committed to providing free access to American genealogical and historical information online. Organized by locations, volunteers host states, counties, and sometimes town or city websites specializing in their areas of interest. Come join us today!

Townships of Washington County New York

Argyle, Cambridge, Dresden, Easton, Fort Ann, Fort Edward, Granville, Greenwich, Hampton, Hartford, Hebron, Jackson, Kingsbury, Putnam, Salem, White Creek, Whitehall

Villages: Argyle, Cambridge, Fort Ann, Fort Edward, Granville, Greenwich, Hudson Falls, Whitehall

Hamlets: East Greenwich, East Lake George, Goose Island, Huletts Landing, Kattskill Bay, Salem, Shushan

Bible Records of Washington County New York

Offline Resources for Bible Records

  • Miscellaneous Records of Washington County New York
    Collected & arranged by Sue E. Wade. Note on front lining paper, “Many lists furnished by Miss Jennie M. Patten”. This manuscript is only available from the Family History Center at Salt Lake, Utah.
    • Burdick family bible
    • Darrow family bible
    • Gilchrist family record
    • Harsha family bible
    • Taylor family bible

Biographies of Washington County New York

Cemeteries in Washington County New York

  • Cemeteries in Washington County New York
    These are known cemetery transcriptions and gravestone photos of Washington County New York. Because of the proximity of Washington County to some towns in Vermont, the transcriptions for those are included here as well.

Census Records for Washington County New York

  • Washington County New York Census Records
    The first census specific to Washington County New York occurred in 17990. From 1890-1840 only the heads of household were indexed by name, along with the number of other members of the household, their sex and a range of ages which varied between each census. From 1850 onward you are able to find all members of a family listed along with their age given at the time of the census.

Church Records for Washington County NY

Offline Resources for Church Records

  • Miscellaneous Records of Washington County New York
    Collected & arranged by Sue E. Wade. Note on front lining paper, “Many lists furnished by Miss Jennie M. Patten”. This manuscript is only available from the Family History Center at Salt Lake, Utah.
    • Session book of the 1st Presbyterian Congregation in the town of Argyle, N.Y.
    • Marriage records, list of Elders, dismissals from, South Argyle U.P. Church
    • Register of Argyle U.P. Church members at the beginning of Rev. Scoullers book, 1852
    • Pastorate of Rev. Dr. M. Ure
    • Record book of the Argyle U.P. Church during pastorate of Rev. Scouler, 1856-1862
    • Dates of death of ruling Elders in the Salem U.P. Church
  • Records of Rev. Uriah Marvin While, 1848-1855
    Pastor of the Reformed Dutch Churches of Union Village, Washington County, NY, 1848-1855, and Nyack, Rockland County, NY. Includes marriage, baptism, funeral, and communicant records for Union Village from 1848-1855. Also includes marriage, baptism, funeral, and communicant records for Nyack from 1860-1870.
    • This manuscript has been filmed twice, and as such, you can find it on two different microfilms available for loan to your local FHC. Check the contents out for each in the catalog to see which is the better copy for you. They were filmed with other items on the same roll.

Court Records of Washington County New York

  • Washington County New York Probate Records, 1788-1916
    This collection includes images of probate records from the County of Washington in the State of New York. Probate records relate to a deceased person’s estate, whether that estate is “testate” (through a will) or “intestate” (without a will). Whether the decedent left a large estate or just some personal property, there’s a good chance that a probate file exists in a local court that oversaw distribution of property, the guardianship of a minor, or payment of debts.
  • Washington County, NY Book of Forfeitures, 1784
    The Book of Forfeitures is located in the Washington County Archives, Washington County Clerk’s Office, Fort Edward, NY. It contains the list and description of Loyalist properties that were seized and sold. The names given here are the purchasers of the properties.
  • Abstracts of wills of Washington County, New York, 1788-1825 $$
  • Index of wills of Washington County, N.Y. 1825-1850 $$
    Barber, Gertrude A.. Index of wills of Washington County, N.Y. : from 1825-1850: wills filed at Salem, Washington Co., N.Y.. unknown, 1989.

Directories of Washington County New York

Offline Resources for Directories of Washington County

  • 1931 Manning’s Granville, Whitehall (New York) Fair Haven and Poultney (Vermont) directory
    Including Pawlet, Rupert, Hubbardton, Castleton, West Haven and Benson, Vt., and Hampton, N.Y. for the year beginning February, 1931. Containing general directories of citizens, classified directories, street directories, a record of the town governments, societies, churches, etc., county, state, and U.S. governments, etc.

Genealogical and Historical Societies of Washington County, NY

Genealogy of Washington County New York

  • History of Washington County, N.Y. $$
    Gibson, James. History of Washington County, N.Y. : the Gibson papers. unknown: Washington County Historical Society, 1991. Vol. 1 is a reprint of original published: Fort Edward, N.Y.: Honeywood Press, 1932. 298 p. Vols. 2-4 are reprints of original published: [S.l.] : Washington County Historical Society, 1954-56. 3 v. Compiled from articles originally written by James Gibson of Salem, New York, and published in the Salem, New York Review-Press between 1887 and 1894.
  • History of the Boyd family and descendants
    With historical sketches of the ancient family of Boyd’s in Scotland from the year 1200, and those of Ireland from the year 1680, with records of their descendants in Kent, New Windsor, Albany, Middletown and Salem, N. Y., Boston, Mass., Northumberland County, Pa., and sketches of those from the southern and western states from 1740 to 1912.
  • The Eastwood family $$
    Eastwood, Eric Kingman. The Eastwood family: an account of some of the descendants of Abel Eastwood, who settled in Washington County, New York around 1780. New Orleans, La.: unknown, 1963.
  • McMillan genealogy & history
    A record of the descendants of John McMillan and Mary Arnott, his wife, who were born and married in Scotland, removed to the north of Ireland and thence to Washington County, New York, about the middle of the eighteenth century
  • Edward/William Talbot of Cambridge, New York
    With allied lines of Seeley, Scofield, Nye, and Van Vranken
  • Inquiries relating to the ancestors and descendants of Job Whipple
    Of Cumberland, Rhode Island, and Greenwich, Washington County, New York

Offline Resources for Genealogy

The Fitch gazetteer

An annotated index to Dr. Asa Fitch’s Manuscript History of Washington County, New York. Over three decades, from 1847 to 1878, Dr. Asa Fitch of New York state collected a series of articles towards a history and genealogy of Washington County and the surrounding region, intended to discern “the date of the first settlement of the towns and from whence the settlers came.” This manuscript, part of the collection of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, has previously been available only on microfilm, but its contents have now been indexed and compiled here into an annotated, alphabetical list by subject, using the chronological form of the original manuscript. In collecting his data, Dr. Fitch combined personal interviews with the oldest settlers of the region and their descendants with primary source material including family records, unrecorded deeds, wills, cemetery records, early court proceedings and newspapers, and unpublished manuscripts, most of these prior to 1850. His initial articles represent some of the earliest ethnographic documentation of events relating to the first settlement of this region by the Scots-Irish and settlers from Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Included in these personal interviews were eyewitness accounts from individuals who were the participants, or descendants of participants, in the border disputes with the Hampshire grant lands that became the state of Vermont, and the pivotal events of the Burgoyne Campaign during the Revolutionary War. The numerous genealogical entries and family records featured in this manuscript trace the growth of the original families who arrived in the 1760s and the New England settlers who arrived just prior to the Revolutionary War, attempting to locate their places of origin, and carrying their descent into the 3rd, 4th and sometimes 5th generations.

They were here too

Genealogies of the owners of the inn at Easton Corners and related families of southern Washington County and environs, state of New York

  • v. 1. French, Dutch, English, and Colonial claims, 1609-1777; Washington County, 1784; Easton Township, 1789; Earliest settlers – the Dutch along the Hudson, the Nantucket Friends; First Post Office, North Easton, 1804; Starbuck, Swain, Coffin, Worth, and other Quakers the Dutch DeRidders, Abeels, and Beckers; the Van Buren Ferry, later Pierces; Marshall, Norton, Hastings Ownership, 1799-1839; Wallace, Anthony, Slade families on Peter Becker’s east bank farm; Becker origins with Jan to New Netherlands, 1635
  • v. 2. The Becker wives: the Dutch families of Van Buren, Van Schaick, De Ridder, Van den Berg, Eckerson, Van der Poel, Van der Zee, etc.; the Colla Scots of Small, Lourie, Beveridge; the Rhode Island Thomas, etc.; Lewis Taber, the Inn owner, 1845-51; Martin Stover, Jr., innkeeper 1846-48; North Easton and the Greenwich community; Taber, Cornell, Slocum, Briggs, Cundall and other Quakers at the Inn; the Stover family of Tomhannock, Pittstown, including some detail of Drake, Aiken, etc.
  • v. 3. Other Quaker families who came to Easton from the Old Dutchess in the influx just before the Battles of Saratoga (Gifford, Hoag, Robinson, Allen, Hall, Barker, etc.) and families of other denominations who came from New England immediately following close of the Revolutionary War (Bulkeley-Buckley, Batty, Sherman).
    • You can get the microfilm on loan at a local FHC.
      FamilySearch Microfilm Order. Not certain if microfilm only contains vol 1-2 or also includes 3 by their description.

History of Washington County New York

Town Histories of Washington County New York

Offline Resources for the History of Washington County NY

  • From then till now: history and tales of the Adirondack foothills
    Consists chiefly of history and biography of Washington County, New York, but includes items from various localities in northeastern New York. Out of print. First published in 1978 and then reprinted by the Washington County NY Historical Society in 1980.
  • History of Washington County, N.Y., 1932
    Compiled by William Henry Hill. Original published: Fort Edward, N.Y.: Honeywood Press, 1932. 298 p.
  • Their own voices: oral accounts of early settlers in Washington County, New York
    Beginning in the 1840s and continuing until his death, Dr. Asa Fitch (1809-1878) of Salem, NY, interviewed elderly neighbors, questioning them about the time of first European settlement, the Revolutionary War, and the first decades of the 19th century. Fitch was more than just a medical doctor. By the 1850s, he ranked as a world-famed entomologist, with important discoveries about insect life to his credit. He turned his precise, scientific mindset to good account in his oral history work. He seems to have functioned almost like a human tape recorder, transcribing and preserving vivid, colloquial statements from a wide range of individuals—most not fully literate people (that is, people who could read their Bible and sign their names but not write fluent accounts of the incidents of their lives.) Jeanne Winston Adler’s excerpts from Fitch’s manuscript (“Notes for a History of Washington County, NY,” NY Genealogical & Biographical Soc., NYC; and elsewhere on microfilm) present the liveliest “voices” collected by the 19th-century scholar. Some portions of Adler’s “Their Own Voices” (first published in 1983) were re-published in her “In the Path of War: Children of the American Revolution Tell Their Stories” (Cobblestone Publishing, 1998). A facsimile reprint of the 1983 book, containing all material originally excerpted from Fitch, is now offered here.
  • Warren County, Washington County: compiled from historical collections of the state of New York and other sources
    Reprints of various articles published at various times and by various publishers. Authors: Barbara Rebok, John Warner Barber, and Henry Howe. I believe the John Warner Barber and Henry Howe “articles” may simply be a reprint of their information on Washington County found in the Historical collections of the state of New York.
  • I remember Argyle: a book of memories
    Color illustrated wraps, 236 pages, extensively illustrated with black-and-white photographs, includes information on Argyle, South Argyle, Dutchtown and Cossayuna, North Argyle, The Hook, schools, personal reminiscences, events and celebrations, roads, World War II, and more.
  • Books or Manuscripts in the Washington County Historian’s Office

Land Records of Washington County NY

  • The Argyle Patent and accompanying documents: with notes on Washington County families
    This manuscript was reprinted from the appendix of the author’s “History of the Somonauk United Presbyterian church near Sandwich, De Kalb County, Illinois: with ancestral lines of the early members” published in Chicago in 1928. While we don’t have online access to this manuscript we do have online access to the original. The appendix covering the Argyle Patent can be found on pages 297-346. The Washington County Families can be found on pages 347-358: Clark, Gillespie, Livingston, McNaughton, and Savage.
  • Record of Mortgages, Washington County, New York 1773-1881
    FamilySearch has placed online the Washington County, New York mortgage records in the form of images, without an index, in their New York Land Records, 1630-1975 collection. Land records usually contain the following information: Names of interested parties; Date of transaction; Legal description of the property; Monies exchanged; Details of the transaction; Names of witnesses.

Libraries of Washington County, New York

The following libraries do not represent all of the libraries in Washington County, New York, but rather those counties which have allotted special space in their library for historical collections unique to their community, and they have made those collections accessible to the public.

  • Cambridge Public Library
    The Library has a special collection of local and New York history materials. A collection of books, periodicals, cemetery records and maps are available for use within the library. A small workroom is available for patrons, equipped with laptop computer and wireless computer access (WiFi). Many visitors find this a helpful resource when researching family histories and genealogies.
  • Easton Library
    • Briggs Collection – personal family collection pertaining to general genealogy study and to pre-revolutionary families of Southeastern New England (1620 – 1775) many of whom settled in Easton. 78 volumes.
    • Depiction of North Easton, 1800’s. 6 framed photographs
    • Early maps of Easton on display, 1866.
    • Easton Town Records, 1789 – 1957. Microfilm
    • File of information on local Underground Railroad activities.
    • Friends Meeting Records and Seminary Accounts, 1774 -1929. Microfilm
    • Genealogical records of some Easton families
    • Minute Books of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union of Easton,1888-93. Microfilm
    • Minutes of the Woman’s Political Equality Club of Easton, 1906 – 1910. Microfilm
    • Slides/photographs of Easton, 1976-77. 600 images
  • Greenwich Free Library
    I.V.H. Gill Room – Local History Archive. Islay Van Horn Gill was a community leader for many years and an early supporter of the Greenwich Free Library. After his death in 1964, his voluminous collection of history books, documents and handwritten notes were donated to the Greenwich Free Library. This donation comprises the core of the Greenwich Free Library’s historic holdings, known collectively as “The Gill Room.” The Gill Room Collection has continued to grow since Mr. Gill’s initial donation and includes old and rare local historic items of Greenwich and other Washington County communities, as well as of those of surrounding New York State and Vermont communities. It houses a large collection of microfilms of Federal and New York State Census records, local newspapers from the mid-1800s and the Asa Fitch manuscripts. Many local genealogies have been donated and are available for research.
  • Pember Library
    Great collection of genealogical material is available at this library. They detail exactly what their holding are on their website, but the best of the best:
    • Local History Collection
      1. Index of Granville Sentinel obituaries from 1932 to present.
      2. Granville Business Directories 1905-6, 1909, 1912, 1931
      3. Granville Sentinel 1875-2003
      4. Granville Record Book 1787-1826
      5. Granville High School Yearbooks Blue and Gold 1948—2013
      6. Biographies, Genealogies, Cemetery Records, Vital Records
      7. Genealogy Name File Box –letters found in expanding file

Maps and Gazetteers of Washington County, New York

Situated in the e. toward the n. part of the state, and contains 807 sq. miles. Hudson r. bounds it on the w., Lake George on the n. w., and the s. part of Lake Champlain partly on the e. The surface is hilly on the n., undulating on the s.; soil, generally warm and productive. Watered by Hoosick and Battenkill rs., flowing into Hudson r., and Pawlet and Poultney rs. and Wood cr., flowing into Lake Champlain. The Champlain canal passes through the county, terminating n. at Whitehall on the lake. Capitals, Sandy Hill and Salem. There were in 1840, neat cattle 39,159, sheep 210,610, swine 27,668; wheat 49,189 bush. produced, rye 136,510, Indian corn 297,405, buckwheat 32,642, barley 9,569, oats 448,064, potatoes 851,545, sugar 4,246 pounds; 140 stores, cap. $427,900; 1 furnace, 3 forges, 15 fulling m., 13 woollen fac., 2 cotton fac. 3,144 sp., 19 tanneries, 1 powder m., 2 potteries, 2 flouring m., 31 grist m., 93 saw m., 4 printing offices, 4 weekly newspapers. Cap. in manufac. $257,7i8. 10 acad. 482 students, 205 schools 7,526 scholars. Pop. 41,080. 1)Daniel Haskel, A. M and J. Calvin Smith. A Complete Descriptive And Statistical Gazetteer Of The United States Of America. Published By Sherman & Smith, 1843

Military Records of Washington County, New York

Historical Newspapers in Jefferson County NY

The pages of a newspaper preserve the flavor of a time as no other chronicle can. Along with reports of key historical events, one can find smaller, though no less important items in newspapers: vital statistics (records of marriages and deaths which can function as substitutes for missing civil or religious registrations), biographical sketches, legal notices, offers of rewards for runaway slaves, public announcements, advertisements, and shipping information. This is history captured as it happened.

Record Extractions from Historic Newspapers

Digital Copies of Historical Newspapers

A Guide to Newspaper Research at the New-York Historical Society
The New-York Historical Society holds the fourth largest collection of American newspapers published before 1820: 634 titles by one estimate. To that number must be added the myriad mid-19th to early-20th century New York papers, as well as those published in outlying frontiers of the expanding nation, bringing the total number of titles held close to 10,000. While the collection is strongest in newspapers from New York City and State, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, it encompasses all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia.

Yearbooks of Washington County New York

Vital Records of Washington County New York

Washington County New York Genealogy Help

Offline Resources for Genealogy Help

  • Washington County, New York, directory of research
    Includes genealogical sources in Washington County, New York such as Municipal Center, town historians, county libraries, historical societies, genealogical societies, county historians, and name and addresses of researchers. Published in 1996.

Footnotes:   [ + ]

1. Daniel Haskel, A. M and J. Calvin Smith. A Complete Descriptive And Statistical Gazetteer Of The United States Of America. Published By Sherman & Smith, 1843
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  2. Hello! I was born in Cambridge, N.Y. in 1946 and lived in Salem until I was eight. My father was George Darfler, son of Carl Darfler, who came to Argyle when he was a teenager. His family came to Washington County in the late 1800’s from the Germany/Czech border. I’ve done some research on the family but the records don’t go back any further than Carl’s father, Andreas, and the Second World War seems to have destroyed all the records from the border country. Anyway, my personal interest is in the movement of groups of people, not just individuals. It appears that the Darflers might have been part of a German-speaking community that came to your region just before the turn of the century before last. Do you have any information on this group of people? I would dearly love to know. I made a visit to Salem years ago but wasn’t able to find anything useful. As was often the case in immigrant communities, there was very little interest in their roots. Anything or anyone you can point me to would be appreciated. Thanks!

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